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Introductions / Re: hello from Dallas
Aug 05, 2017, 12:42 AM
Why are you not a repeat user ?  Want merely this writer to restart this thing ?   :sunny:
Football and Baseball and Basketball and most sports featuring males are homosexual as per their being exclusively male.  Lots of sex play in the locker room and that is homo but not sexual.  Well, yes it is sexual, and is meant to be, fro elementary school through the professionals.   But it is just play.  Lots of boys play sex, play homo, but it is not long term.  Homosexuals who are real, exclusively or mostly, male lovers are not allowable.  Some players do come "out".  They have to, to survive.  Why is it that guys who do homo all the time are excluding from guys who just play at it ?  Is it not all sex play any way ?
History and Politics / Re: A War Against Boys
Feb 09, 2016, 02:00 PM
I have encountered many a female adult. 

I am an original subscriber to MS magazine.  I used to be a feminist supporter by way of such ... and then realized what I was reading. 

Many a female I encounter in my life by way of what they say and write
( publish ) with their opinions of males.   Many women (and girls ) assert the notion that 'the penis is obsolete' and that males are nothing better than the male of the black widow spider, needing to be dead after the reproductive value of them is over. 

Females I know say such as that the tip of the penis needs excision publically by girls ( the male totem destroyed for all boys to witness, they explain ) to the notion that males are wild animals that females are to completely train, making mere wild animal boys into controlees, as slaves, by pain and torture and genital excision and penile transition.  Such I hear unto the idea that males need to be exterminated as soon as reproductive values are extracted, maybe now kept frozen and few males need even exist.   

Why would male feminists demand boys be brought up as girls ?

Also, there is the claim that males are nature's mistake and that females must figure a way to reproduce without them.  One way or another. 

That feminist claimants oft insist that males are the progenitors of college sexual abuse is not new.  It is as if females are not seductive, pain inducers, and sexually predatory. 

Some females I meet in college circles assert that boys need to be completely under control by girls by way of daily spankings and testicle hurts in the nursery and kindergarten until the boy is under complete bodily control.   Thus, another idea of the male as a slave worker ( robotnik ) and mere sperm source ... to be made to die as they were born, after a work life, by the other accident of nature, but by natural correction by the natural breeders, females.