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I see. I think in the UK we hear urban myths about US health-care and hospitals 'checking for credit cards' on unconcious patients.

For the record, there are a lot of people in the UK talking about making all A&E free as part of the national health, but making long term care private in some way. The national health is under a lot of strain and I myself have a private healthcare plan. There are constantly people complaining or campaigning to have 'drug A' or 'treatment B' added to the national health, but the system can't afford to implement it.

My grandad, who went across the channel and fought the Germans during the D Day landings doesn't have any private healthcare. He's just the kind of guy that loses out with the national health, especially since someone who's just turned up in the UK and never paid a penny in national insurance (what we all pay to help fund it) gets just as much right to health care as he does.

The system needs a shake up.
So what happens in the US if you don't have medical insurance?
Main / Re: The MEN Commandments
Sep 19, 2008, 12:18 AM
Well Christian O'Connell isn't the next Warren Farrell, and I don't think that there's a lot that MRA's would take from such a book.

However, I don't think that this book was aimed at activists, just at men in general, and if the introduction is anything to go by it might just make a few of them think about why society thinks it's okay to demonise men.

Maybe then a few of them might try some slightly heavier reading about men's rights.
Main / The MEN Commandments
Sep 18, 2008, 12:55 AM
Not sure if this has been posted before, but there's a new book coming out by a popular UK radio DJ:


The book is just an unapologetic look at being a man, not a list of things to do to be a man. I was given a free 'mini' copy in the station today as part of its promotion. Here's the introduction:

Three things happened in a week that made me think I needed to write this book. First my newspaper had a headline screaming "The Redundant Male". Next was my wife's sinister cackling while reading her new book, How to Kill Your Husband. The final insult was turning on the TV and seeing that advert for Sheilas' Wheels offering cheaper car insurance for those oh so careful women drivers. Discrimination. And during Heartbeat.


Check out the link above to read more and see the man himself in action.
Oh man! LSBeene you're on fire!

I don't think you'll win over any converts there, but it's very cathartic to argue with folks who have such bigoted opinions. I particularly liked your rebuke to Amanda's first post, who seemed intent on twisting everything into OTT sensationalism.

It's women like her that are causing what the Guardian calls 'the backlash against Feminism'.
Main / Re: Never hit a girl
Sep 06, 2008, 02:42 AM
I'd like to know more about the situation really. Here's what I could find:

Indian Tv is not that fabulous at all times. Some times they turn ugly and some time uglier, this time its ugliest.

As shown in the video the host Esha the godess of the show dadagiri had a verbal fight which turned physical. apparently it was Esha who abused and slapped one of the contestant who replied in the same tone. in a society where civilization has still to make room such incidents are needed to be prevented.

Here's the outline of the show:

Now relive the experience of that dreaded 'first day of college', as Bindass, the youth entertainment channel from UTV group, introduces TV's meanest game show Dadagiri. A first for Indian Televsion, Dadagiri premieres Monday Jun 9, 2008 at 7.30 pm. A show where four daring students revisit the horrors of being bullied on the first day of college by surviving three quintessential dadas in three rounds and compete against each other for a winning sum of Rs. 50,000 in cash.

Giving details of the new show Zarina Mehta CEO Bindass said, "Dadagiri Beat the Bullies is the Meanest Show ever seen on Indian Television. It's a test of Physical Strength, Brains and raw courage. The five hosts of the show are totally first of a kind & we hope the audience loves every minute of this pioneering Game Show. Dadagiri launches on the 9th of June with a large 360 degree marketing campaign on TV, Radio, Web, Mobile, & Outdoors. I am very proud of the entire team that has worked on the show from Encompass as well as Bindass."

In the first round the students encounter Vishal -The Beast: An uncouth, foul tempered fellow with an overbearing personality and a strong fist. He enjoys bossing around every one and making mincemeat out of people especially juniors. Into protein shakes & weight training, he has flunked his third year three times. His message to the world goes 'Maarunga chaar, ginungaa ek'

In round two, the contestants are held up against Shraman - Mindstein' who is the college topper and by far the most intelligent guy in college. He is always busy cracking theorems and logic, hates people who cannot answer his questions and feels it to be his duty to enlighten the world.

Round three, along comes Esha -The Goddess: spoilt, nasty, the meanest girl in college. She loves putting people down, is extremely moody & has a very short temper! She particular hates ugly faces! So watch out for the BULLIES!

The three Baddies give tasks according to their own personality, which the contestants should complete in order to win. A contestant gets eliminated at the end of every round. He or she goes straight to the in-house chef - Juicy offers them his "exotic delicacies" of Maggot macaroni with crushed caterpillars, Stinky shawarmas, & Hare bhari chipkali for the loser to "delight" himself upon eaten out of a toilet pot!!!

