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Main / Ann Coulter
Jun 25, 2004, 07:53 PM
Ann Coulter is not married. Hmmm. Could she be gay? Anyway...I think that Ann is nuts. She wants to convert the entire Mideast to Christainty.
Main / Class action lawsuit against Wal Mart
Jun 23, 2004, 06:02 AM
Perhaps the worst case against the women is that Wal Mart has been quite successful without hiring women to high level positions. Maybe being fair to women is a bad strategy?!  :vomit3:  :veryangry: A Wal Mart woman
Main / Matrifascism
Jun 22, 2004, 09:40 AM
Good post. These women really are Nazis. Check out this femanazi's website-   Click on "Saviour" Shirley. Ha! What a blow hard!    :madamea:  :notworthy:  A man that worships the Goddess.

:sm12:  My reaction.
Nicole has described herself as a feminist.

Women kissing boys in the tub is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!! :kotc:  :vomit3:
Main / Violent anti-semitism: Berkeley-style
Jun 18, 2004, 02:52 PM
You know? I wonder if the labeling of liberals as being PC is too simple a charge. Republicans can be every bit as PC yet they will turn around and use the same attacks on their enemies. Lets face it. The left will team up with just about anyone as long as their agenda is promoted. But so will the right.

Let me give you an example of Republican moral hypocricy. The photos of Iraqi prisoners is one of the sickest things my country has ever been connected with. Fifteen year old boys being raped with a broomstick? The conservative reaction has been "so what." But isn't this the same conservative party that tried to impeach the cheater Bill Clinton? Read this mornings New York Post. TWO editorials lashed out at Bill Clinton and his book and both called him immoral. HA! Look at whose talking. Republicans say that the kind of abuse displayed in the toture photos is common and happens all the time in war. How can a party that went after after Bill Clinton for cheating on his wife make such a claim? :pinocchio:  Doesn't cheating happen all the time? I don't get these simple labels. Both parties behave as though they are clean but lets face the facts. Politics is politics and it's a dirty game. So whenever I read an article that connects anti-semitism to PC hypocricy guess which point sticks out the most? The anti semitism charge not the observation on political correctness. That is because I know politics when I see it. I know a mindless mantra when I come across one.

This is what Bush and Rumsfield might have been doing while looking at the toture photos.   :jerk:
Main / Is rape that big a deal?
Jun 18, 2004, 02:12 PM
Just put your mouse pointer over the icon and a message will tell you what it means. The icon you inquired of is called "bare it." Which is what Kobe might have to do if he is put through a sex offender program.
Main / Is rape that big a deal?
Jun 18, 2004, 01:09 PM
The Human Rights Council released a report on male rape in prison titled Hard Time: Male Rape in Prison. Check it out if you get the chance. Men are twice as likely to be raped than women. Men are totured in prison and nobody cares.

:2up: This is what feminist think of abused men.  

:bareit: This is what feminist wish to do to Kobe Bryant. They want him to go to a sex offender program.  

:jaws: The feminist agenda!  

:behead: A feminist alternative to Kobe exposing self in sex offender program.
Main / Violent anti-semitism: Berkeley-style
Jun 18, 2004, 05:46 AM
Yes. I've noticed. I don't mind at all. Since the main point of the article was anti-semitism I felt compelled to take up for Muslims. I feel that there is a lot of Islam bashing in conservative circles these days and it's great that I got a chance to defend Islam. Muslims can be our friends. I would not be worried that the far left is teaming up with Islam. They do so at their own expense. I like the Arabs because they do not seem as prone to becoming radical leftist as the Zionist. Do not forget that the majority of Neocons are former Marxist Zionist. I see the neocons as just another political interest group that wants to subvert the mens movement by wasting our time with wars on "terrorism" and Israel. Iraq and Israel have nothing to do with men and if anyone believes so then they are being used.

