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"the Balkans begin in the slums of Vienna" ...Otto von Bismark

Now they begin in the slums of Frankfurt.

i do wonder why the Jews only circumcise their males?  Why not the women?  Also interesting that the laws against female genital mutilation are very clear: no exceptions for religious or cultural practices.  Hmmmm, not so with the boys.

Oh Evil One with the questionable medical certification from the fly by night school in the Caribbean... :greener:

The origin of this barbaric practice lies in the history of a certain pain-in-the-ass named Ibrahim (Abraham) who was a prince of Babylon. I could tell a long story...but to make a long story short...he pissed off the powers that be...not that I fault him for fact I admire him.

He was exiled for doing so. As part of that he was ritually mutilated to show that he was "cut off from his people". Unbroken by this experience he imposed the same ritual on his offspring as an the time...of feisty defiance.

So that this many...not just centuries... but millenia  later...a group of Jewish lesbians complaining about female circumcision in other cultures...... as an unwarranted attack on men in this culture...have now found themselves in the awkward position of defending male circumcision in their own culture... :greener:

Done know I stand with you... :greener:
So there you go...old Abe may have been honest but there he stands on the same moral ground as Jack the Ripper.... :greener:

" In five years at ASU, 1 in 4 women will experience rape, or attempted rape. One in 25 male students will experience the same*."

1 in 4 rape statistic. There she is!


The surveys that make these determinations are designed by mountain-out-of-molehill engineers and academics who's undergraduate degree was in Drama at the University of Queen's. If you accept the premise that saying "hey baby, you sure look hot in those jeans" puts you on the same moral ground as Paul Bernardo....then the rape statistics are high. And if you accept the premise that saying "hey baby those jeans make you look fat" puts you on the same moral ground as Jack the Ripper....then violence against women stats are high.
Response to "you need to get in touch with your feminine side"

Ya so does Rosie O'Donnell ...what's your point?

In response to any advice on how to better get along with women......

(a) If from a mangina....."If I want insight on women I'll ask a pimp not a wimp"
(b) If from a feminist......"surely you don't expect me to believe that women know what it is they want"
Main / Re: Old-school weapons technology...
Mar 04, 2011, 11:16 PM
Up close and still can't beat a yard of sharp steel.
A lot of people do not understand how sentencing works in Canada.

If ...for are sentenced to six years....if you behave in custody, one third is a "statutory remission". an incentive to behave in are eligible for parole after one third of your sentence. So you actually serve two years for a six year conviction.

Unlike the American system...this is a GOOD thing for the tax payers... because the MINIMUM cost of detaining a well behaved offender is about $50, 000 a year.....bad boys are MUCH more expensive to would actually be cheaper to employ them in the bureaucracy. And not one bit less confining....take it from someone who did time for pot and who worked a quarter century in the bureaucracy.

But this remission system only applies to sentences of two years or more.

So a sentence of "two years less one day" is the act of a judge who wants to be a prick and send a the math. 
Outdoors, people just don't know the half of this.....Canada's abortion law was struck down because a fetus is not a "person". The word "persona" in Latin and in traditional Lex Romani (Roman Law) use means "mask". It refers to the practice in Classical Greek theatre of the actors holding a mask in front of their face for each of the various roles they played. So that in legal terms your "persona" is nothing more than the role you play in society.

Stephen Harper...'the cautious instrumentalist"...managed to win back just a little bit of this lost ground with a bitterly fought law reform.

Have you ever wondered why women who abandoned or killed their newborn were never charged with anything? Well technically a newborn is not legally speaking a "person"until the ink is dry on their birth certificate.

Harper managed to make deliberately killing a newborn illegal and "women and the law" and the Liberal women's caucus are furious at the Liberals who let this pass in a free vote. They are also ticked at Michael Ignatieff for not whipping party discipline of the vote on that issue.
Why would anyone who isn't gay...want to live in Sodom?..... :dontknow:
Excuse me while I change the menstrual tampon in my shirt heart is bleeding for the plight of the poor oppressed powerless female.... :greener:

Just kidding of Liberal heart went through menopause some time ago....especially on this .... ::)...issue.
And why would a bicycle need a barracuda?..... :dontknow:
Main / Re: Woman slams feminism hard (video)
Mar 02, 2011, 03:08 PM

I also like the subtle blaming of men (as usual) because "women are expected to work so hard both inside AND outside the home." mean cupcake is expected to pull her own weight in todays girrrrrrl power world just like men have had to since the dawn of time?...Awwww  :bawl:
No of course not they're expecting to be paid good enough to hire the housework done.

Yes hire the housework...done by an underclass of exploited women.... :greener:
By doing so he has managed to alienate the black male vote big time. I doubt very much that he will see a second term in office.
Hello BQ....long time no rant.... :greener:

I have been thinking about raising some yard birds but I have foxes and sometimes coyotes that come around.

Oh Oh...thread getting side tracked to chickens.... :toothy9: