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How about finding out what it is about before jumping the gun??   For heaven's sake it might be a stupid-assed PETA ad or something.

Could be, but as the only text is "it's a boy" and it is a picture of a piglet. What are people supposed to think?

Honestly that would not be my first guess, no.   I didn't even get what the poster was talking about until he mentioned there was a dv shelter ad right next to it!   And I am usually very very sensitive to male-bashing in ads.

If someone wants to protest I have an ad campaign that's fucking terrible.   Sprint mobile picture phones.   Here are the two I've seen innumerable times:

Man and woman, clearly a couple, go into a pet store to browse.  He is playing with a hedgehog, who somehow ends up climbing up man's pants and reaches his crotch.   Man starts jumping around, screaming in pain as the hedgehog presumably is ripping up his balls inside his pants.   The woman sighs disgustedly, immediately calls up her parents with an image of the guy jumping and screaming in pain, and says only "REMEMBER Kenny?"  as in, I'm so breaking up with him.   Parents sigh and mom says sadly "And I thought he was a keeper too."   Because we all know if the man experiences pain and is trying to get a hedgehog out of his balls, he's a loser and must die.

Most recent:  Woman is sitting at diner counter, a few seats away from a young man.   He is clearly an idiotic boob.   He has a stupid look on his face - in fact he seems retarded.   He's taking a monstrous bite out of a sub sandwich - that for some reason he's eating over a bowl - and while his face gets covered in mayo and mustard, the whole inside of the sandwich falls into the bowl.   He proceeds to get shit all over his hand as he looks in puzzlement at the stuff he just dropped out of his sandwich and pokes at it a bit.   Then he squeezes some orange or lemon into his soda, spastically and maybe spills something.   He looks over at the girl with shit all over his face and hands, and a moronic look like he just had a lobotomy, but also a bit of "I know, ain't I an idiot" apology too.   She meanwhile has been phoning up her sister on the picture phone, with a full view of this spastic idiot, to say "I'm sitting next to your *boyfriend*" in total disgust and disdain.   Then she says something about her sister must love him.   Cut to the sister sitting on a car with some businessman (he seemed too young to be her father but I'm sure he was supposed to be) and looking at the phone...then she turns to her father and says "I DO love him."   He says "Whatever makes you happy.."

Now there is some bullshit for your ass.   And there's nothing questionable or hidden about it - it means exactly what it shows and you don't have to wonder what it's about.
Funny how neo-Cortex missed my substantive reply - REGARDING GENDER - and OMG it's about male-bashing I find disgusting - on the last page of this thread.   Let me repeat it for the poor dear.
But, there's some LOVELY filth over here!  ;)   This debate isn't going to happen - if you're talking about the one offered in post one.   Not in a million years.
Here's something for you to understand, Jim.  I didn't start this war.   I only intend to finish it.   OK?

Dan considering your part in getting this shit rolling, and the way that Evil passively aggressively ENCOURAGES the rape apologetics among a great many other VERY FRIGHTENING things from you, literally encouraging criminal mindsets and behavior, I really don't find you very credible on this.   I'd tell you to go to more feminist boards but that isn't healthy for you either.   My advice is to stop hanging around people who are enabling some very VERY sick ideas that are growing like fungus in you.   I.e. the people here.
Jimbo if you really don't know why this matters, my suggestion is to get your nose out of it.   It matters.
Neo?  Where did I say you aren't a puppet?   Please don't try to think, it's short-circuiting you.   It isn't going to work.   You fail at this attempt.  You lose.   What you have succeeded in doing is pushing this so far (and I would have thought that would give you a CLUE that I still believe you to be a puppet or a cronie) that gloves are off.   It's no holds barred time.
Neo is getting it!  :roll:  Yes, doll, he used to tell me about a lot of his puppets; though he's lying about that now.   When I called him on it he ran for the hills.

But you insisted on pushing; it's all coming out now, fellow.    Gloves are off.
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Oct 23, 2003, 10:46 AM
No, doll - the emails are totally irrelevant.   Cute that you would try to make it about that though.   If that's the only direct lie it would be meaningless, IMO.   But it sheds light on the whole pattern, as does the blatant lie about making puppet after puppet to do his dirty work.  And yes, I know them for a fact.   You see, your hero has admitted to them directly; I consider that proof.    I'm talking about direct, firsthand knowledge, not speculation.   In any case, the misogyny is on display and proof (that he demanded I post) has been provided ad nauseum.  Anyone who didn't get what those fucking snakey weasel replies were doesn't have a brain in their heads.

Good god but you're fucking tedious.    Send in your superior; I can't keep wasting time on paparazzi.
Main / MS May be falling apart...
Oct 23, 2003, 10:34 AM
No, what UR was saying isn't what I mean, "Jimbo".   That's his own comment, get it?   He's commenting on another aspect.   My comment meant what my comment meant, which was that the title of this thread has been done to death.   Everyone's been whinging about the demise of MS forever - on every side of the issue.   It's SSDD.   UR's comment is unrelated, though certainly accurate.
By the way, send in your superior to do the fighting.   Puppets are just so ridiculous.   (Here's a funny one - when I said I would gladly list names and dates of Evil clones at shethinks he ran for cover and up sprouted a bunch of fucking apologists LMAO - that one hit a little close to home eh?  Someone never should have told me so much about so many of his clones ;) )
If you're so new, you don't have a fucking clue do you?  I rode up his ass with VERY good reason.  In fact when challenged I immediately provided the requested proof of why; and I also have caught him in about ten different lies - DELIBERATE lies - in the past week or so.   And have openly posted them.   Now go back to sleep; your nonsense is boring as fucking hell.
Main / MS May be falling apart...
Oct 23, 2003, 10:21 AM
Please.   Let's get a grip.   Same shit, different day.
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Yea I know, but that is what they all want. It's too bad none of them have the balls to say it. :D

Then go back and fucking read neo.   Stop driving up my fucking ass while you're at it :roll: