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Main / Manly Men
Oct 29, 2006, 07:43 AM
Good news and congrats!

It's a million miles away from climbing the trees to make 'tuba'.
Hope they appreciate it - ;-)
Main / Male civilian saves female cop
Oct 26, 2006, 12:01 PM
I understand why SecondToDie said:
I don't understand why she didn't just taser him when he started to resist arrest.
But I don't understand why somebody with the accumulated stature of Galt needs to construct a caveat such as:
Just to be clear, this isn't a poke at women.
When he provided the original post.

Feminists know lots of good party games and real-life situations where men have to compete 'equally' with one hand tied behind their backs.

It's all in good fun and nobody wants to be a 'party-pooper'.
He doesn't bother trying. Men need to stop defining themselves as tiny moons revolving around the huge planet of women's wants/needs. Look for a woman that meets YOUR expectations and ignore the rest
Yes Crusoe, you understand.
What's your theory on why millions of (relatively) rich western men prefer slavery to women/government than freedom?

What exactly are they scared of?
Main / You're still missing my point
Oct 26, 2006, 11:14 AM
Busy thread, eh Gents?

IMHO feminism is the best thing since sliced bread! Why? Because it awakened a sleeping giant. Hundreds of thousands of men are now asking, "why did my forefathers fall for all that crap?"

Without feminism we'd still be plodding and toiling in the dull sexless lives that our forefathers 'enjoyed' pretending to be little Patriarchs but actually living and dying on behalf of women and their offspring. A few famous men, whose names ring down the centuries were able to throw off the shackles of domesticity and actually improve the world. Let's not forget their example.

Alicia means well. She grieves for a bygone world where peace and order once prevailed and men and women could get along. Men grieve too and many of them hanker for a return to comfortable slavery.  But far too many men refuse to be contended with that stale old con-trick.

Feminism was entirely without responsibility. Like some ill-considered foreign invasion, it summoned the Gods of Chaos.  As feminists said themselves, 'The geni will not go back in the bottle".

Thinking men, all over the world, are at last starting to ask fundamental questions. It's very confused and partially understood but it's there. A new spirit is abroad.

God bless feminism. Without it we'd still be asleep.
Yes Gwallan, excellent! :)

Andrea Burns whines emotionally about not being able to have her cake and eat it.

Gwallan knows exactly what's going on and backs it up.

Her infantile trivia gets more media attention than his good sense.
But that probably doesn't tell us any more about the media that we don't already know.

Want to get ahead? Subvert the media - they're not that bright.
Main / Kim Gandy sounding off
Oct 26, 2006, 09:49 AM
"Yes, and if they aren't sure what that Greek word means, they have only to ask...."
Errr.. Latin actually Fidelbogen - meaning 'lips'.
(BTW does anyone else find it fascinating that Asian women of, for example, Malay stock have very full lips but small labia? Western women with thinner lips tend to have much larger labia. Is it a case of 'swings and roundabouts I wonder? Hmmm?)
Anyway Kyo hit the nail on the head with:
Her argument also presupposes that in education, preventing children from harboring stereotypes is more important that getting them to actually learn.
A whole new generation of confident, well-educated boys is the feminists worst nightmare and education was the primary target.

They were even smarter than we supposed. While all the hoo-ha is now about colleges, that's just the endgame. They began in primary education where the majority of teachers were already women and many of these found teaching boys to be irksome.
The 'we are failing girls' mantra couldn't have come at a better time for all us 60's folk that believed in "love, peace and eekwalittee'.
Kyo is spot on. Never underestimate your enemy.
Main / Re: the almighty dollar
Oct 21, 2006, 01:36 PM
Quote from: "trailer park tony montana"
if you think about it consumerism and commercialism hurts young men at a bad rate by encouraging them to spend valueble $$ on image,
when i was in trade school, our intro teacher told us  he was a lube tech at wal mart , and when he came to work one morning he asked this old bum in a pickup to leave and the guy ignored him, so he called the cops. when the cops came, my teacher said when he found out who the guy was he almost had a heart attack......
the bum in the truck was named sam walton
Wan't to explain that for global readers?
Main / Post-penetration rape.
Oct 10, 2006, 12:47 PM
It's very hard to believe that these minute details of trivial sexual encounters are being discussed by intelligent adults. How very ultra-sensitive they must be.
And of course, The Law, is always ready to step in.

This sounds like a discussion between people who know for sure that they can eat three times a day, unlike most of the world's population.
If you agree to try something in good faith, which turns out to be physically painful to the point of torn tissue (no ones fault), I think you have a right to stop the proceedings.
Yes, but who would be so inept that it takes torn tissue to signal an error of judgement?

So much agonizing over details. For what exactly? The high moral ground?  It's no longer moral and it's no longer high. It's just little people quibbling over anatomical details, while those with real power but no scruples, rule us all.
Main / Modern Women too Choosy?
Oct 10, 2006, 11:55 AM
Men would like a playboy playmate with a selfless attitude, a heart of gold and some abilities around the house, but we also can distinguish between reality and fantasy.
I'd venture to suggest that such life-forms do exist, even on this planet.

