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Main / damn you people are fucking idiots
Aug 20, 2003, 08:10 AM
Main / Read Ambers Latest!
Aug 20, 2003, 08:10 AM
if you call someone a traitor because they wont join your war and you tax the shit out of them for it,


Main / Read Ambers Latest!
Aug 20, 2003, 08:09 AM
oh yeah condoleeza rice abhors 'statism', hello , dont you people fucking understand that the military is the primary instrument of statism? that militarist collectivism is the dominant collectivism of the 20th century? HELLO DO YOU LIVE UNDER FUCKING ROCKS
Main / Read Ambers Latest!
Aug 20, 2003, 08:06 AM
Quote from: "napnip"
When I was at Penn State University, a feminist group through a "Cuntfest," in which a lesbian stripper exposed her breasts on stage.  After a lawmaker fought against this event, a huge campus debate erupted, and feminists screamed quite loudly that they had a free speech right to have strippers on campus (and funded for them).  That same year, Penn State got a Hooters.  Those same feminist groups worked to stop Hooters from establishing a business.  Pornography is Ok, but only if it's for women.

Let's examine the essential difference between these two scenerios:  One is a so-called "free speech" scenerio in which the event is funded for the feminists.  The other is also a free speech scenerio (though the feminists won't admit that) where money isn't flowing into feminist hands or being raised for their benefit, but rather is a private business environment where money is flowing into the coffers of the owner as profit.

So what's the truly essential difference between the two scenerios?  The direction the money is flowing.

It's just another example of the tribalist mentality that permeates our society today:  That money, goods, or other assets must not be for the use and enjoyment of a private individual, but must be for the use of the group or collective.

Another great article Amber!  Keep up the good work!    :)

you mean like when i want a bike lane and the put in an interstate instead at a cost 10000 times more? after all, a bike is a much more self sufficient form of transport and it doesnt support terrorism very much, unlike your beloved automobiles.

maybe you are tlakinug about how iaacocca and others love to beg for our tax money to prop up their shitty failing corrupt busiensses?

or maybe you are talking about the billions wasted in that stupid war that is never going to end (why do i know its never going to end? because when a govt official says 'we have no definiite time frame' that generally means nobody has thought of an end-game and so one will never be implemented, after all as you conservatives like to say so often, tehres nothing government likes more than to perpetuate its own existence)
Main / Pavlov's Feminists
Aug 20, 2003, 08:03 AM
damn danny that sounds like the GOP
yeah. lets forget about all the rape victims and all that. lets focus on the 'real problem'. corrupt 'dv industry'. because after all, the pain of a few pople getting raped, what is that compared to a bunch of conservatives sitting in armchairs fuming over 'the dv industry'? think of all the horrible victims of the dv industry. certainly we must stop that before we stop rape, because it is more important and has caused more suffering!
Quote from: "Amber"
Why go after Walmart?  Why not go after the manufacturing companies making the product in the 3rd world countries?  

Walmart is just a retail store.  It just provides a central location for people all over to come and get multiple products.  I don't see why Walmart gets all the wrath.  

Is it because Sam Walton, when alive, was the wealthiest man alive?  Do you go after Bill Gates because he was the wealtheist man alive?  Is that what it is?  Cutting down the tallest poppy possible?

but what about all that 'personal responsibility' and 'accountability' conservatives want to restore to america? where is the responsibility in saying 'well i just buy this stuff ho hum not my fault'????

uhm, wal-mart knows damn well where those products come from and they sign the deals. thats like saying we should go after columbian drug lords instead of american drug dealers.

sam walton is turning in his grave, btw.
i went on a conservative forum and started calling military people 'babykillers'. they banned me. this just goes to show
how the PC-thugs in the conservative movement are
intolerant and cannot stand dissent.

i heard on a radio show alot of them want to have protestors
treated as criminals, 'traitors', of which the penalty is death.
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Irene Weiser

i went to and tried to talk about how wal-mart sells a bunch of stuff made in a slave labor communist country.

all i got was a bunch of people saying 'well, wal-mart is the cheapest so i go there'.

these people are not anti-communist.

these people are selling freedom down the river for a measly couple of bucks

these people are cowards.
30,000 argenitinians were 'disappeared' by pinochet

then you might ask why the united states went in and murdered the
democratically elected president Allende and installed pinochet
in the first place?

i dont know. but theres one thing i do know. republicans are stupid hypocrites.
you seriously need a shrink.

or else you are probably going to wind up killing yourself.
Main / Social Values Quiz
Jun 21, 2003, 07:35 PM
im sorry, since when did a work ethic have anything to do with the american dream? dont you read the papers? the american dream is to work for a big fortune 500 company and retire with a bait shop on a lake somewhere by raiding a pension fund of those goddamn liberal whiners in the unions.

have you ever met a conservative who cares about rules and norms? all they whine about all day is 'government regulation', they cant use asbestos, they cant dump ddt into childrens drinking water,they cant use lead paint in schools, they cant put chromium copper arsenic on playground equipment, they cant pay their workers 1 dollar a day, blah blah blah blah blah blah whine whine whine whine whine.
christ is there some kind of spelling disease on this board?

no i dont mean to be culturally insensitive to the spelling disabled,
but youd think the bulwarks of western civilization would at least
turn some of that western technocratic utopian world they live in,
computers (which are somehow all made in asia.... i guess thats
another thread though) to good use and figure out how things
are spelled before hitting 'submit'.
you wouldnt cast pearls before anyone