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Main / Re: Some difficulties
Oct 12, 2016, 05:42 PM
Hm... this is the best forum i've found for the MRM. I'd prefer you keep it alive and going.
I know of him. Don't like him much. I'm sure he can have a place in the MRM but, he's not on my side as far as i'm concerned.
It's more than just the first woman running for president. It's metaphysical energies here. Donald Trump is a contingency of the MRM IMHO. Our activism PUA, and political incorrectness may have (along with other influences as well or should I say "deplorables") been shown their impotent nature by the boldness of our work against feminism in our institutions in recent times. Now Trump is being hammered just like all the MRA's have been for the same bullshit which we have put up with for some time: accusations of abuse, wrong words, being a misogynist, politically incorrect, not being a white knight, and I think just now my brother told me the media is doing a rape accusation on him (which they already did earlier but failed but are supposedly doing again).

American people are very soft, more or less than Europeans i'm not sure, but our sensitive feelings seem to exert a lot of pressure in politics. So even when logic is the clear victor and evidence and seriousness lacking, the emotional sissiness still appears to have influence on voters. (assuming the polls aren't all rigged)

Just as the MRM has to learn to assert our rights as a man, and not bend over and surrender to the weaker sex, the man running for president (A phallic warrior figure if there ever was one in our times), has to eschew his gentlemen and chivalrous conditioning and come out swinging in order to win the election.

I thought his performance in both debates were quite good. The 2nd being the better.

But even though Hillary has not played much of the gender card yet except in subtle ways, Trump appears to now have the same fate as all men in our nation and race. He has to pass through the fire of the female animus, and the power of weakness. And like Christ resurrected from crucifixion (IMHO also a symbol of masculinity vs femininity), return as the man out of the female chaos to claim the leadership position, not only for our nation, but our race and perhaps human race itself.

Also look at the interesting metaphysical energies according to astrologers:

Trump from Mars, Clinton from Venus.

I happen to believe that globalists do indeed want this 2016 to be a year of "revolution" into their "New world order" which if nothing else is about attrition upon the human race. Thus having a weak sick criminal demented and immoral whore in the White House is certainly boon for that agenda.

What do y'all think?

Trump winning could be windfall for the movement in the USA.

I heard on the Alex Jones show not too far back that feminists were looking to make video games more to their liking, implanting ideas and plots which cater to their political ideology. Just randomly looking at a top pick today on the Apple App Store, it looks like this is already happening:

Picture shows a passive almost blissful glamorized woman before a lifeless body of male with what appears to be a giant knife coming out of his chest.

Notice the lack of blood as this sort of violence is not only non-violent, but tasteful and dressed in abstract artistic adornments. This was the 2nd screen shot featured on the App store for the game.

It will be interesting to note this trend developing.

Main / Do it yourself and masculinity
Oct 28, 2014, 12:43 AM
Great article talking about the decline in manliness in associated with being able to do things yourself.

My dad was big into DIY, but he never taught me much. During my life that was under attack by feminism. Also my dad just preferred to hire Mexicans.

Now i'm in Taiwan partially at least because Mexicans took all the labor jobs... and the women all became lesbians. I like Taiwan though.

My mother fully supports that however, because she is a progressive feminist democrat, and everyone takes orders from her, while she sits on her ass and does nothing but watch TV, eat out, and enjoy leisure her whole life. Which is fine by me for anyone except a feminist.

Obviously I dunno what i'm talking about though, because i'm the youngest in the family. I must be mentally ill.

I love my family, but they are a little wonky.
Gurrrrrrlll power!!!
Main / Effeminate men in underwear adds
Aug 28, 2014, 07:41 PM

This guy has no dick, and he is biting his nails in his underwear.

I think I'm gonna vomit.

Main / Found this little gem... ><
Jul 30, 2014, 06:40 PM

It would be hard to get out in front of some members of Congress in trash-talking their own herd. Yet on Wednesday, four Democratic and four Republican Senators standing together in front of TV cameras had something unalloyed to say for themselves: "There may be hope for us yet,'' Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) told reporters at a news conference announcing the introduction of a truly bipartisan campus sexual assault bill.

The most important thing the law would do is force universities to recalculate the cost of hiding a problem so widespread that in surveys, one woman in five says she's been assaulted during college. Currently, schools that dutifully report such attacks to the Department of Education, as they're required to do under Title IX, wind up looking worse than schools whose officials skirt the rules and hope for the best.

Just how common are attempts to pretend assaults only happen on other campuses? Well, at the universities my 18-year-old daughter and I visited over the last two years, I routinely asked the appropriate officials how many sexual assault reports they'd had in the last year -- and was repeatedly told their number was zero, even though some of those schools I knew had high-profile cases. Helpfully, officials at two schools did volunteer info about notorious cases on other nearby campuses, though.

Right now, the only stick the Department of Education has to try to get schools to comply is the threat that the university could, theoretically, lose every cent of its federal funding.

That's "like me telling my kids I'm never going to speak to them again" if they don't shape up, said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who held a recent series of roundtable discussions on campus sexual assault and surveyed 350 colleges on their current practices. Could any threat be emptier?

Under the proposed bill, the Department of Education could impose fines of up to 1 percent of a school's budget -- which in the case of, say, Harvard University, would add up to a tidy $42 million.

The bill, which McCaskill said she'd like to see on the Senate calendar in September, also would require training for staff and regular surveys of students, and it would provide funding for a confidential advisor for each student who reports an assault.

Other co-sponsors of the bill include Senators Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Dean Heller (R-Nev.), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) , Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), and Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.)

Astonishingly, every one of them had something intelligent to say on the issue and none sounded as though he or she had been briefed by an aide on the way over.

"Sometimes the victim is treated worse than the person who has committed the crime,'' said Grassley, while Rubio declared that there can no longer be any "special preference because someone can dunk a basketball or throw a ball 80 yards down the field."

Ayotte noted that in 20 percent of the schools surveyed, "we have actually found evidence that athletic programs [themselves] have investigated sexual assaults."

Annie Clark, a 2011 graduate of the University of North Carolina and co-founder of an advocacy group called End Rape on Campus, said that after she reported being raped at UNC, she was told by a university staffer that "rape is like a football game; you should look back on it and think about what you could have done differently.' ''

Her own message to others who have been assaulted is a little different: "You're not alone, it's not your fault, and we believe you."

A young woman named Anna, who was the subject of a recent story in the New York Times and who asked to be identified only by her first name, said she had reported being attacked by multiple football players early in her freshman year at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in New York.

"I stand here today, and I'm not okay," she said at the news conference. Though a nurse examiner found evidence of blunt force trauma, the district attorney closed the case a day after it was referred to him, and the student was found not responsible at a campus disciplinary hearing.

Anna's mother, Susan, said in a tremulous voice how proud she was of her daughter and of others who have reported assaults despite enormous pressure to keep quiet. She asked senators to fight to get the bill onto the floor "also for those who didn't make it, for Jeanne Clery's parents and Lizzy Seeberg's parents and many, many more.'' Clery was raped and murdered in her dorm at Lehigh University in 1986, and Seeberg committed suicide in 2010, 10 days after reporting that she'd been sexually assaulted by a Notre Dame football player. Tuesday would have been her 23rd birthday.

Gillibrand, too, said she wanted to thank both those present and those "who aren't here today."

In concluding his remarks, on a day that also produced nearly unanimous passage in the House of a Veterans Affairs reform package, Rubio said, "I pray this doesn't get caught up in all the other things that go on in this city"-- politics, he meant.

But Gillibrand said she actually didn't think that would be a problem, and McCaskill said the only real obstacle will be "trying to elbow our way" onto the schedule in the fall.

After the cameras were turned off and most reporters had gone, McCaskill and Gillibrand hugged each of the five survivors. "You all kicked it,'' McCaskill told them. "You just kicked it."

Already responded with:

"Force colleges to better handle it? You mean to return the standard of evidence back to "clear and convincing" instead of "preponderance of the evidence" (50/50 coin toss)? Little to nothing is done to protect men against false accusations.  

