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Must see : It put this all into prospective ...


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false flag in Syria...WW3

dr e

I don't think I have seen this link here before but it is an easy way to track what Q has been saying:


Also, anyone interested in the political issues and leaning away from the leftist BS, one of the best sites I have found is


Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.


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If this is 1% true... It's Pure EVIL to the highest level !!! Hillary...Don't surprise me one bit given her track record on life( Supports late term abortions up to the. 9th month) and destroying men of all colors resulting in what we covered for 30 + years...


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Q wrote last week about MOAB...The way I see it Q was on target on many fronts...The main one was the Korean Deal  , since 1954 , technically the war never ended now for the first time since the early 1950s there is a chance of peace in Korea. Just think 2-4 months ago we were looking at a possible nuclear war. This in my book is major major MOAB !
On the other fronts the war against the forces of darkness i.e. deep state is a tough one, but the light is shining more and more into the wickedness in government... Many of the corrupt upper echelon of the FBI have been fired, demoted and expose... I know a lot of people are mad because Trump didn't release the final JFK files... But remember what if there are a key player still alive... I believe that's why he delayed it ! Many of us know who he is ! No?


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The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party
Black voters abandoning.
“Keep them starved”
“Keep them blind”
“Keep them stupid ...”HRC March 13, 2013 [intercept].
The Great Awakening.
Fight, Fight, Fight.
Q... (1/21/18)
In place in congress...

Welfare and Slavery - Please watch
ALL THIS WAS PLAN long ago...
Classic driver...
Rep. Jackson Lee Gets Shutdown at Diamond and Silk Hearing April 26, 2018...
Diamond and Silk Spar with Rep. Jeffries at Washington Hearing on Social Media April 26, 2018
This was a MOAB too combine  with Kanye West support...


A lot of people in the minority community don't know what being conservative is... In a nutshell : God, Family, and Country...Top 3..
Once you informed of that... they are shocked !!!
 the GOP that believe in conservatism need to educate what it is ... You be surprised how many people are conservative and don't even know it , because of the brain watching  in schools , TV, music, etc...
Look what's happening in California banning the Holy Bible...
 the DNC convention denied having God in their platform three times ...
I got a warning for California elected demons craft be reminded to keep messing with God don't be surprise major earthquake might hit those cities that are like Sodom and Gomorrah ... Just an opinion


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This is by far the most accurate prophecy before the election of 2016...
Of President Trump... I looked at this video again today, and am amazed in the accuracy of this prediction and prophecy... To understand the deciphering of Q better those that are trying to make sense of all this need to re-watch and listen this time to this prophecy... It's playing out as predicted and there's proof now today to back it up... Since I am involved in studying comets and the stars and the constellations of passage and events it all ties in perfectly with the above... There is more data regarding heavenly events that I did not share on page 1, because I'm been dormant, and feel at the time that this was not  the forum to discuss events from above... I am having these strong feelings inner battles to put this information out...
I now believe after watching the video of Trump prophecy that he is Cyrus reincarnation or ?
TRUMP ~ Ancient Prophecy Documentary of Donald Trump
Trey Smith

In the video it speaks about the great awakening occurring... Isn't it a coincidence that Q started with the title the great awakening... What happened this week confirms that !!!
Revelation 12 Virgo Inseminated! CONCEPTION COMET!


GOP Establishment Spending $1000s to Stop Pro-Trump Christina Hagan in Ohio Congressional Race...


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Matrix Revolution _ Neo vs Smith final full fight Part 1/3
Trump (forces of Good )vs... The Evil forces , Deep State, those that hate God, etc...
Part 1 had been completed...
We are in part 2...
Red Pill...

A good site to follow Q...

Blessed to Teach



On  the 23rd of May 2018...
The forces of Good went on the offense...
Sean Hannity 5/23/18 | Hannity Fox News Today May 23,2018
Connected ...

DOJ Control Play - Same Q in Nov, Feb and Now! Qanon May 22 

Today (5/24/18...or 5/25/18)...


I just want to put this out, because since Q is quiet... I decided to go back and study the stars to see if there's any signs in the stars... And lo and behold there is...

there's a lot of coincidence's...
Since comets have been coined by the ancients as messengers... What I find interesting here you got Mars, Pluto, Saturn close almost like a straight line ... But was fascinating is the Comet C/2016 M1 (Panstarrs)  on the seventh of June will be exactly at Tau Sagittarii...  were Seti  received radio signal... So what's the big deal ?
With billions and billions of stars plus ... The odds of this off the charts ... This is the brightest comet right now in the sky ... The magnitude of brightness is not in the minus category but is the brightest in our solar system right now ... Just a little side note just thought since nobody is covering or realizing or know,  about this... Just thought I'd share with you... If I was seti I will point those listening devices on the seventh in that location... Sagittarius symbol is bold and narrow aimed at Scorpio... The scorpion... There is much more interpretation with Mars Pluto and Saturn in the picture which indicates to me ...battle...


Sagittarius and his meaning in the heavens and relationship to the biblical prophetic revelation


Subhuman Forces Declare Civil War Against American Patriots!

This video needs to go viral as soon as possible... We are at war !!!

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