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Billy Graham's daughter arrested for DV

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Click on GiGi's bio.. LINK UhOh,  What happened to hubby Dr. Stephan Tchividjian??

--- Quote ---GIGI GRAHAM
Virginia Leftwich (GiGi) Graham Tchividjian

Virginia Leftwich Graham Tchividjian, GiGi Like her mother, Gigi was very close to her family and became homesick when she went to boarding school in Florida at the age of 12. However, the experience prepared her for a life overseas after she married clinic psychologist Dr. Stephan Tchividjian. After living in Switzerland, Israel and Wisconsin, she and her husband Stephan now live in southern Florida. They have seven children and 11 grandchildren.

As the author of seven books, Gigi speaks at women's conferences and conventions all over the United States. Her ministry focus has been women and families and the issues they face in today's society. Gigi has appeared on several TV and radio talk shows, such as Good Morning America, the 700 Club, and others. One of her recent books rewarded her with the Blue Ridge Writers' group special author's award and the national Gold Medallion Award.
--- End quote ---

Men's Rights Activist:
Whoa Nellie! :shock:   or is it, Woe Nellie! :roll:  :scratchchin: :?:  :?:  :?:

dr e:
The only reason she was arrested was the very public nature of the incident.  There were witnesses (probably female witnesses :wink: ) to verify her culpability.  Without it being public she would have  been able to keep it quiet and my guess is that he would never have said a word.

Misunderstanding?  What a joke.  When it's women it's a misunderstanding when it's men it is a crime with a bonafide victim.   Notice that no one is playing him as a victim or even hurt.

So what happened to Stephan Tchividjian, Sr.?  Is Chad Foreman an alias or was she widowed or divorced?  If this is a second marriage, was there DV in the first?  Wonder what her minister sons will be preaching on this Sunday?

Kelly B:

--- Quote from: "typhonblue" ---That's definately going into my "Scary X-tian Women" file. Right next to NYMOM.
--- End quote ---

I disagree. NYMOM is in a class(or lack therof) by herself. See my previous definition of Feministing and insert NYMOM. Sometimes I think she is channeling pieces of Andrea Dworkin.


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