The one contestant who survives all the three rounds and the bullies wins the game show and walks away with Rs.50,000/- in cash, right there right then.

So it was actually one of the hosts that slapped him. So his "how can she slap?" cries are probably part down to being physically assaulted by one of the presenters, Esha. The whole thing sounds to me like a particularly dumb idea in the first place, but somebody clearly hadn't laid out any boundaries, I mean what would you do if Alex Trebek took a swing at you during Jeopardy?!

Also check out the guy in the pink polo shirt stamping on the guy's face and coming back to punch him again. I'm guessing he's part of the crew, and a real hero when it comes to fighting men outnumber 20 to 1.

Some people had better be losing their jobs over this.
Good luck mate.

My advice is don't act like the guy on the left and you will have a definite advantage:

Capoeria Fighter Shows Off
Main / Re: "Women trail in race for top jobs"
Sep 04, 2008, 02:52 AM
Seems that they've forgotten about how maternity leave has a negative impact on a woman's career:

Maternity Leave Harms Career

So it seems that some feminist organisations have shot themselves in the foot demanding women get it. You can't have special treatment and equality, the two are mutually exclusive. Now i hear that the Fawcett Society is campaigning for enforced paternity leave, but I reckon that's just a poor way of addressing the imbalance and penalising parents as a whole.
I beg to differ Mr X. I've got friends who work in the gaming industry and they're always getting groups writing to them saying 'why do your games never feature xxxx?' or 'why do you always have to make violent games?'

Those comments are pretty much binned. Whilst a TV show may appeal to a wider demographic, games appeal to gamers, the majority of whom are boys. Also a game like Crysis, or Mass Effect has to appeal to a wide audience, especially as they take so long to create and cost so much money. Aiming a game like that at girls would pretty much guarantee a lower amount of profit.

The BBC can make woman-centric shows because everybody in the UK has to pay for the privilege of owning a TV. If we didn't then they'd find themselves chasing ratings far more than they do now.

That's mot to say that gaming won't change or become more female orientated, but it'll be much harder for feminists to monopolize it.
Indeed. I think men are more likely to play video games, or use interactive entertainment than women, mainly because TV is losing the plot when it comes to appealing to its male viewers.

When the license fee is abolished I doubt the Beeb will fare quite so well with its PC TV shows.
Sorry to hear about how you were treated Blackmanxxx.

It reminds me of the scene in 'Knocked Up' where the women have a fit at the bouncer at a club who tells them that can't let them in, adding that he can only let one black person in for every twenty five white people he lets in, and he was black!

Also reminds me of a shop I worked at where my manager made me bar my friends from going in because they 'distracted me'.*

Some companies make their employees enforce rules that they would never, ever think of doing themselves. Think the manager of K-Mart would make you take off your bag if you went around his house? I think Quentin has the right idea. Write to them and ask them to explain the policy and give them a piece of your mind.

* My mates mum then went in and pretended to buy the two most expensive toys in the shop, only to flip out when her son wasn't allowed in to meet her there. Which was pretty funny considering she yelled at the boss. Those drama-types put on a good show  :greener:
Those guys aren't the first to make these claims.

Rik Mayall and Johnny Ball also claimed that the BBC suffered from reverse discrimination and have since not worked for the corporation.

Main / Re: Movie review: "The Clone Wars"
Aug 26, 2008, 12:55 AM
Ever since the prequels, Star Wars has been nothing more than a rehash of old ideas. Doesn't surprise me that they've got a sassy, smart, sexy girl in it, who is both victim and heroine, since they also have about a dozen other tired archetypes in the franchise.

To be honest, I'm surprised they don't have a character like 'The Fonz' in it, since that was when Lucas stopped having original ideas.
I used to know a kid like this who lived around the corner from us when I was a child. Sadly we ostracized him since he didn't 'fit in' with the rest of us and when we did play his mum used to tell us off. My dad used to make me toy guns out of wood and this kid Toby at first got really excited about playing with them, until his mum saw us and told us not to play 'army' games. She wasn't a bitch about it or anything and explained that 'war was wrong', but when you're 9 or 10 that means nothing.

We also didn't like 'playing' over at his house since he didn't have anything we'd consider toys (they didn't have a TV either).

I can see what his mum was trying to do (just as the lady in this article is doing) but I don't think she appreciates what impact it'll have on the kid. A certain amount of conformity is needed to fit in with your peers, but if this kid isn't being taught this he'll grow up more socially awkward than he already is.
Main / Re: Man Sues Women's Studies
Aug 21, 2008, 12:43 AM
Nicely done Steven. I think a lot of posters on such board can't really see beyond their 'get a life' comments. "Grow up and stop whining" might work when hubby gets in from work and complains about having to put in some overtime, but when it's leveled against someone who actually has an opinion and information to back it up it's just hot air.

Personally i think you should have used the quote from my signature  :greener: