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Not at all. I only came here to defend Chris from the mob mentality I could see forming. If you have a problem with me then bann me. You'd be doing me a favour as posting here is a supreme waste of time.
Quote from: "devia"

The same logic could say they are inferior.

Men have a much higher curve then women do on an IQ scale, many more male genius's and many more idiots.

If you visualise a bell-curve (a Gaussian distribution) then the male pattern you describe above would describe a lower curve, not a higher one.

Quote from: "devia"

Not very logical to say men are intellectually superior as a whole, logical to say that a small minority of men outperform everyone else on the planet.

Some IQ studies show a higher male IQ average. So the conclusion one would draw from them is that men are intellectually superior as a whole. Secondly, the frontal lobes of the male brain tend towards more lateralised specialisation, the downside of this is that it opens the male brain up to a greater risk of damage, particularly in its early development. These men aren't "Idiots", they suffer from physiological impairments - some of which can be treated, increasingly so with new techniques. Including this small minority of men who have serious neurological impairments in the data for average IQ artificially lowers the average male IQ. It's the same as including wheelchair bound people in the statistics for how fast the average human walking speed is. If you take out people with such impairments from the 'average IQ' data, then men would shift even further up the scale, because on average more male babies suffer such damage.
Quote from: "The Biscuit Queen"
Chris, you are acting like a pompus jerk. This IS a forum about men's rights, and if you are so disappointed with it WHY ARE YOU HERE?

There are moderation rules, which do not hinder the speech of most MRAs in the least who have a modicum of intelligence and self control,

Wow, you could teach a master-class on passive-aggressive attacks.
Quote from: "sethay"
People like Chris are part of the reason it is sometimes hard to call myself an MRA.

Don't then. I'm sure no-one will loose any sleep over it.
Main / Titanic numbers
Feb 07, 2006, 03:55 PM
Quote from: "AlMartin"
Mr Been,

Hmm I never really looked at it that way.  Thanks for the opinion.  Not sure if I agree or even... disagree.  But a good point for my gray matter to knaw on for a while.


Thanks for considering it Al.
Main / Titanic numbers
Feb 07, 2006, 01:31 PM
Back to the Titanic.

Most people have gotten their information about the Titanic disaster from the 1997 film. Of course the film did amazingly well, probably because of the way it was able to be marketed to men AND women, young AND old people.

One aspect of the tragedy that it missed out though was that there was another ship - the Californian - only miles away that saw the Titanic's flares go up and assumed they were having a party. As the ship's lights went out and it sunk the crew on the Californian just thought that the Titanic had then sailed away. They themselves had sailed through the icy waters earlier and had repeatedly radioed the Titanic that night about the ice-bergs, but a tired radio operator had told them "shut up, you're jamming me,". The radio operators on the Californian switched off their radios and went to sleep, so that when the Titanic was then radioing for help as they were sinking, no-one responded. Some of the Titanic survivors even reported that they saw the Californian in the distance.

I think this aspect of the Titanic incident makes it seem even more tragic and would have probably added a great deal of dramatic tension to the film had it been included. However, it would have interfered with the film's somewhat cartoonish attempt to portray the Titanic story as the folly of wicked moustache-twirling Industrial-age evil patriarchs. There are a number of two-dimensional 'straw men' characterisations in the film that are designed to manipulate you to sympathising with the adulterous characters, and hating certain other characters.
Main / Titanic numbers
Feb 07, 2006, 01:03 PM
Quote from: "AlMartin"

Look, I'll explain it even further, when a femikook searches the internet to support their claim that all MRAs are sexist pigs and hate women, your site can and will come up.  


Al, I don't think you believe the following, but it seems a good moment for me to say this:

The idea that we must constantly monitor what men in the 'men's movement' are saying, lest they write things that could be used against the movement is a seductive one, and one that I see a lot, but not one that is practical or neccessary. The fact is that many people have stood up and acted like the self-appointed head of the men's movement and declared that 'you must do this' or 'you must write in this way', and its just not possible. The men's movement is not a cohesive, hierarchical organisation like a company or a charity. I believe it is best conceptualised as a sort of 'information swarm'; a growing consciousness in the world of a set of issues that feminism has created and/or hidden - which is actually only a sub-set of what this 'global male brain' will be thinking about. But my point is that it is going to be unmanagable by any one person. Or any group for that matter. However, none of this is not to say that Dr Evil shouldn't police his site however he likes. There is room online for all sorts. My guess is that this site tends to attract more women and married/older men, while Chris's forum ( perhaps attracts the more energetic/younger male.

The other reason that I don't think we should be quite so concerned about what Femikooks think is that whether you are reasonable or not, they still attack you. For example, recently there was a feminist blog on which the young woman openly wrote that she 'hates men'. So I wrote about this on my site - and I didn't use any swear words, or make any threats or call her a bulldyke or anything like that - Yet her and her fellow posters then called me a 'pervert, rapist and abuser'.

Part of what the men's movement needs to achieve is the freedom to say what the hell we like. Nothing would give me more joy than to see intelligent and reasonable minded young men say to themselves: 'You know, I'm tired of being constantly having to watch every word I utter, and having to nancy about and pussy-foot around lest I get called sexist. I'm gonna speak my mind and they can go to hell!"

btw Chris, superb site you are building. Cataloging a good range of factual articles. If every 20 year old does what you do then feminism would be dead in a nano-second!
Main / More pederasty amongst women
Feb 05, 2006, 09:07 AM
Thank you, I had a feeling that it was a word that refered to older men.

Quote from: "typhonblue"
You mean ebephile.

Pederast refers specifically to the practice of older men having sexual relationships with younger men (who are also their pupils). Refer to the word Pedagogy, which means philosophy of teaching.

Pedophile refers to a person who has a sexual attraction to someone who is pre-pubescent.
Main / More pederasty amongst women
Feb 03, 2006, 01:49 PM
Quote from: "brian44"
Quote from: "Gerard Velthuis"

well that's not all rue. In many lists, especially recent lists, he is not number 1 or more often he is not even in the top 10 list anymore.

That's true. In polls of younger girls I've heard him described as an old man or past it.

Yes but my whole point with this thread is that it was a poll of ** Women ** not young girls.

Besides, the fact that such lists vary over time does not prove that women don't even know who they find attractive, it could just be indicative of the fact  that the female celebrity magazines and gossip collumns in the papers have a fast turn-over of actors, pop-stars, soap-stars etc for women to pay attention to.
Main / Anyone read "Self-made Man"
Feb 03, 2006, 01:06 PM
Another thing... if she wanted the experiment to be more genuine then she should have taken some big injections of testosterone.
Quote from: "devia"

Secondly I could very easily go to a place like the "Niceguy" forum" and pull qoutes from men who identify themselves as MRA's that would also make any sane persons blood curdle.

The difference is that the lads on Niceguys forum are not getting billions and billions of pounds/dollars of media air-time and taxpayers money for phoney social projects.
Main / Titanic numbers
Feb 03, 2006, 10:50 AM
With their greater percentage of body fat the women might have had a better chance of survival in the cold water then the men. So if it had been fair then the men should have been given priority in going in the lifeboats.

Remember that in case you are ever in an accident at sea: Men and children first.
Main / Anyone read "Self-made Man"
Feb 03, 2006, 10:47 AM
Quote from: "Dr Evil"
I think it's worth noting that no one questions her conclusions, they just "oh and ah" about how interesting it is.  Yes it is interesting but think about this, how many people would "oh and ah" if it was a man fooling women in the same ruse?   I don't think so.  Criticisims would be flying about how he was unscrupulous and a liar in order to gain the trust of women and enter their personal space.  People would be saying how he was still a man and unable to TRULY experience what it is like to be a woman and would likely void his observations as a result.  He might even be accused of being a quasi-rapist since he penetrated their trust and personal space without their consent.  "What kind of man would do something like that" would be a question that would be heard across the land and on amazon reviews.  Contrast that with the reception she is getting.


But its actually even worse than that. In the course of her 'experiment' she dated a number of women while she was disguised as a man. But she later revealed to some of these women that she was a woman, and she ended up sleeping with them ** DESPITE ** the fact that she already has a serious, long term partner. If a straight man did that the press would not be giving him such applause.
Main / More pederasty amongst women
Feb 03, 2006, 10:43 AM
Quote from: "The Biscuit Queen"
They are also almost all white.

Well I would imagine that most of the readership are white.