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Women charged in prison sex scandal



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A Henry County woman has been accused of having sex with a teenage inmate at the Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility.

Carol D. Durant, 50, New Lisbon, a former laundry services worker at the facility, was charged this week with sexual misconduct by a service provider with a detainee, a Class C felony carrying a standard four-year prison term, and official misconduct, a Class D felony with a standard 18-month prison term.

An Anderson woman who was a food services worker at the facility, Melissa D. Pfleeger, 34, Anderson, faces the same charges as Durant.

Madison County Prosecutor Thomas Broderick Jr. this week also charged two other now-former employees at the facility -- including Rebecca D. Cole, 26, Knightstown -- with improper conduct involving the same inmate. All of the defendants are accused
of sending graphic images of themselves to a cell phone that was smuggled to the teen, allegedly by Durant.

Correctional officers Rebecca D. Cole, 26, Knightstown, Aissatou Kebe, 25, Noblesville, are each charged with official misconduct, a Class D felony and trafficking with an inmate, a misdemeanor.
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Scandal or statutory rape?

Depends who is doing the raping!

So, right there are four female corrections officers abusing their power over male inmates...

Yet, there is not issue... Nothing to worry about.. move along.

Un effing real.


Captain Courageous:
I doubt very much if the teen to whom these pictures were sent kept them to himself.
He must have circulated them to his buddies. Hence, the scandal! :lurk:


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