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Comments re Steve Horner on 850 KOA this morning

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I was listening to Denver's 850 KOA this morning when the topic of Steve Horner (who was suing bars over Ladies Night) came up.  The male commentator said he thought Steve Horner was "an idiot" while the female said she had two words for him ... "man up."

Needless to say I got pissed off and swore at them in my car. #$%#$^#$  :angryfire:

Then I emailed them this:

--- Quote ---Stefan and April,

I was listening to your comments on anti-feminist Steve Horner and his lawsuits against Ladies Night, and wanted to make a point.  I think that it's a legitimate issue, although I think that he took the wrong approach in trying to get it banned.  It would have been better to demand an equivalent Men's Night at bars instead, although I don't know how practical this would be in practice.

Also, there are many valid men's issues that are more important than Ladies Night, so this is a relatively minor issue.  From divorce and custody issues to health care and education for boys, it appears that males are getting the short end of the stick.  In the long run, nobody benefits when one gender or the other is discriminated against.  Simply referring to Steve Horner as "an idiot" and telling him to "man up" is part of the mainstream media's perpetuation of negative stereotypes of men.

It needs to change.

Steve Van Valkenburg
--- End quote ---

dr e:
Right on Steve!  Great not to them.  Let us know if you get a response.

We really need a pithy phrase along with a graphic that we could send to them.  The fems did this sort of thing all the time in the 70's with their use of the term "male chauvanist pig."  I think we need to develop something similar. 

Then again, maybe we could use that!  Call him a male chauvanist pig!  Something with a graphic.  It would have to be accepted since the fems did it repeatedly to anyone and everyone they disagreed with.  To censor us from using it now would show a blatant double standard.  lmao!

Mangina, angel wings, pussy whipped,
the easy words are all out there.

As far as a woman in broadcasting citing "Man up", I can only respond "Are my work shirts laundered yet?"

I got this reply:

--- Quote ---I said nothing, zero, nada, zilch about this guy.  Nothing.  Frankly I couldn't care less.

Thanks for listening!


Steffan Tubbs
Colorado's Morning News
850 KOA Denver
Newsroom 303.713.8500
--- End quote ---

I wondered if I may have had the wrong guy, as sometimes people fill in for one another on these stations.

I replied:

--- Quote ---Thanks for your kind words.

Was someone filling in for you this morning, or was that you?  I could have had the wrong guy.

I didn't listen long enough to get your names, and got Stefan Tubbs and April Zesbaugh from the website.

But whoever it was did say that Steve Horner is "an idiot."
--- End quote ---

I just found out from Stefan Tubbs that the guy who I heard on the radio was their sports guy.  His name is Alan Roach.


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