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Married women fooling around

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I'll join in on this one.

I fooled around with ONE married woman in my life.  And even shortly after I felt really really bad.  I did it, no one else's fault.

As to her?  I MET her because she was sleeping with my buddy ... while her husband was a work.

I don't think gender is important to me, it's the fact that someone stepped out on the marriage that bothers me.

Cheating is about the worse betrayal either spouse can commit.  The sex isn't the thing, not to me.  I mean, sure THAT pisses me off, but allow me to explain:

When I worked at Disney (Florida) I met quite a few (TONS) of women who were on business trips who wore wedding rings and were very open that they were available for "no strings attached sex".  Now, let's not pick on the women here ... I date women, so the married guys didn't hit on me, but I'm sure they were there.  But the married women that I encountered were SO BLATANT.  I mean, on several occasions they were in a group (we've all seen the wandering "pack" of women - women seldom go out alone to clubs) and their colleagues were other women they worked with and were cheering them on.  

I never went for it as it just turned my stomach (won't say I wasn't tempted, but the "big head" won out).

And here's what got me, from the guys I talked to almost none of these women asked for or mentioned a condom.  Pregnancy, disease, all of that seemed of little importance to these business women.

They saw the opportunity and went for it.  And if they got pregnant or caught a disease, I guess (IMO) that they would lay it on the husband.

And one last thing:
Many of these women did VERY kinky stuff with my buddies.  I mean, they would say: "I don't want to do this with my husband, but I'm on vacation"  

And what kinky stuff? 3 somes, anal, taking pictures, being shaved (you KNOW where so don't ask), role-playing, or even just swallowing.

So, the guy who is life-committed gets LESS in the way of a willing partner, but the guy she just met gets to do things with her she won't do with her life partner.  

Folks, I don't mean to say this happened once or twice, some of the guys I knew ONLY dated women who were "Guests" (Disney-speak for visitors) and they learned quickly that women on vacation who were married would do almost any sex act imaginable.

And THAT's what really gets me.  
1) Guy she just met: willing to be a freak and do stuff that would make a porn star hesitate.
2) Guy who has legally, morally, and emotionally commited his life to her: gets what she feels like, when she feels like it, how she feels like it, and he better like it or she'll leave and take the kids.

THAT'S what bothered the hell out of me.



--- Quote from: "Gabriel" ---

--- Quote ---If at the time, he was caught by the husband and killed, there would be no sympathy from me.
--- End quote ---

He would from me. How do you know that he knew she was married? If the husband killed her, I wouldn't care.
--- End quote ---

I'm assuming the man/woman knows the other is married. If they honestly don't know, then that's a different story. But people who knowingly and willingly destroy innocent people's lives for sex are the worst kind of human being. You can try to justify it all you want, but there are no excuses.....period.


--- Quote from: "LSBeene" ---And here's what got me, from the guys I talked to almost none of these women asked for or mentioned a condom. Pregnancy, disease, all of that seemed of little importance to these business women.
--- End quote ---

Is this the empowered businesswoman I hear so much about, or a slut-guts with a briefcase? Don't your buddies think about the risks to them? I mean STDs don't go in one direction - they like to party.


Shall we play with some situations?

She says she's getting devorced.
She's not seen him for years, he deserted her.

Both simple lies, difficult to verify.  it would be as easy for her to claim not to be married - and you would be none the wiser.

I think a better line to draw is the hunter and the hunted.

Very simply, if s/he's looking for sex outside marriage, shame on him/her.  If your looking to suduce a married person, shame on You.

have chosen not to date anymore. It has been about a year and it has been the most relaxing year in a long time.

The last girl I dated was native american women, a single mom who talked trash about her ex. She b!cthed that he didn't help out more with their son. Her ex wanted 50% custody, but she fought it and won. Accusing him (to me) of only wanting more custody to lower his child support. I was younger than both her and him by 5 years. When he stopped by to pick up his son, she knocked on my door (we were neighbors) so that I could meet him. Why the hell would I want to meet him. I realized later that she wanted to rub it in his face that she was dating a younger guy in good shape. I was used as a puppet and it made me want to puke.


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