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Those were the droids I was looking for.
Sounds like that was the one.
There was an article and/or video that compared this case to one in Ontario(I believe) in which a woman killed her disabled son and then tried to 'kill' herself by cutting her wrists. (Her son was no where near as disabled as the girl in this case, it mostly seemed like she was just tired of taking care of him.)

I'm pretty sure she got off.

Does anyone have a link to that story, or remember it?
Main / Re: Fixing the MRM's PR
Aug 08, 2010, 11:44 AM

I wrote what I think is the problem as simply as I could.

Chivalry fucks up men and women and the relationship between both.

Neo-chivalry, aka 'feminism', just does more of the same except times 9000.

PS, the faghag term DOES kinda fit you cuz you do seem to have an unhealthy empathy for queers

I think many misandrists would argue that I have an unhealthy empathy for men of all stripes.
Main / Re: Fixing the MRM's PR
Aug 07, 2010, 05:23 PM
Chivalry: kills men's bodies and women's souls
Main / Re: women hit hardest yet again
Aug 07, 2010, 03:50 PM
Yes. Amazing that women use up more social services yet men die younger and are more likely to be homeless.

I bet if a guy decided after a divorce to downgrade his job to one that paid less, she'd be the first one to scream about impugned income and what he 'owes' his ex-family in terms of support.

She's probably jealous, like a lot of women, that the way men are raised means when they get a shit sandwitch they don't sit around complaining about it, they do something with it.

I've heard guys who've had their wives(who were alcoholics or otherwise problematic) just up and quit--disappear from their lives completely, no money, no contact--who said they were grateful for it because it was one huge burden out of their lives and they could now concentrate on taking care of their kids. Without monetary support from the ex, I might add. Which they didn't even whine about.

How is it that single fathers manage to raise kids, work and deal with life by themselves with almost no support but for women it's a constant source of whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine?
Main / Re: Dead Babies Found In Suitcases
Aug 07, 2010, 03:36 PM
Because serial killers only target adult women, BQ.

Men and children die spontaneously.
Slut, faghag, whore.
Much of the new generation of MRM's have no idea the movement goes back to the late 80's. 

The problems go back even later then that.

I think maternal gate keeping is likely thousands of years old, maybe tens of thousands. Think about that for a bit. We're finally at the point where women's strangle hood on parenting can be effectively challenged, for the benefit of *everybody.*
How many swimsuit pictures are there of male race car drivers?

In the name of equality we must end the swimsuit picture gap!

It's simply the right thing to do!  :toothy9:
All these women think they will have  power lunches and designer colthes, without realizing that 99.9% of all jobs are lunch pail and coveralls type affairs. That makes this screed all the more comical.


They don't realize that rule number one of the male role is:

See yourself in terms of sacrificing for your family and providing for them NO MATTER WHAT.

Imagine a woman from a society that truly believed this about 'womanhood' that a woman should be ready and willing to sacrifice for her family--not narcissistic bullshit like buying/doing things you like and then browbeating other people into faking appreciation. Real sacrifice that can be measured in blood, sweat and dead bodies.

Then imagine that woman meeting one of the entitled me-first princesses in our society.

I think she'd puke until she tasted foot.
I can just imagine feminists meeting women from a society that really does practice this 'role reversal'. Imagine it: reflexive chivalry practiced in men's favor, presumed father custody 86%, women seen as majority perpetrators of DV and rape, women facing stiffer prison sentences, men paid to be single fathers and kick the mothers out of the family, 75% of men walking away from their marriages and _women_ bankrolling it all.

I don't think this jackass has thought this one through very far.
Main / Re: Where are the women scientists?
May 26, 2010, 12:17 PM
Around.  :toothy9: