List of Sociopaths in Positions of Power

Started by blackmanxxx, Jul 17, 2007, 10:44 AM

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There  are    Men  and   Women  who  lack  anything  resembling  a conscience.   They're  manipulative  and  deceitful.   They  can  do  anything  at  all  without  feeling  guilty.   And  they  hide  behind   a  pleasant  facade.  They're  charming,   even  charismatic  and  cool.  They  know  how  to  work  up  a  crowd,  or  simply  an  individual.   They  can  read  others  like  a  book.    They   typically  target  someone   who  is  considered  better  or   worse   than  them  in  ability,  talent,   looks,  finances,  status,  morals   or   purely  for  sport.   They   make  great  and wicked  politicians,  cult  leaders  and  the  like.

Here  we  have  gathered  a  list  of  them.

Bill   Clinton.

Hillary  Clinton.

Katie   Couric.

Oprah   Winfrey.

Richard   Hatch.

Winona   Rider.

Feel  free  to  add  your  own.


They are people who disagree with you.


They are people who disagree with you.

No shit, Sherlock.

Regarding the subject: from the list I would be sure of only Winona Ryder, but I do know personally at least a couple of the kind; interestingly, both are women. Which is funny, because the ratio between the sexes supposed to be 4:1 men:women as far as psychopathy goes.
The spreading of information about the [quantum] system through the [classical] environment is ultimately responsible for the emergence of "objective reality." 

Wojciech Hubert Zurek: Decoherence, einselection, and the quantum origins of the classical

Cordell Walker

Reverend Al Sharpton
mack-mood ahma-jackoff or whatever his naem is in Iran
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Well GEEZE, Sociopathology to some degree is a requirement for the type of character
that Alpha, leader, "power", folk must maintain, NO?
Charisma is FAR more important for democratic hierarchy placeholders  than raw evil genius.
That's what puppet masters have known since "The Serpent" in the garden of Eden.

Haven't any of you ever read, or seen, "The Wizard of OZ" or "The Sword and the Stone"?

Would it shock anyone to think the names of the folk that pull the strings on those folks
in the list above are NEVER seen in the NY Times?

By the way BMX, I nominate Nancy Grace for that list. I don't know why but she seems to be getting a lot of (CNN?) air lately, despite her Deranged Duke Debacle, and the Singer Sniper Slaprabbit.

Edit; I claim coinage on that last alliteration!

Mr. X

Nancy Grace is CNN's fairness doctrine protection. When that gets passed CNN will say "See! We have a conservative! Its Nancy Grace! See, we're being fair and showing both sides of the issues! Nancy Grace is an intolerant white religious nutbag. Isn't that what conservatives are?".

Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."

lovingly angry young man

What did Winona Ryder do?
It's not wrong to give up, but I'm out there for you, my friend.


She   stole  things,  on  impulse,  then  tried  to  use  her  popularity  and  influence  to  walk  away  from  justice.   It  didn't  work.

I  also   nominate   Nancy   Grace,   Paris   Hilton   and    possibly   Kim  Gandy (  president  of  NOW)   as   Sociopaths.

Sociopaths   have  different  interests  and  personalities,   like  normal  humans,  however,  their  lack  of  conscience  and  talent  for  manipulation  is  what  makes  them  what   they  are.

By  the  way,  there  are  far  more  female  sociopaths  out  there  than  male  sociopaths.

I  have  a  theory  that   male  sociopaths  are  doers  (   the  brutal  torturer,   the  abusive  officer,   the  roughneck  on  the  road,  the  cult  leader)  while   female  sociopaths  are   more  covert  (  manipulative  housewife,   abusive  corporate  leader,   wicked  girlfriend).

Another  theory  of  mine  holds  that  it's   women  who  carry  the   gene  for  sociopathy,  not  men.

Sociopaths   are  new  to  the  modern  world,  psychologists  are  just beginning  to  study  them.    Native   Americans  knew  of  them  and  called  them   Wendigos.     The   Native   Americans   killed   men  they  called  sociopaths  from  their  midst.   

So,  if  all  the  male  sociopaths  are   killed,   how  come  the  gene  of   sociopathy  gets  passed  on  ?   The   answer  ?  The  female  must  be  the  carrier  of  that  gene.

Cordell Walker

why do you think a gene causes sociopathy, why not enviorment
"how can you kill women and children?"---private joker
"Easy, ya just dont lead em as much" ---Animal Mother


Trust  me,   sociopathy  is  genetic.   I   KNOW  too  much  about  that  subject.


Trust  me,   sociopathy  is  genetic.   I   KNOW  too  much  about  that  subject.

I disagree that it's only genetic.
I've seen a recuring theme in families with a lot (5-9) kids where a certain place in the birth order seems to hold sway. Gender has an influence as well. Of course, Adolph was an only child in a single mother family.

Cordell Walker

hitler's dad , Alois  was there...or did he leave or die???
"how can you kill women and children?"---private joker
"Easy, ya just dont lead em as much" ---Animal Mother


Sociopathy  is  genetic.   The  environment  gives  the  person  opportunity  or  motive  to  manifest  what's  been  inside  him  or  her  all  along.   It's  as  genetic  as  blue  eyes  and   brown  hair.   It  cannot  be  corrected.
The only  cure  for  sociopathy  is  death.


Your forgetting the biggest one of all (IMO) Rosie O'Donnell.

Also, Ward Churchill.


Actually,  the   most  powerful  and   dangerous  sociopath  of  all  time  is   Hillary   Clinton.     :angryfire:

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