Men are already targeted as rapists under the current policy set in place by Obama, and convicted by a coin toss:

The man accused of sexual assault cannot cross examine or confront his accuser.

The 1 in 4 rape statistic is a lie.

Women lie about rape:  

"A review of 556 rape accusations filed against Air Force personnel found that 27% of women later recanted. Then 25 criteria were developed based on the profile of those women, and then submitted to three independent reviewers to review the remaining cases. If all three reviewers deemed the allegation was false, it was categorized as false. As a result, 60% of all allegations were found to be false."

(McDowell CP. False allegations. Forensic Science Digest, Vol. 11, No. 4, December 1985)

"With the cooperation of the police agency of a small metropolitan community, 45 consecutive, disposed, false rape allegations covering a 9 year period were studied. These false rape allegations constitute 41% the total forcible rape cases (n = 109) reported during this period. These false allegations appear to serve three major functions for the complainants: providing an alibi, seeking revenge, and obtaining sympathy and attention. False rape allegations are not the a consequence of a gender-linked aberration, as frequently claimed, but reflect impulsive and desperate efforts to cope with personal and social stress situations."

(Eugene J. Kanin, "False rape allegations." Archives of Sexual Behavior, Feb 1994 v23 n1 p81(12))

Little to nothing is done to protect men against false accusations.  

AAUP has come out against the tyranny:

Gimmie some backup guys... =)
Yea there is no way in hell this woman has any right to stop this suicide note from being published...

Burn in hell bitch! Best of luck to you Mr Mackney in your afterlife...
Main / Re: NCFM website looks hacked
Jun 12, 2013, 08:24 PM
looks like they are both back up.
Wow.  :greener:
Main / Problems with NSA Spying on everyone
Jun 12, 2013, 08:20 PM
Minority report like society.

Pretty soon I bet feminists are gonna write the NSA and have them investigate whenever anyone says the word "rape" "stalk" "bitch" "hoe" "smack" etc etc.

I mean they could use this PRISM grid they have to get probable cause against anyone.

You could just be talking shit about your girlfriend to your buddy and the police show up later on wanting to ask a few questions.

Thats why this NSA Big Brother garbage needs to be nipped in the bud, real soon and real firmly.
Such a society would be in a unbelievable state of fear about simply ranting on the telephone,
not only that there are apparently some places which record audio and visual, which could be used the same way.

if the American people don't stand up to this, we will soon be living in a nightmare Orwell couldn't even imagine.
If this PRISM system was active in India, all this would be already going on.
Main / NCFM website looks hacked
Jun 10, 2013, 05:00 PM

This doesn't look too good....

Are they trying to do a mobile version? I cannot get the normal page to come up.
Main / Burden of Man
Jun 10, 2013, 04:35 PM

Hawkes says that when you look at recent data, men lose three times more years of healthy living than women because of tobacco, alcohol and unsafe driving.

"It's cool to be a man that smokes and drinks -- who drives a fast motorbike, or fast cars," she says. "If you were really serious about saving lives, you would spend money tackling unhealthy gender norms," that promote these risky behaviors.

Health economist , of New York University, agrees that more focus should go to stopping tobacco and alcohol use.

"I'm your nanny and I'm beating you for your own benefit!"

But she doesn't think there should be specific policies for men versus women. "If we focus on closing inequality, we'll miss the boat," she says. "The goal is to reduce mortality, not to reduce inequalities in the measure of mortality."

If someone were to say "the goal is to increase women's income, not to reduce inequalities in the measure of income between the sexes", that person would be tarred & feathered.

The double standard is strong with these "experts".

Yea they are not really addressing the issue in the same way between genders, for women it's the millennium development goals of providing health care which is apparently lacking, for men it's however to provide gender re-education and correct for the deficiency within men.

The second quote u chose Neoteny however, is a correct nonpartisan viewpoint, I would agree with, and would benefit the MRM.  I don't think feminists would disagree with your mock statement though if it were suggesting simply to focus on giving women more money rather than eliminating inequality as... that is what they do!... :dontknow: