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Martinez and other friends said they tried to stop the fight, but were held back by boys who were watching and wanted it to continue.

its always a male's fault!
can you say "salem with trials"!!!!!
Powell will still earn a six-figure retirement

not so generous after all, the money just comes from somewhere else.
its amazing, they let the evil MAN get the best of her!!!
Is that the Code pink Bitch?
Main / Why didnt the owner jump in?
Jul 28, 2010, 05:22 PM

Got this in an email and the missing pictures show 7 women standing around ringing their hands while this guy strips to his skives to jump in the water.
I have to say those are some awesome dancers at 7. but it turned my stomach to see what they were wearing.
Main / Re: RIP
May 17, 2010, 06:24 AM
RIP, he was  a big part of my childhood. Better than ozzy IMHO.
Does this seem right?
After three years, 32% of men given Provenge were alive, compared with 23% given a placebo, Kantoff says

they let those 9% of men die early!
Main / Re: An ex-alpha male
Feb 25, 2010, 02:06 PM
Johnny its the onion. :laughing6:
The video is just dumb! :rolle:
Now didn't we just hear this about a woman and her husband was charged?

Man dies after sitting in recliner for eight months

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (NBC) -- Believing his faith would heal him, a Greenwood County, South Carolina man sat down in his recliner after an injury in March and never got up.

On Thursday, his wife explained why he stayed in the recliner until shortly before he died.

"The man totally believed in God and his healing," said Ada Webb.

In March, Webb's 550-pound husband, Tillmon, sat down in a recliner inside their trailer in Greenwood. Wearing nothing but a blanket, the 33-year-old didn't move from that recliner for the next eight months.

"He couldn't do nothing for his self and I couldn't do but so much," Webb explained.

Webb says Tillmon tore his ACL in March and drove to a doctor's office.

"They were gonna give him an appointment, but they wanted $300 up front, and we didn't have the money," said Webb.

Webb says he returned to the recliner, picked up his Bible and became determined that faith would heal his leg.

"He read his Bible daily, he spent his full focus on God," said Webb. "And he was literally waiting and praying for a Job miracle. If anybody knows the Bible and knows Job, he really and fully believed that God was going to heal him just like he did Job, because he said he couldn't think of a better testimony to go out and to tell people."

For eight months they had no visitors. Webb rarely left his side, and she tried to keep him clean.

"I couldn't get him rolled over to use a bedpan," said Webb.

Other than eating and reading the Bible, she says Tillmon posted sermons online and texted messages of faith through his cell phone.

"He wanted so much to get up and you know, he wanted to tell everybody what Jesus done," said Webb.

Webb says Tillmon consistently told her not to call for help. She says Wednesday morning he was in so much pain that she finally called an ambulance.

Greenwood County authorities say they found Tillmon covered with sores, and that he appeared to weigh about 800 pounds. They say he was stuck to his chair, and they had to saw the recliner apart. They cut a large hole around the front door to get him out.

He died at the hospital.

Webb says she has no regrets about leaving him in that recliner.

"If I feel anything right now, it's envy for him because I wish he had taken me with him," said Webb.

Greenwood County deputies will not charge Webb with a crime. They determined she had no malicious intent of neglect.

Neighbors at the trailer park said they had no idea Webb had a husband inside that trailer the whole time