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Dave Futrelle's Man Boobz - They Put The "Blah" In Blog!

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Captain Courageous:

--- Quote from: John Dias on Jan 10, 2011, 05:18 PM ---

--- Quote from: The Biscuit Queen on Jan 10, 2011, 05:14 PM ---
He really thinks that crappy blog will have that much influence on the MRM?

--- End quote ---

I think that David Futrelle thinks that his blog will be influential in *discrediting* the MRM, yes.

--- End quote ---

It's very important then to get as many MRA's as possible to post rebuttals and refutations to his agitprop. The same can be said for asking guys like Robert Shaeffer, the "Debunker" [ ], to join in our efforts. If push comes to shove, remember to use the "Report Abuse" button ... it forced Mz. Petunia Pigg to close her blog to all but those she invited.

Your advice wasn't missed John. You're right - keep it clean, matter-of-fact and straightforward ... but keep it coming.

John Dias:
Agreed, Captain!

Captain Courageous:
Our boy here has been very busy adding links. Check out his newest additions - Amanda and Cara for starters. He's on the payroll for sure!

[I get the impression this guy is the equivalent of a disgruntled former employee or former tenant.]

The Biscuit Queen:
So far he is pretty easy to refute.

Captain Courageous:
Contribution of articles welcome:



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