Prosecutor: Woman has identified at least one LAX player

Started by sorryisntgoodenough, Apr 12, 2006, 03:26 AM

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Back to the NCCU forum with Nifong, which you should really watch to see how out of control this is. Some good points were made about people waiting in prison for DNA results to clear them, but it was played from the race angle, not the MRA angle. You really gotta see the part where the woman stands up and starts screaming about taking AV to DMC being part of conspiracy to conceal the rape.

Do you have a link for theNCCU forum video?

Sorry if I missed it.
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Quote from: "sorryisntgoodenough"
That (JoeFin) DU thread shows you the mentality of the liberal male-women outnumber men=women must be pandered to at all costs for votes.  I can't believe you didn't get banned.  

I have some history at DU may be the reason I didn't get banned as I am sure my post generated more then a few "Alert" button hits. Actually I think my use of the alert button generated one member being banned for calling me a "Racist White Boy".

But this has become one of my major concerns as of late is the political fuel out there. Amid scandals of political bribery, failing support over the Iraq war it appears the Dems are positioned to take back quite a few seats in the House and Senate in the 06 cycle. I have not been seeing where MRM has been reaching out to these candidates and asking their position on issues important to MRM. Just as the feminist feel they have a huge claim at stake in this case, once all the facts are in and this whole issue flies in their face we the MRM have a huge political stake in it too.

But this is the problem with politics today. It is 2 huge radical elements going at it with the majority left in the middle wondering who is going to step up to the plate for them. You have to remember Clinton ran as a "Center-ist", a middle of the road kind of guy. Clinton rejected PNAC just as he rejected the feminist attempts to link Human Trafficking to prostitution legally in our laws. 2 things that have come about in recent years. 2 things I don't feel the majority of Americans support.

Please keep documenting all the events in this case as I am sure the feminist are going to use this as a test case to impose laws that would challenge our free press.
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link to forum on left of page.  You need high speed internet.  The first ten minutes are just introductions and BS but it is 51 minutes and gets really crazy.


If anyone who is involved in these debates needs some reference material for refuting some of the "woman don't lie about rape" propaganda, this is a good source.


Believe Her! The Woman Never Lies Myth
Frank S. Zepezauer*

ABSTRACT: Empirical evidence does not support the widespread belief that women are extremely unlikely to make false accusations of male sexual misconduct.  Rather the research on accusations of rape, sexual harassment, incest, and child sexual abuse indicates that false accusations have become a serious problem.  The motivations involved in making a false report are widely varied and include confusion, outside influence from therapists and others, habitual lying, advantages in custody disputes, financial gain, and the political ideology of radical feminism.
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One of the things that most gets me about this three ring circus is the fact that so many "women don't lie about being raped" types say that Crystal Gail Mangum's record is irrelevant but that the records of the lacrosse players are relevant. From what I've seen, the most common infraction cited against the lacrosse players is getting drunk and peeing outdoors.

So let's see; correct me if I've got any of this wrong. Crystal Gail Mangum got drunk, stole a taxi, led a sherrif's deputy on a high speed chase on winding roads, and then tried to run over the sherrif's deputy. The lacrosse players got drunk and peed outdoors.

They all got drunk; they're even on that. So what we're comparing is -- on the one hand -- stealing a car, leading a sherrif's deputy on a dangerous high speed chase, and then trying to drive over the sherrif's deputy, with -- on the other hand -- taking a leak outdoors.

Hmmm. Seems that some people may be judging her as less culpable because of either her sex or her race.

"I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Martin Luther King.

Seems she may be being judged as less culpable because of "the color of (her) skin." MLK must be turning over in his grave.
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What I find really fascinating is watching how all the worshippers of the "rape victim orthodoxy" react as the evidence mounts that the accuser's story is a compete fabrication.

I read that thread on Reclusive Leftist and the response to the posts by sorryisntgoodenough. (Great work BTW. It's fun to watch as you dance with the insane. Can't wait to see what you dig up about Magnum's navy past!)

It's simply amazing how entrenched these people are. Their minds will not be changed by mere facts. I have no doubt if the accuser came out and confessed that she made it all up, they would be calling for an investigation of who threatened her and forced her to say it - and for the indictment of the players to proceed.

I suppose the cable news media whores like Nancy Grace will end up saying this was one of those 2% of cases that are false, and not to read too much into it. Those damn boys still brought the dancer over to sexually exploit her, and that is not tolerable. The danger she faced was real, and if the boys aren't brought under control the next time it will happen for real. Wendy Murphy has dug herself in deep, but I remember when the "runaway bride" rape turned out to be false, Murphy called for her indictment. I wonder if she can pull off another about face?

The whole "date rape drug" angle reminds me of an incident here in Austin last year. A woman got pulled over for drunk driving, refused a breath test, and was arrested. The next day after her release, she claimed that she wasn't drunk at all, but had been given the date rape drug, and was angry that the police weren't educated enough to recognize this and get her help instead of arresting her. The local rape crisis center was totally behind her (perhaps they came up with the idea?.) Of course, she never mentioned any of that until 24 hours had passed, and she could no longer be tested for traces of the drug.


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"outside influence from therapists and others, habitual lying,"

Gee, imagine that, a domestic violence advocate coaching a woman to lie about domestic violence.  Yes, those stories all read largely the same just like they had been scripted.
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Time report on fake emails:,8599,1184007,00.html

"With a grand jury now expected to convene Monday to weigh indictments of two or three of the Duke lacrosse players tied to allegations of raping an exotic dancer, defense lawyers say they fear their clients are being targeted in a setup or sting operation possibly perpetrated by law enforcement. The lawyers have advised the players not to trust or respond to any e-mails sent to each other, one attorney tells Time."

Interesting fark thread on it:


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