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**Pictures his voice with a swouthern twang** :laughing6:

I love the logic of what he wrote..

He starts off by saying that he approves of the ruling (You know, the one that those MRAs sued for) and is FOR equal protection

But at the end he concludes "In short, the MRA movement is a leech movement; MRAs sue to change systems feminists (mostly women) have built, but they don't contribute positively to those systems."

I wonder how he would have reacted if he didn't approve of the ruling.  :rolle:

Amp agreeing  with the courts ruling on public funding of women only DV Services

Now for the sour grapes

4. Although I approve of equal protection, and of this ruling, it's frustrating that the MRA movement -- which is so much more dedicated to attacking feminism than to helping men -- ever gets what it wants. Many or most DV services were initially created by feminist work and activism; MRAs have done none of the hard work involved in creating this network. Nor is the MRA movement fundraising to enable DV programs affected by this ruling to add services for men without reducing services for women, or lobbying to increase funding for DV shelters. In short, the MRA movement is a leech movement; MRAs sue to change systems feminists (mostly women) have built, but they don't contribute positively to those systems.

This is, I think, part of what Renee was talking about in her post on Woods v. Shewry.

But when I look at the bigger picture, MRAs are irrelevant. It's not the fault of male victims who need help that MRAs are leeches, and the worthlessness of the MRA movement can't justify denying services to someone because of their sex.
You should listen to this

It's got Jess Valenti & Jess Mccabe wondering why they're so hated

I've enjoyed reading your posts at alternet.

Link to article

Ah just watch, they'll find a way  to bust the boyfriend over this...

I hope they do
Why is so hard for the women at feministing to imagine?!?!

Most of them are dirty little whores themselves
Have any you ever read those "I was waped" stories that you see all over the feminist blogisphere?

(eg: from Feministing)

Alaric (and to a lesser extent, TenDimensions): YES. It is still rape. There are plenty of reasons a woman may not be able to say no, some may be physical, some may be psychological, but none of them need to be justified to you. How many people on this thread have said over and over that most women do not enter into a vicious struggle when raped, but freeze? This is what happened to me! I didn't say no b/c I was in shock at what was happening to me. I thought that scooting away or turning over was enough, but was apparently too subtle. Or that's what I've been telling myself. The truth is, he should have known. I believe that he did and didn't care. It wasn't until several minutes later that I pushed him away from me. It was still rape. It doesn't matter if it lasts an hour or thirty seconds. It doesn't matter if she doesn't fight. It only matters that she didn't say yes, enthusiastically and didn't engage. It is rape. And does the fact that I wasn't roofied by a stranger make it any less traumatic that my trust was violated by someone I loved? NO. SO FUCK YOU.

You, Alaric, don't "come off" as a rape apologist. YOU ARE ONE. I don't believe for a second that the men who claim they didn't know, really didn't know. They knew. And it doesn't matter if their consciences were nagging at them the whole time, or if they felt bad about it later, or if in hindsight they can see what really happened. At that time, they did it anyway. And all they had to do was choose not to rape.
Men also make up the vast majority of heroes in movies.

They also make up the vast majority of Villains as well.

Main / Re: Chinese girls set to rule
Apr 12, 2007, 07:17 AM
Good gawd, it gets worst.


Director of the Shuangqiao Tourism Bureau in Chongqing Municipality Li Jigang said Tuesday that China's first women town would be unveiled at the Longshui Lake near Shuangqiao district. When entering into the women town, men should be obedient to their wives or girl friends, otherwise they would be punished.

The idea of building this town came to Li's mind because he had once promised to his wife that her request would always be respected, although at that time, he was only kidding his wife.

Now the project has been approved by local government. The new town will be built around the Longshui Lake with an area of 2.3 kilometers. Construction has already started and will be completed in 3 years. All the buildings the town will be in ancient style.

A wooden board will be hung at the entrance of the town that reads: "Women are always right and men should never refuse their request." According to Li, the aim of the town is to remind people of women's rights. Women come to the town in order to look for fun and men go to the town in order to bring fun to them.

The most outstanding feature of this town is that women will be given great care and men "discriminated against." Officials in the town will all be women and men can never be elected to take charge of town affairs. If they do something wrong, they will be punished severely.

If visitors enter into the town with their family members, then the women in the family should take charge. Mothers in resident families will be highly respected and they will control all family assets and family affairs. When male visitors want to buy something in the town, they should first get the permission of their wife or girl freind.

Apart from the aim of making women happy, Li said, the building of the town also has some positive significance, for when having fun in the town, men will always be reminded of respect for women.

Do they really think that this has anything to do with  the Patriarchy?
Main / Re: Chinese girls set to rule
Apr 12, 2007, 07:11 AM
Trust a Communist country to come up with one :rolle:

ig changes are taking place in Shuangqiao District, Chongqing Municipality, which is famous for its production of heavy trucks. The district has finished the initial land acquisition of Xinmin Village, Tongqiao Town according to a report by the Chongqing Evening News on April 3.

Longshui Lake in Shuangqiao District

After two years, a "female-dominated town" will be built up here to promote "feminine culture." 

According to Li Jigang, director of the Tourism Bureau of Shuangqiao District, the area has fewer tourism resources than its neighboring counties and districts. Xinmin Village is at the foot of the Bayue Mountain with shallow hills covering most of the land.

It is a custom there that men dig coals out and hand in money to wives at home. Beginning last year, Shuangqiao District decided to make good use of this historical resource to build a "female-dominated" scenic spot in order to promote its tourism industry.

"The essence of the 'female-dominated town' is entertainment showing 'feminine culture,' and it has no relationship with the feminism in real life," said Li Jigang on April 3.

"Love whip" will be a feature of the scenic spot according to the program. In this area, a "Female Court" composed of "judges" and "captains" will be set up. Male tourists visiting here will be "whipped" by female tourists if, for example, they can't remember their sweethearts' eating habits quickly or the brand of her cosmetics.

The "Female Court" will sentence the man to suffer from the "whip." The female tourist will then discipline the man with a specially made long whip. The theory is that man can only feel soft power through this kind of tender punishment.

According to the program, cautions like "Women are never wrong, men must not refuse women's requests" will be clearly written on the door lintel of the "female-dominated town." If male tourists break the rules, the "bailiff" will read them out loud and make them kneel on washing boards or wash dishes for the restaurants in the form of playing games.

Tong Jiuying, Party branch secretary of Xinmin Village, is also the future bailiff. "We just want tourists to enjoy this 'feminism game' after visiting Dazu Rock Carvings which is on the world heritage list," she said on April 3.

The "female-dominated town" covers an area of 2.3 sq. km according to the tourism bureau of Shuangqiao District. It is only 26 kilometers away from the Dazu Rock Carvings, and will serve as a supplement to the popular site.

Main / Re: Ok, let's begin
Mar 21, 2007, 06:57 PM
 :cussing:  :angryfire:
Main / Re: Ok, let's begin
Mar 21, 2007, 03:55 AM
Quote from: natsukigirl
Basically... his coming here had NOTHING to do with my post about him.

Yeah, I agree.. Straitblow is a troll!

It's probably a parody created by one of our feminist friends

Main / Re: Ok, let's begin
Mar 19, 2007, 07:31 PM
Quote from: straitblow
I had come in here defending myself against false allegations from natsukigirl accussing me of being a 'male feminists'- a HUGE INSULT and she knows it.

Imagine how she felt when you called her a feminist.