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Main / question for long time board members
Mar 11, 2004, 01:50 AM
Here is my advice, if you want it.

First of all,

To be quite frank with you, I left this board with for the very specific reason that I knew when I left, it would turn to shit.  I wanted it to.  I knew I could take on the new parade of men's rights activists that were infiltrating the board if I wanted.  I've taken on an entire campus full of foaming-at-the-mouth feminists before.   But I didn't want to.  I wanted it to dwindle. Mostly, because no one ever believes me when I start telling them that men's rights activists are misogynists, and victim-minded, and socialist.  So, I knew when I left, the place would dwindle into just that, and instead of having to prove my point to other people, I could just send a link!!

And guess what.  I can.  

If other members aren't willing to take a stand against (any given ugly behavior), like I used to, you are already doomed.  That's the only way that something like this could get cleaned up.  And that doesn't happen here.  In fact, instead of standing up to (any given ugly behavior), it seems the more (ugly behavior types) actually bring out MORE ugly behavior in other members, who might be rational when around other rational influences.  

And I predicted as such.  People tell me there are "mild" men's rights types or that the bitter woman-haters are only a "radical fringe."  Well, even in the "mild" ones I still detect bitterness and woman-hating - and I always have. All it takes is to be around more "radical" types and the "mild" types get bulldozed like pancakes.  They get sucked into more and more misery, becoming worse themselves - since they lack moral righteousness, and were already "leaning" that way anyway, even if they look even-tempered.  Really, your only hope for cleaning up the boards, from what I can see, is Dan.  He is the only one morally righteous enough to stay on a right path and not a wrong one.  I highly doubt Dan cares though - I know I sure don't.  

I predicted from the beginning that these forums would turn into this.  When I saw the main page as saying it was going to stand up for "men" and "men's rights," I saw it right away.  People who speak about "rights" that aren't *individual* rights are always victim-minded, just like feminists are as they advocate for "women's rights."  At first, it was just SheThinks refugees, and what was good about SheThinks and the IWF spilled over onto this forum.  But it just ... dwindled.  Like I expected it to.  And like it always will - when you try to stand on such faulty principles as "men's" rights", and don't take a stand for common sense or reason or individual rights or gender healing or anything else positive.

My advice is to tear the place down, especially if it continues down the path its been on ... with rational people leaving all the time, and the rest of them getting sucked into the hatred.  This place is a liability not an asset.  And so as long as it's like this, I will use it to prove my point about men's rights activists.
Main / The Women We Love
Mar 08, 2004, 01:16 AM
Quote from: "devia"
Generally speaking (of course there are exceptions).

The men on this forum have become nothing more then high comedy.

You've now entered the ranks (and perhaps surpassed) of not only militant feminists but white supremacists, crazy nation of Islam types, self professed vampires, and furries (reading one thread one might think you're closest to the furries).

The white man = The most noble of victimized victims, tread upon by jezebels and harlots continuously.. dropping like flies because of the incessant barrage of female induced hatred.

Congrats on making this forum "the freak's freak" forum. Please continue to entertain without actually harming real human beings please.

ROFL.  So true.  This place is worse than MS, and I'm not just saying that; I mean that.

Why are there still women here?

Come on, Jesus Christ, it's obvious this is a dumping fest for "all women r evil, I hate them bitches, they just want me money" .... all women get out!!!!!!!! *shrivels up like Beavis* ... Now!!!!!  

Main / Amber Alert
Jan 26, 2004, 09:17 PM
I forgot rockymountainman.  He is a good guy.
Main / Amber Alert
Jan 26, 2004, 09:09 PM
I received one yesterday and it really spooks me!

*Spooks*  you?  Oh my god, get a life!!!  

I PMd him about him using my quote in his signature.  It was perfectly valid to contact him over this ... he was using my name!  For him to come on and act like I just randomly PMd him for no reason is absurd.  Kal147, you are a master propaganda artist!  

The way he used my quote, trying to smear me, is a classic feminist move.  I critique the men's movement ... and so you smear me as being *anti-man*.  This is no different than feminists who say that if you don't join the feminist movement, then you are *anti-woman*.  No, I love men.  I just have no room for this marriage-destroying, misogynist, bitter, ugly men's movement.  Besides, if you wanted to make your point (which is an intellectually dishonest point but regardless), you could have just posted the Pizzey quote without my quote.  

You have full permission of mine to post what I wrote.  That would be 10 times better than making sweeping, broad generalizations about it without letting people see for themselves.  But this kind of tactic is typical of you ... making broad sweeps with no fact or proof ... you are a real number, kal147.  

I don't really want to spend any time here.  You men are so incredibly blind - every single one of you with the exception of FEMINAZIHATEMARTYR, Dan, Teddy, and maybe some others I am forgetting but I doubt it, no matter what I say is going to get through to you.  

I came here recently because Alicia pointed me towards a post Dan made about her.  I came, and saw the usual hate and misogyny of the men's rights activsts.  BLECK!  This forum, since my and some other females departure, has really turned into quite a little hatefest!  Of course, I knew that would happen ... with women around or rational influence, you all keep tamed.  But with the influx of the MND posters, and the nature of this site ... the worst in the men here is being brought out.  There is little doubt in my mind that if I had come upon this forum for the first time, I would have just rolled my eyes and kept going.

All females on this board should leave this forum.  This place is a bastion of misogyny and hatred.  These men are misogynist sickos and they are only going to get worse.

That is all.  Ahem, back to your daily dose of hate, propaganda, smearing, woman-hating, and bitterness.
Main / A definition of feminism
Dec 27, 2003, 11:17 PM
Alicia directed me to this thread.  I came to see her (valiant and quite impressive) effort to articulate what every rational person, male or female, thinks of the men's movement and these boards.  I particularly liked her point about how men's movement anger and ugly behavior towards women will turn women into feminists.  We saw that happen with Anniee - when Galt, while drunk, came on and started insulting her for being a stay at home mom.  Anniee, an ardent anti-feminist, ended up going and posting at MS, and they welcomed her with open arms!  It's a female's natural response - if she is insulted for being nothing other than female, she is going to flock to a group that protects women just for being women.  That's exactly what the MRA are going to do.  They are going to make women run in horror to the arms of feminism, meanwhile justifying their (false) believe that all women are feminists, and gender war will go on forever.  

I also liked her point about men's right men being allowed to be angry, but the anger should be directed towards productive ends.  As of now, the only thing they are capable of is sending out hate mails, berating women, and the like.  Unless they pull their heads out of their ass, they will accomplish nothing except pissing off females.  

I decided that I will simply have to trust that you gents have the intelligence and the open-mindedness to see these things for yourselves.

That's a noble desire, Alicia, but I think your effort are going to be futile.  You can't get through to these guys, especially the new flood of men invading the board.  They can't see what is in front of their own two eyes.  They can't see the forest for the trees, or however that saying goes.  My plan is basically to boycott the site and everything to do with men's rights activism.  Let them be exposed in pure, raw form.  No more rational people or conservatives giving their input - making them look halfway normal.  I say we give them what they want - all conservative people and women to totally disassociate from them.  They'll turn into the male equivalent of MS.  We can point to this board and others like it for proof of how they really are.  Everyone can see it for what it is.  It will be good for shits and giggle like MS is, and also proof that those who fill up this movement, like the MSerys, are nuts.

I've received emails from men who are both affiliated and not affiliated with this forum and tell me they see a lot of misogyny here.  It's as plain as day.  

I don't favor debating people, trying to convert them, unless they are rational as you are trying to do, Alicia.  I learned that lesson on campus.  We tried to have a feminist versus anti-feminist debate once.  It was pointless.  They are like savage beasts.  A fundamental requirement of debate is that both sides judge things based on their intellectual merit.  Not so with these beasts.  They pretty much tried to shout us down; screamed all sorts of insults at us, etc.  They are out for blood.  I see the same thing w/ these men's rights activists.  You can't convert people who are at the level of animals.  Instead of debating, I prefer leaving them on their own to expose themselves for what they are.  Shed as much light on them as possible!  Get them in the media!  Let them go and let everyone watch!  Let them be exposed; don't try to debate them.  I trust people; it's these angry beasts I don't trust to be able to see A for A.

It's interesting Daymar says the women should pretty much "just get used to it" - just expect misogyny on a board "dominated by men."  It wasn't always like this.  Daymar hasn't posted here for as long as others here have.  This board wasn't filled with misogny before - the new flood of men's rights activists brought that all on their own.  It's revealing what he thinks the nature of man is - that men must necessarily grumble a lot about women.  And this board wasn't always dominated by men.  After Dan, I believe it is me who has the most posts.  Followed by Galt, then Anniee, even though she left a long time ago.  The women were all driven away *by* the misogyny.  

This place is not shethinks.  Shethinks was a site dedicated to questioning feminist dogma and advocating individual rights.  This is just a leftist site dedicated to men's rights activism.  By design, it was meant to dwindle into this.

I mostly recommend that all females leave this place, now.  You really have no idea what these guys are going to pull next.  It's not good for your psyche.  It's not good knowing these kinds of hateful misogynist monters are out there.  You can't convert them.  They're what ... 40+?  You can't convert that.  Too much baggage; too many blinders put over their eyes.  It's futile.  The only people worth trying to convert are 25 and under.  

This movement is a hate movement.  It's leftist in nature.  All rational people should boycott it.  Let them dwindle into the ugly, hateful people they are without the rational advice of others trying to save them.  Let people see them for what they are.  

Although I'll miss seeing posts from Alicia and some others.  :(
Main / Re: Gender roles
Dec 19, 2003, 05:32 AM
Quote from: "Renegade"

So, Amber's form of "Men's Rights" is to have the genders act within their own roles, completely oblivious to the idea that today, being a "woman" already means to be virtually free of responsibility, while having choices, rights and freedoms.

That is what it looks like from Amber's articles that I have read.


So, in other words, just because I am a woman - I am automatically evil.

:roll:  God, you men just need to eat it.  I seriously mean that.  From Galt to the a$$holes on MND forums, you are all so thwarted in your world of females = get to do whatever they want and men = saintly victimized group that you're just ... .ugh ... you're very UGLY!  

Blah.  I need a break from this forum.  I'm leaving, temporarily.  Hopefully, for good.  Go grunt in your world of "We as men are discriminated against and oppressed and women get to do whatever because they are pretty world" and your "Amber is evil because she .... I don't know ... doesn't write articles that spout our agenda all the time" ... miserable world.

Ya, and, as usual, this place will just go to the shitter wi/ a bunch of whiny, morally ugly men b*tching about the world.  :roll:  

:vomit:  :vomit:  :vomit:

Meanwhile, I'll go and make a name for myself.  Bye assholes.  :D :D
Main / Deleted
Dec 19, 2003, 04:22 AM
Main / Deleted
Dec 19, 2003, 03:29 AM
No, you assholes don't get to see my work before it is printed.
Main / Fakhravar Badly Beaten Up
Dec 19, 2003, 01:39 AM
> Amber,
> The source of the news is from Fakhravar's parents. Yesterday ISNA
issued a
> statement on behalf of the chief of the prisons saying Fakhravar
had a slight
> tassle with a cell mate over a phone but his father visited him and
he was not
> in need of medical help. But it is not true.
> You may know I was involved in making the documentary shown on
Channel 4 and I
> have had lots of contacts with Fakhravar. The last time I spoke to
him on his
> mobile was on Friday, when he told me about the Shirin Ebadi visit
and lots of
> other things.
> If you wish to interview Jane Kokan who went to Iran under the
cover of an
> archaelogist I can put you in touch with her.
> ---

Main / The US is the World's Liberator
Dec 18, 2003, 11:27 PM
Main / BodyPUMP
Dec 18, 2003, 10:36 PM
Ok, so I'm way excited.  I'm in the best shape that I've been in about 5 years time (since I was in the military).  And it's all because of one aerobics class that I found:  BodyPUMP.

First of all, let me say that I was going to the gym every single day for the past 5 weeks straight.  I got to a certain weight/body and could not go anywhere.  I was running 20 minutes every single day; swimming 3 times a week and weightlifting.  It had nothing to do with laziness that I was not getting results.

So I switched gyms last week.  This new gym I go to had this BodyPUMP class, it is the entire reason why I switched.  

Anyway, it's awesome.  You squat, lunge, press and curl your way to a perfect body.  :D :D  

Anyway, I just wanted to share the love as I love this class.  :D :D  It's on videotape somewhere, I think.  Even if not, I recommend investing in a small barbell, weights, some fun music and doing lots of reps at low weight of the following:

Bench Press
Dead Rows
Tricep Press
Bicep Curl

Those last 2 are a real bitch.  :D
Main / The US is the World's Liberator
Dec 18, 2003, 10:13 PM

The freest, most bitchen', totally hot country in like, forever, and stuff...

Sadly, No points us in the direction of our mutual gal-pal, Amber Pawlik, who is still cruising MensNewsDaily (yeah, we never heard of it either) looking for a date to the Winter Formal at PSU. Today Amber is talking war stuff:

This scum bucket, as of this morning of December 14, 2003, was captured and detained, and all Iraqis can rest assured that they will never suffer terror at the hands of this monster again. It wasn�t Canada that captured him; it wasn�t Mexico; it wasn�t Germany; it wasn�t France: it was the United States, the freest, most capitalistic nation in the world today or ever.

This is sooo Tiger-Beat-meets-The-New-Republic. Maybe Amber can do a sleepover at Kathryn Jean Lopez's place this Saturday night and they can, like, stay up late eating microwave popcorn and watching Red Dawn and writing notes to slip into Rich Lowry's locker at the Corner because, he's like, all yummy and stuff, like James Spader in Pretty In Pink kinda way, and omigod! he likes you, no he likes you! and we better masturbate and then go to sleep before your mom wakes up or we won't be able to go to Hot Topic at the mall tomorrow and buy Good Charlotte and Rod Dreher pins.....

I like James Spader :D :D
Main / The US is the World's Liberator
Dec 18, 2003, 10:07 PM
I'm glad to see the folks follow my articles and always give me free plugs.  :D :D

"Sadly, No!'s best friend, Amber Pawlik, is happy about the capture of Saddam Hussein. (Indeed, we think she just may have gotten her first ever orgasm, but we'll need to check with our sources.) "

Main / Was Madeline Albright joking?
Dec 18, 2003, 08:54 PM
Main / Was Madeline Albright joking?
Dec 18, 2003, 07:08 PM
On MSNBC they were scoffing the idea that Morton Kondracke could POSSIBLY think the idea that what Madeline Albright said to him wasn't a joke.  

""Do you suppose that the Bush administration has Usama bin Laden hidden away somewhere and will bring him out before the election?" Asked if she was joking, Mr. Kondracke replied, "She was not smiling." "

On MSNBC, the anchor asked, "Does Kondracke really think that a former Secretary of State would say something so stupid ... "  My answer >>> yes.  Then said, "Or at least would give something like that to him to say to the public."  Maybe not.  Who knows?

Anyway, here is an article by Ollie North about Howard Dean.,2933,106139,00.html

Ollie North is really hot.  :D :D