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Main / Man charged after videotaping police
Jul 01, 2006, 07:55 PM
Wtf.... it's against the law to have camera's up around your property?

If you can't use recording equipment on your own property then wtf? Maybe we should just ban the sale of all recording equipment. Pretty dumb. how are cops going to explain this. The people don't have a right to use a camera on their own property?

They sound mad because that tape is evidence of the cops bad behavior. You just can't barge into someone's house w/o permission.

Remember people. If you get something like this make duplicates and maybe put it on the net. That way it's too late for them to try and take it back.
Disgusting. If it was a man they wouldn't even LOOK at the circumstances. Guilty, and jail for life. Maybe death penalty if he's lucky.

I tell ya, it's not safe to have kids today if you're a guy. I'm waiting for them to pin this on the husband saying he should have reminded her, or it was his turn to drop off the baby.


This is what they would say to a guy...
Are you sure this is law and not a strong suggestion? I mean generally speaking if you're married it would be a good idea to tell the guy to talk to his wife about it. I think prolonged happiness with vasectomy depends on making the right decision with all things in mind. If a guy just did it on a whim, sure he should talk it over with her.

I've heard things like this and from what I've heard it's only a suggestion. But if you're persistent they can't really stop you. BTW, how would they know you're married? When you go into a doctor's office all the information they'ld have on you would be relative to your biological family not including the family you make. No? I mean in a vasectomy office don't they just need your general health info. And if there aren't any problems they talk to you to make sure everything is ok, and then snip snip?
Main / Dilbert takes on NOW
Jun 10, 2006, 08:22 PM
well.. I was just making a point. I'm actually agnostic. I don't claim to believe or disbelieve. I just don't care. Believing in religion one way or another seems pretty pointless in my opinion since it's impossible to come close to proving or disproving. Might as well ignore it.

I wouldn't presume to tell religious people anything. What I do NOT like is religious people assuming they are so enlightened trying to tell me that their religion is all mighty and I need to believe in it.
Isn't this how all doctors operate? Men aren't allowed to be given any direct information unless they were the one who requested it and are believed to have the right to the information?

Look at how when a child of 2 (supposed) parents is at the doctors and perhaps something is wrong and they maybe a donation of bone marrow or whatever that usually has to come from parents and guess what?

When doctor finds out the father is not the REAL dad, no one tells him. They tell the wife to go get the real one so we can save your kid.

The way I see it we get no respect so we might as well avoid children altogether. Men are already not allowed much access to little children. (daycare, school teachers, etc.) If this continues the way things are going everything will fall apart and they will have no choice BUT to make changes.

THANKS FEMINISM, and GREEDY (I'm gonna sue you for MY stupidity) American culture. ^_^
Main / Dilbert takes on NOW
Jun 10, 2006, 04:52 PM
hah. that's funny and so true.

And you know the women who might possibly deserve the higher wage but don't get it wouldn't complain because they'ld be too busy putting tthemselves into a position so that they can excel and do better.

When you want to succeed you work hard and do what it takes. If you fail once, you don't complain that the system is robbing you.

Show me a woman in a situation where she's better qualified in EVERY way, than all the men who got the promotion she didn't and MAYBE I might believe their nonsense. lol.

feminism is more like a religion than a reasonable way to approach things and make them better. They firmly believe what they want and get offensed if you say or prove they are wrong. Similar to how religious people don't like you saying things to the effect that science dictates how the world works, and god is nothing more than a man-made concoction.
Main / No way. I had to walk away.
Jun 10, 2006, 04:46 PM
Women have also become wise to this though. Women know that men avoid women aho already have kids and wonder why. So many women will lie, and not tell the guy about the kids until he is perhaps too invested in her to just ditch her because of the kids.

Have to watch out for this. This is a famous female tactic. They get you all comfortable in a situation and THEN spring information on you that would have made you RUN if you knew in the beginning.

You have to look out for #1. You'ld have to give her VERY LITTLE slack with regards to a woman and her kids. It's far too likely that women can't handle kids, work AND a man. I mean how often is it that people get married, have kids, and then fight because they never make time for each other so the only time they make time is to fight?
Main / MGTOW on Wikipedia
Jun 04, 2006, 04:59 PM
why do they care? I mean you can look up absurd things like info on street fighter character Ryu. I mean come on.. who really needs to know that? lol.
Yet they're making a stink about MGTOW?

It's the funniest thing. This movement has nothing to do with hating women. Simply behaving in a manner that's better for everyone, and not taking female abuse. I mean if we were as bad as fem's that would be another story. O.o
Jun 04, 2006, 08:21 AM
Maybe we should return to a day where men never say the female body until after marriage. Women never aggreeing to sex unless the marriage liscence is aquired. Remove all porn from the world, along with all of the sexual education we have. And since everyone would have to be married to have sex we don't really need contraception now do we? When they're finished having kids someone can get sterilized.
Main / Boys today? We're doing their heads in
Jun 04, 2006, 07:55 AM
but no one cares about boys. It won't be til women outnumber men 2-1 in almost all areas of education and high paying employment.. Where women would actually make FAR more than the avg man despite taking time off for kids... that anyone will care.

Boys/Men need to be in such trouble that women can't stand it anymore and are outraged before anyone takes action. I mean as long as women can still find a good man no one cares. But when women have ALL the great jobs, and men can't even make it through school so we're all left making pennies to a woman's dollar.. women will be PISSED.

Even now a FEW women see that boys aren't getting what they need in school but they can't do anything about it. There's not much you can do to bring in more males into teaching which would give boys a better shot. Any favoritsm in favor of men is sexist and illegal. Hence how can anything be changed? The laws allowing women/girls to falsely accuse men of numerous things and destroy his life may not change for decades.

Women are slowly waking up to how bad boys/men have it... but the situation isn't bad enough to warrant their full-support on this issue. When women have NO good men left who make enough to support them, undereducated guys who just know how to get by in life.. they'll finally see the writing on the wall
Main / Rise of the bully-girls
May 16, 2006, 04:26 PM
Hah.. the Op was right. Men are better off keeping their deepest concerns to themselves for the most part. Many women destroy others that way soo often that it's a part of who they are. How often have you seen women manipulate others to do what they want in different settings?


It's everywhere and women often see no harm in it. They guilt and manipulate people into the smallest to the biggest of things. Hell, I'm sure plenty of guys have gotten married this way. He actually does love her, but wasn't ready for marriage yet.. but she pushed and manipulated until she got what she wanted.

It's a bit true if you think about it. Men may bully or use force... but this dwindles. The guy is just flaunting his power whereever he goes.

Women on the other hand use it as a tool to completely dominate and control those around them.Now I'm not saying anything like ALL women.. so anyone who wants to take it that way needs to relax. But lets think LONG and HARD about women's behavior. If you really think about it SOO much of what they do is about leverage and manipulation.
Main / Innocent man spends 23 years in prison
May 09, 2006, 06:59 AM
And isn't it that they smile at you and say sorry after they release you finding that you were falsely convicted... when it's known jail pretty much destroys your life?

All those years of experience and expertise lost. No money. No one will hire you. They've effectively killed you. Unless you were wealthy before hand... it's pure hell to recover from a false conviction...

They might as well give you a choice.. go to jail... or take the death penalty. Wtf is the point?
Main / Encouragement
May 07, 2006, 08:15 AM
Yea it's almost best to speak about fluff and unimportant things at work. Stick to discussing work, and talking with people about THEIR issues. But bringing up your own things? We already know many can't be decent when it comes tto discussing things like religion, politics, etc.

This is your job... food in your mouth and shelter first!! Spreading the word can some after work or in secret. lol Here's some MRA info... but this conversation never happened!  ^_^
Both experience, and from what I've read/seen.
I mean gays haven't been able to marry, yet many of them lead nice committed lives with each other as IF they were married. The contract alone can't be the explanation for the benefits we gain. That's absurd.

It's because we have these traditional values that make us think everything is supposed to change or become perfect once married.

There really is no reason why 2 people who establish  strong relationship can't plan out a life and experience all those same comforts/benefits of marriage w/o the actual contract.
It's not really the marriage per se. It's the relationship. There are great couples who for whatever reason don't get married but essentially live as if they do. And that makes all the difference. Too many wait til marriage to cultivate a relationship this way. Why? Why not start cultivating sch a rewarding relationship earlier on.