Women gang rape man

Started by Sir Jessy of Anti, Mar 19, 2004, 05:18 PM

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Sir Jessy of Anti

This is.....odd, but apparently not the first incident in the area of its kind.


Women gang 'out for sex'

 Isaac Mangena

Johannesburg - Johannesburg men be warned - there is a gang of women out there... and they want you for sex.

They struck in Alexandra on Sunday night. And the cops have warned other men: Watch out!

A 27-year-old man was allegedly gang-raped in the Alexandra township by four women. Alex police spokesperson, Inspector Bheki Mavundla, told Daily Sun that the man, whose name cannot be revealed, was in the township when he was approached by a coloured woman who pretended to be looking for directions.

"The woman who is believed to be in her mid-twenties approached the man and asked him for the direction to Khambule's restaurant. When he was just about to direct her, she asked him to accompany her to the place. She pointed at a silver BMW parked nearby which they used to get there," Mavundla said.

Mavundla said inside the car, the man found three more women. The lustful ladies suggested they call somewhere else first before going to the restaurant.

"The man then heard the click of the central lock locking and they headed for Riverpark east of Alexandra. There one woman took off her jersey and covered the man's face and drove with him to an unknown house. The victim was also unable to remember how long they drove," Mavundla added.

At the house the sex-crazy women took off the jersey. One woman took out a fire arm and ordered him to relax on the couch. They then put a pornographic movie on TV.

Took turns

The man told police that inside the house there was another woman who was preparing food. After one episode of the movie, the women ordered him to walk into the bedroom where there was another porn movie playing. There the four women, still armed with a pistol, ordered him to take off all his clothes and lie down.

"Apparently the first lady then got on top and raped him. The man said he tried to request them to use a condom but they refused. All four women took turns in repeatedly raping the complainant," Mavundla said.

When the women were done with their session, which the police suspect could have taken most of the night, they blindfolded him and took him to Riverpark where they released him.

Police said the traumatised man was unable to take the number plates of the car but he only said they were coloured women.

The man only reported the matter to the Alexandra police on Tuesday.

Mavundla said: "We want to alert men around the Alexandra area to be aware and careful of the silver BMW with four coloured women who go around raping men in the township."

"We have launched the hunt for the ladies and we don't want to rule out the possibility that they are related to the recent incidents of men raped by women in Gauteng," director Joel Mothiba of the Alexandra police said.
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I wonder what the Ms. gang would/will say about that?
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They would probably say the following:

"he coiuld have overpower them, he's lying"

"he got an erection, he wasn't raped"

"he's covering for his infidelities, he's lying"

"these women were just making up for what's been done to women for years.  They should be rewarded for their "conciousness raising""

"they were probably part of a sex and video ring and were put up to it by their pimp/producer, a man, of course.  Those poor women"

Does that about answer it?

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I wonder what the Ms. gang would/will say about that?

Forget the Ms gang. I could just imagine people around me saying things like:

"Lucky guy!"
"Oh suuuuuure. He was "raped".....(rolleyes)"
"Where are these women and how do I get some?"

Our society is so conditioned to believe that a man thinks about nothing but sex, that the idea of a man getting "raped", especially by multiple women, will be greeted by a great deal of speculation.

Noe: This isnt how *I* feel about this. This is how I percieve that most of "mainstream" society would respond.

"A man chooses. A slave obeys." What if a man 'chooses' to obey, because he is met with scorn, shame and ridicule and rendered a social outcasts if he does not?

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