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Robots to Replace Men and Feminist Propaganda Nazi Style

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(I suppose if you say something enough people will actually believe it.  The author never says what women, or how many women, just that thats what all women want, or that more and more women like the idea.

So naturally this becomes a trend (if its repeated enough).  Now it will be heard over and over again and again.  First in jest, like it is here, then it becomes more serious day we are throwing men in little easybake ovens declaring our freedom.  

Okay, just kidding.  But what is it that this article is saying?  Is it actually pro-men in a way?  Is it really trying to slip in the idea of getting rid of men?  Is it promoting lesbian sex?  What is this article telling us?  

Most men I have heard who read this actually responded with the thought that men don't even need a robot woman to do anything , that a blowup doll would be suficient.

Is it to late for us?

Is it well past time to question the media and their intentions?)

Wednesday August 13, 2003

RABID feminists have issued a startling challenge to scientists: Build us robots to replace men by the year 2020!

And, incredibly, experts in the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence say it can be done.

"We can make a serviceable, fully functioning male right now," says Dr. Pauline Fallington, an avowed feminist whose scholarly books on robotics and artificial intelligence are considered standards in the field.

"What I'm hearing from women is that they want a robot capable of performing all the current functions of the human male. They require a relatively primitive machine that can hold simple conversations, perform passably for short periods in bed, do chores around the house, and provide a sense of physical security for those who are uncomfortable living alone.

"All this is certainly within the realm of possibility. It's quite likely we can create robots in the next 10 to 15 years that will compare quite favorably with men and in many ways surpass them, especially in areas like sensitivity and a lack of obnoxious bodily functions.

"Of course, at least for the foreseeable future, we will need a few men as breeding stock. That is one function that can't yet be performed by a robot."

Male advocacy groups are outraged by the suggestion that men can be replaced by machines, especially in the bedroom where imagination and creativity play as much of a role as 'mechanics.'

But growing numbers of women are thrilled by the prospect -- and they're agitating for a robotic male society.

"It's been a man's world long enough," says feminist and author Marilyn Foste. "Women are making gains in the workplace, so we don't need men to support us. About the only things we do need them for are sex, companionship, protection and to give us children.

"Talk to any woman with a significant other and she'll tell you he's uncouth, demanding, lazy, and seldom talks or offers little emotional support.

"We demand male replicas that will do everything a man can, by 2020," says Foste, "although it really should take less than five years to come up with something so simple."

Gay men are also jumping on the robot bandwagon.

"We figure if women get the robots, we'll get the men," says gay rights activist Roger Sonnerson of San Francisco. "This could do wonders for the gay movement."

While gays and feminists favor a future filled with robot males, men who subscribe to traditional views of sex, marriage and the family unit are preparing to fight back.

"Contrary to what some women might say, men are still in control," says Texas-based clergyman Alan Bentham. "We might be a silent majority now, but if you press us too far, I think you"ll see us revolt. The future is not robotic males, the future is real men, made in God"s image and likeness.

"The Great American Male will survive. This I swear."


dr e:
What brings a chuckle to me is that wanting robots that simulate men says that they actually know they want men....but they only want men that will do exactly as they say.   :roll:   You vill obey me!  They don't want a relationship with conflict and a real person, they want a robot that will do what they say.  This actually shows the essence of the problem.  The incapacity and unwillingness to deal with a human being that differs in significant ways.  Rather than having to deal with a partner's uniqueness and difference of opinion they would prefer a robot.  This is the problem.  This is of course, the classic resistance to committment!   :lol:

Like someone on the Mensactivism board pointed out:  Let the robot also pay the child support and alimony.

This sounds like very clever and humorous lampooning to me.  given this was an article in Yahoo! Entertainment, I wouldn't take it too seriously, guys.

Analog Worms:

--- Quote from: "Dan Lynch" ---"We might be a silent majority now, but if you press us too far, I think you"ll see us revolt."
--- End quote ---

Hell Yeah!

Bring on the violent revolution!!!!!!!

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