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Main / A couple of questions and statements
Oct 15, 2003, 06:40 AM
I understand and acknowledge that there were inequities in the past. But the key word is "PAST." The turmoil of the 60's and 70's was real. There were, and are, sexist a-holes out there. All true, and there are indeed legitimate complaints to be made.

Here is the kicker.

I was in no way involved with the inequities of the past, I do NOT enjoy any mythical benefits of the "patriarchy," I am not responsible for the current crop of a-holes.

With this in mind, I will acknowledge these past inequities, but I will not take any responsibility for them. I do not feel that I am entitled to anything because my family had it hard when they emigrated in the late 19th century. I do not look at the history of my ethnic background, and family and feel that this entitles me to anything. I look at the here and now.

To add to Dr. Evils list, there is also the Draft, portrayal in the media, VAWA, life expectancy and workplace deaths, to name a few more.

Look at the whole Jessika Lynch thing.,0,3500854.story

Does this offend you, LS, in any way? It bugs me.

I would not comment on what is most important in men's issues. I think just being able to have issues at all acknowledged by the gov. and the media would be a start. Different folks need different things in their lives. Some guys are in jail on false rape charges, some in jail because of paternity fraud, some guys are struggling to keep their children in their lives, some are dying and hoping for a cure to come along. Not an easy choice is it?

Main / Chiming In
Oct 14, 2003, 06:33 AM
One of the things that gets to me about all the "services for women" vs "services for men" arguments is many women centered service organizations are government funded. Including getting some tax dollars for lobbying for and against proposed new services for men. (Clinton bailed out CA-NOW.)

Only one state in the union has a commission for men, NH. The most common argument against any such commissions is that men are already represented by "everything" else. This is not true.

I hear about "male privilege" all the time, especially from feminist articles, sites, news. Let me tell my side of the "privilege" I enjoy:

The privilege to be drafted in time of war
The privilege to die from a disease, since it kills men (prostate cancer) only get 20% of the funding of a disease that only kills women (breast cancer).
The privilege to be ridiculed in the mass media daily.
The privilege to have 1/3 the collage scholarships available to me because of my race and sex.
The privilege to have my sweat, labor and struggles making my way in the world discounted as "entitlement" rather than the hard work it really is.
The privilege of dying seven years earlier on average than women.

I hope this gives an insight to some of the resentment and anger that has been building on this side of the gender fence. Feminism is a movement for women, it masquerades as equality to silence those of us with grievances. When I hear of NOW or some other feminist organization addressing some of these issues, then I will rethink my position.

As for the president issue, the answer is yes, I would vote for a woman if she is in align with the issues important to me. I would not vote for someone because they are a member of any sub-group of humanity.

Main / Interesting NPR Show
Sep 10, 2003, 06:17 AM
Thought people might like to read this, from NPR's "Engines of our Ingenuity."


I think this topic about men displaying their emotions and it being some sort of problem is a load of BS.

This issue, I believe, is one of women wanting "validation" for their own feelings by seeing it reflected in their boyfriends/husbands. If the men do not emote on command properly, then it's a "problem." Does anyone ever say that a desire privacy with one's feelings is just as valid as wanting to share them? Not usually from my experience.

I do not emote on demand, I will share my feelings when I FEEL LIKE IT, and when "issues" are discussed I speak honestly about them. If that is not good enough, then too bad. That's the way I am.

I believe that many men buy into the fallacy of women are innately superior in the matter of relationships, and conceede that control to them. This is a mistake. It's OK to say your comic books are just as important as the color of the curtains, the car's maintenence is just as important as your homes cleanleness, and catching a good movie is as important as a romantic dinner. No one should have the authority to decide which of your "feelings" is important and which are not important. That's where this "emoting" issue leads to, usually.
Main / Before today....
Sep 05, 2003, 06:07 AM
I believe the dog did get an exemption from serving.

The dog's owner finally checked the "Does Not Speak English" box on the little card.
Dr. Evil's point is I believe crucial to this argument. Going further, if someone asked "Can I have this paper?" and the reply was a "mmmm-hmmm" accompanied by nodding, the paper's owner could claim theft as they did not clearly reply "yes."

If after reading the paper for a few minutes, could the owner then say "I want the paper back?" Would that now be theft if you refused to return the paper? What if you gave the paper back after you finish the article you were reading? How long do you have before it is "Theft?"

Hmmm, this isn't a bad analogy is it?
Main / Bryan Sykes asks: "Do we need men?"
Aug 28, 2003, 02:14 PM
But, asks Bryan Sykes, apart from breeding, what real use is the male to the human race?

In his case, I would say not much. There rest of us are a different story.

This much attention to the content of one's genes usually denotes a lack of character content in the author.

Life is like a game of poker, play the cards your dealt, the best way you can. Whiners lke this get cleaned out early.

For me, I plan to stand tall, and never let them know when I am bluffing.

I would not want to insult Margaret Hamilton, who played Miss Gulch and the Wicked witch, before going on to do coffee commercials, with the title of "Martha Burke."

I think a cartoon or caracature (sp?) would do much better.
Main / hmmmm
Jul 28, 2003, 09:37 AM
"There have been three incidents this summer of sexual assault"

"Most statistics say that one out of four college women will be raped."

Therefore there are only 12 women going to PSU.

Being an English major, I must assume the author of this article cannot do basic math.
Main / Hi
Feb 26, 2003, 07:44 AM
"Hi Maximus - Glad you have found your way here.  The knots are interesting aren't they?  Nice choice." - Tom

Back at you Tom, it's nice to be here.

I really like the Celtic knotwork pieces. They are very nice.

Main / Greets
Feb 25, 2003, 02:09 PM
Why do I think you also like coffee?  8)

Thanks for the warm welcome. I lurked on the Ms. boards for a bit, couldn't actually understand the threads, lacked continuity seriously. I check out pretty regularly. SheThinks isn't bad overall. The troll action is not nearly as bad as I have seen on other public boards.

This board seems quiet, and I really like the name. It's what I feel I am doing more and more. I have done nothing wrong, so I am not defending myself, just standing my ground.

So have you caught the new DareDevil movie?

There is also a new movie coming out with Sean Connery, "the League of Extarordinary Gentlemen, (LXG.)" It looks like it's got vampires in it big time.

Also Quinten Tarentino (sp?) is coming out with a Kung-Fu action type flick with Uma Thermon as the hero called "Kill Bill." As with all of his movies, it looks weird, and could go either way good or bad.

Yow! No mumbling here.   :wink:
Main / Hello All
Feb 25, 2003, 10:03 AM
"I really don't want to invite everyone over here.  It they want to come then let them.  If they don't then that's fine with me.  I'm in no hurry to bring lots of people here.  They will come when it is time"

I guess it's time.

Hi guys. Thought I would stop lurking and say my greetings. I have mixed it up over at shethinks enough. :)

Annie, great chatting with you the other day about movies and books!