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Women will outrun men someday (and pigs will be able to fly)

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Gerard Velthuis:
Another article i caught at It really bothers me to see articles like this on mainstream websites like You only see articles that put women into a positive light or articles putting men into a negative light. I am really getting sick of this.

About the article, it is just stupid. There have been some scientists that have discovered that the time-gap between men and women on the 100 meter sprint has been narrowing the last couple of decades. So what do they do? Exactly, they extrapolate this trend into the future because they assume this trend will continue. Of course, if you extrapolate this trend into the next 400 years, maybe women will be twice as fast as men. The problem is that there is mostlikely a boundary that women will meet and maybe this boundary is very near and the time-gap will remain at a constant ratio. Of course, these scientists don't care about that, they only care about publishing positive articles about women so that is what they do. They themselves know very well that there might be a boundary but of course they don't want to aknowledge it. Also it is very stupid that they only compare the 100 meter sprint. Of course, 100 meter is not that much and it might be easy to narrow this time-gap because it only takes 10 seconds or so. But what about the 500 meters, or the 2000 meters or the 500 meters. I am pretty sure women will never, ever narrow this (and i am also pretty sure they will never, ever narrow the 100 meter sprint gap)  but of course they only tend to look at the small distance because this is mostlikely to be narrowed down.

And what about the future, let's say in 10 years or 20 years, when it appears that this trend does not persist. Will the same scientists admit they were wrong in their predictions? Of course not, they will just keep silent and maybe preparing other positive-women researches. But some people might remember this article and they might keep rubbing it in men's faces even though it may simple never, ever become true. But hey! what does it matter, as long as women are put into a positive light, right? Let's not do researches that might discover disadvantages of women. Or advantages of men! Oh my god, we can't have that now, can we?

Link article:

Women Predicted to Outrun Men

At 2156 Olympics, World's Fastest Runner May Be a Woman

By Miranda Hitti
WebMD Medical News     Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD
on Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Sept. 29, 2004 -- The battle of the sexes may hit a turning point in 2156. That's when a woman runner may outpace male competitors at that year's Olympic Games.

So say researchers including Andrew Tatem of the zoology department at England's University of Oxford.

Tracking winning times in the 100 meter sprint held at Olympic Games over the past 100 years, Tatem and colleagues noticed that women runners are getting faster and faster, gaining ground on their male peers.

If that trend keeps pace, a woman should win the 100 meter race at the 2156 Olympics with a time of 8.079 seconds.

And the men? They'll be a few fractions of a second back, clocking in at 8.098 seconds by the researchers' predictions.

It probably wouldn't be a head-to-head showdown, since men and women compete separately right now.

Some experts say drug use is powering women's gains, noting that improvements in the timed event have slowed with the advent of drug testing.

But others say the gender gap can only narrow as more women around the world get the chance to compete.

"Only time will tell whether in the 66th Olympiad the fastest human on the planet will be female," write the researchers in the Sept. 30 issue of Nature.

SOURCE: Tatem, A. Nature, Sept. 30, 2004; vol 431: p 525.

Or perhaps it's easier for the women to improve the present timings simply because the targets are easier?

I am fucking fed up with this bullshit "LOLOLOL HEIL WOMAN, WOMAN IS SUPREME DOMINATRIX MISTRESS, BETTER HIDE IN YOUR CORNER AND SHAKE IN FEAR PUNY MALES !! by the way men have all the power and are conspiring schemers that want to rape and fuck little cute women and they are victims and oppressed, never cheat, never violent, never lie."


By the way i have heard somewhere that in the 20th century women have been getting larger (growing closer to men) than in the past, and also people in general have been getting larger, can someone confirm this ?

dr e:
If this is true then we might as well scrub the womens "special olympics" and only have one race for each event.  A race for people, both men and women.  May the fastest person win no matter what their sex.

Women's events in the olympics are yet one more example of affirmative action.  Let's truly treat all people as equals and have just one race.

Alpha Male:
So LST8000, tell us how you really feel.

The best way to hammer a nail in the coffin of that argument is to let the women compete with the men in the same events. How many female gold medalists would there be then?
I'm sure there would be some, and more power to them, they obviously worked very hard. But how many would there really be?

Testosterone - gotta love that stuff! More aggressive, competitive, muscular, and my favorite, hairy. (Of course at this point in my life it is beating a hasty retreat across my forehead and making a it's final stand on my back and ears!)



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