Another poster metioned that neocon is just a label. Nonsense. A neocon believes in empire and Israel. Paul Wolfowitz at a NYU speaking engagment basically said everything that I wrote in this post. They really do have a different vision for the world and the more we relize how alien neocons are the better off we will be.
Main / Violent anti-semitism: Berkeley-style
Jun 17, 2004, 10:11 AM
Have I ever considered Bush or Rush to be correct on some things? Of course. I am simply warning men about the dangers of partisan politics. One good example of the mens movement getting the finger was when the conservatives defended the abuse of Iraqi civilians. As a man I am offended by the photo that showed a woman holding a leash around a man's neck. The conservative response to this was to go into mantra mode and produce mind numbing soundbites that turn the masses into zombies. If you want to be an astute person instead of a "sheep in wolves clothing" then I advise that you turn the mantra machine known as conservative media off and become a partisan for men rather than for Republicans. Does this make sense? :idea:
Main / Violent anti-semitism: Berkeley-style
Jun 17, 2004, 08:41 AM
Gee. I thought that the post was about anti-semitism because it was! Why post an entire article on anti-semitism if anti-semitism is beside the point? I do not know what Bilbo's intent was and neither do you MacKenzie.

When you spend 98% of a post talking about how Jews are getting mistreated you can't blame someone for inferring that this is the thesis of the post. Have you ever heard of selective reporting? It's when you insinuate something by leaving certain things out of the report.
Main / Violent anti-semitism: Berkeley-style
Jun 17, 2004, 06:59 AM
I am considering what you wrote but if you walked on the UC campus you would find that some of the "anti-semites" are towel wearing Muslims who do not believe in feminism. Why be against Muslims? Like I said in another post all of the famous feminist are Jewish women. They are not Muslims. The Jews that have jumped on the neocon bandwagon are not conservatives.

You might not want to hear this but I can see why "anti-semitism" exsist today. Zionism is no different from Nazism because it is based on the presumption that the Jews are a chosen people. Zionist have a lot of power and an awareness of this power might be the best education Berkeley students could ever get. You know, sometimes feminist are correct. Same with liberals. I am not too worried about the PC crowd. If we find ourselves seeing eye to eye on something then that is great. Under most conditions I hate the PC crowd and yes we should be aware that the PC crowd is amongst the ranks of the "anti-semites" and that they have an agenda. But I believe that feminist are hurting their own cause by teaming up with the third world and Moslems. The third world will NEVER become feminist. Lets exploit this fact to our advantage.

If I were you MacKenzie poo, I would gaze through the neocon nonsense and formulate an honest assessment of the situation, rather than letting Rush Limbaugh do this for me. If you would do that then you would have no reason to be alarmed over "anti-semitism." The Zionist say "Your terrorism is our terrorism." It's a typical neocon strategy- "Your battle is our battle." But their battle is not our battle and the fact that liberals are against Zionist power is icing on the already yummy cake. Special interest groups are always trying to form alliances but I still have not figured out how Zionism and mens rights go together. Likewise I still have not figured out how feminism and Muslims go together. But that's politics. Men's rights needs to seperate itself from partisan politics if it is too become something great. We need to be flexible and not become a bunch of Bush supporters or Zionist supporters. Don't be fooled by politics and don't get conned by the neocons.
Main / Violent anti-semitism: Berkeley-style
Jun 16, 2004, 07:28 PM
Zionism=Nazism :twisted:

Who cares about anti-semitism? This is a pro men site. Post your Zionist views on the political board.
The object of school is to learn. Not to get laid with the teacher. Studies have shown that boys DO experience tramua if the woman they had sex with was an authority figure. Her job is to teach not seduce.
Ha! Stacy did not set the record for best jump. It was the best OUTDOOR jump. This news came in recently. The record is still held by a Russian.

But don't fret. The news of Stacy's record being only for the outdoor jump might motivate her to continue beefing up those already manly shoulders in preparation for the next jump. I'm sure that the thought of Stacy getting beefier will please some of you a great deal.
I wouldn't even touch that she-male with a ten foot vaulting pole. She has the face of a man. I went to her official webpage and some of the photos on that site demonstrate what I've been saying all along-she's a!