"It's life, Jim, but not as we know it."
Main / Modern Women too Choosy?
Oct 10, 2006, 09:02 AM
Fine weasel-words from Jenni Murray!

American brothers may not know of her, but Neonsamurai undoubtedly would.

She has a very attractive speaking voice that makes her perfect for the (supposedly) hi-brow Radio 4 in the UK (News, politics and 'Culture with a big 'C''. She's been pouring out feminist propaganda for decades.

This is just another Germaine Greer-style re-think about her own life, posing as social comment.

Despite her polished and authoratitive voice, in appearance she's an Andrea Dworkin look-alike and she's never made any secret of preferring dogs to men (well, you can order them around can't you?).

Her literary references are faultless but they would be because she's a word-monger. It's her business to sound all-knowing.
If women live their lives waiting for a flawless hero to sweep them off their feet, there is a very real danger that they may become Miss Havisham.
Now she faces the prospect of becoming a Miss Havisham herself. Don't waste any tears on her.
She was a radio personality with considerable influence but jumping on the feminist bandwagon was more important than honour.

In this article, published by the Daily Anti-Male she pretends to advise other women. She's actually just feeling sorry for herself.
Mark my words, the're will be many more of them.
Main / Misandry defined
Oct 02, 2006, 08:40 AM
After forty years of this creeping totalitarianism, men really need to get off their asses and start making more lists.

You can't have too many lists!
Quote from: "Dr Evil"
Quote from: "Dr Evil"
Quote from: "angryharry"
When it comes to men being 'stupid', or MRAs 'not achieving much', I only have to think about this thread thus far.

What do you mean by this Harry?

Harry, please answer my question.

.... and some fell on stony ground?
Main / Bill Murray - a "sleeper" MRA?
Sep 23, 2006, 11:37 AM
Seems to be a lot of niggling here about what really defines insanity.
Maybe the inmates have taken over the institution?
Yes, yes, yes - get a lawyer and keep it rolling.
Whatever you do, never question THE LAW. Just get a better lawyer then your opponent. Anyway.....

I still haven't forgotten "Groundhog Day" where Bill Murray plays a chauvinistic male jerk who disses a furry rodent. He is then forced to relive the same day over and over until he finally abandons his jerkish male ways and becomes the kind of man a woman could love. It is enough to make you puke. Or, better yet, get a varmint rifle and go hunting.
Agree entirely Eviltwin!! BUT it's an intriguing movie. It raises important questions about what any man could do if he had all the time in the world to do it in.
In the role, Billy Murray constantly refines and perfects himself in wonderful ways. When we realize he's only doing it just to get into the panties of a pseudo-attractive, barely articulate and self-indulgent moron (Andie MacDowell), the movie falls apart. If he wasn't so stupid, he could have gone on and on perfecting his existence, endlessly acquiring skills and helping others. He was given a gift - a choice of playing God in a small world and doing great good, OR screwing a self-obsessed  idiot in order to escape his noble destiny. He made the wrong choice! Wonderful message!
Don't knock it Eviltwin. This was an inch away from being a really good movie. It just couldn't take that step too far. Imagine, in your heart of hearts, that Bill decides to go on perfecting his little world of Punxsutawney for as long as it takes. Since he's grown so wise, why on earth does he fail to understand that his endless pursuit of the malodourous orifice of the self-obsessed 'Rita' is not the straight path to salvation but the Highway to Hell?  
When Andie MacDowell played 'Carrie' in 4 weddings.... what did she actually do? (Answers on a postcard).Thank you Hollywood for putting the rest of the world to rights. Where would we be without you? You can't fool all of the people all of the time, but you try.

You got it right Eviltwin. There was a potentially enterntaining and educational movie that decided to go for the money instead of the truth.
Seems to be a lot of niggling here about what really defines insanity.
Maybe the inmates have taken over the institution?

Yes, yes, yes - get a lawyer and keep it rolling.
Whatever you do, never question THE LAW. Just get a better lawyer then your opponent.

Jonathan Swift -where are you when we need you?
Main / Girl Power - Female Chauvanism?
Sep 21, 2006, 11:42 AM
Mr. X, I think you're wasting a lot of real energy and understanding on domestic trivia that most of the world doesn't give a shit about.
Is Buffy a potential role-model for Iraqi women? Will the Taliban (the fundamentalist 'seekers of knowledge' that can live on grass for their beliefs) be tempted to abandon all their principles for a pampered, plastic, arrogant female dominatrix? Answer on a scale of 1-10. (i.e. 1= they just love the western world to bits and can't wait to join. 10=they despise everything you stand for and will behead your emissaries).
Is there some misunderstanding here?

"Jesus bids us shine with a pure clear light.
like a little candle burning in the night,
Like that little candle, Jesus bids us shine,
You in your small corner and me in mine".

If Hollywood provides a space to play out our fantasies, thanks very much. But it's still just fantasy. The real world costs more than a ticket to  cinematic indoctrination.