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Dave Futrelle's Man Boobz - They Put The "Blah" In Blog!

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Mr. X:
Great comments BQ. Thanks for making them.


--- Quote from: The Biscuit Queen on Jan 10, 2011, 07:29 AM ---
Your first assertion is not true. If you are feminist, you do not believe in your own reproductive rights and choices (Your only choice is to keep your pants on, unless you are not raped-then you have no choice at all).  You do not believe you have the right to your own body (the draft). You do not believe in your right to earn a good salary for your work and sacrifice(the wage gap myth.)You do not believe you have the right to the best medical care (women's health issues make up 80% of all medical research, even though more taxes are paid by men)

Feminism had its place in western society a long time ago. Today there is not a single way women are oppressed in the US that is socially acceptable or condoned. Women are the recipients of the most money spent in nearly every faction of the government, from health care to education to research to welfare. Women have more voting power, more spending power, more influence in the political sphere. It may be mostly men in the top positions, but those men are acting on behalf of women's wishes (the most cohesive and largest voting block)

As a modern western white woman, I am among the most safe and privilaged people in the world. As a modern american white man, you are among the group most quickly losing their rights and status. Give yourself another 10-20 years. You will not be saying the same things with the same smugness. That is why I am an MRA-I have two sons who have to deal with this stuff, and it will not get any easier.

BTW, while men commit more crimes, men are also overwhelmingly the victims of most crimes. Both assault and murder, 2/3 and 3/4 of victims are men. 93% of workplace deaths are men. So men being violent does not necessarily mean the average woman is in any danger at all. The fact that women live 6 years longer on average than men show this.

--- End quote ---

That was a very compact, concise statement of what many MRA's believe - or, more likely, what reality is.

John Dias:
I've been commenting over at Futrelle's blog for months now, BQ, and I have to say that your presence there is a welcome addition.  We need reasonable and articulate voices to counter the assertions that the author makes routinely.  The purpose of David Futrelle's blog is to unfairly portray the various misogynistic statements that he finds around the Web (as well as statements that are conflated by David into examples of misogyny) as somehow representing the men's rights movement as a whole.  Another purpose of Futrelle's blog is to discredit the aims of the men's rights movement.  That's what is really in play here:  legitimacy.  If our movement is not socially perceived as legitimate, then we face a tougher time gaining leverage in the legislatures and at the ballot box.

I invite everyone here to monitor David's blog and to actively comment there.  The most effective way (I have found) is to use RSS, which lets you track comments that you have posted and their replies.  I invite anyone to send me a private message here through the forum if you, as a men's rights advocate, want to know more about how to use RSS in your activism.

The Biscuit Queen:
Well, I have two thoughts. I will try to pop in and put in my two cents sometimes. The guys is taking things out of context and doing broad generalizations of men and MRAs based on the few-exaxtly what he claims we are doing to feminists.


I have said before and said again that what we discuss and our attitudes are fodder for our enemies. I have been told that trying to be nice gets us nowhere, and trying not to be rude just makes us weak. Yet here is the results of some MRAs making stupid comments and using terms such as Ameriskanks, whore, and bitch.  It makes ALL of us look stupid and misogynist when a few talk like that.

That said, calling him out on his dishonesty is not a bad thing. Just because one guy sends a vibrator bomb to his ex and two guys online joke about it does not mean most men would approve, agree, or condone it. For every act like this there is an act of setting a man's genitals on fire or severed. Again, does not mean most women would approve, agree or condone it, although the Lorena Bobbit case proved that more than  a few women thought that was perfectly acceptable.

John Dias:

I agree that we should call out people who make mischaracterizations about the men's rights movement and its agenda.  That's why I comment there.  But I don't believe that it's in my interest or that of the MRM to comment there forever.  As you have said, the very act of asserting oneself can be used as fodder by dishonest opponents to make subsequent mischaracterizations about you and/or your agenda.  Not only that, but if you debate against a particular adversary for too long, over time it gives him a profile into your tactics, strengthening him against you.

--- Quote ---"You must not fight too often with one enemy, or you will teach him all your art of war."
- Napoleon
--- End quote ---

Fortunately, insofar as David Futrelle's blog is concerned, I don't believe that we have reached that point yet.  And so at least for the time being, please speak up!


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