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Each and every one of their commercials portrays a male in a bad light and the good males always play second fiddle to a wife or Gf.
"You will be successful and happy because of your intelligence and creativity, not because of your looks." 

Nice she can be this optimistic. Sorry to say, not every girl's IQ can surpass her bust size. She should be telling these girls to thank God if they have something to fall back on. Stripper is nowhere near the worst of occupations. Welfare Queen comes to mind, but in the distorted, twisted minds of leftists, Welfare Queen is an honorable thing.
Main / Re: Who Do You Think Will Win Tuesday?
Nov 05, 2012, 03:32 AM
White Guilt is feuling the high numbers for Triky Riky. When face to face with a pollster or talking to a pollster that knows your phone number, many ignorant whites will claim the high road. What they do behind the curtain will be the tale to tell.
Her POV is the gov'ts POV. Our response should be, WHERE'S THE MONEY? The US gov't is extremely adept at manufacturing crisis to throw money at (for women and children); they spend millions just looking for cases that fit their agenda. Where's the millions to study this issue? Why isn't the gov't looking for a "poster boy" for this issue?
Guess I have to spell it out for the Lurkers....BECAUSE THESE VICTIMS HAVE A PENIS!
6 is a leftist pro-cunt, anti-male P.O.S. website. What kind of article would we expect to come out of such a shithole? Would your expect EQUALITY? Would you expect FAIRNESS?
Pointing out this article only accomplishes one thing: identifying another fucking, cocksucking, leftist mangina and boycotting whatever business he is in. Add him to your enemies list. When the revolution comes; give him a trial and execute him.

Allow me a moment to clarify for those lurking; While I am aware that all women have cunts, that is not to say that all women are cunts. The term does not even apply to all feminists. However, if your are lurking and suspect you might be a cunt, check your shoe size.

There's a Jeff Foxworthy joke in there somewhere..."You might be a cunt if....."
 "patriarchal dividend" -- a lifelong affirmative-action program for men.".....I might add EARNED affirmative action. Earned by those who do the shit work, the dying, the expendable, the forced-into-combat never having had the right to vote. These cunts and manginas begrudge men a few societal privileges? Fine, then I want reparations with interest for ALL men who were ever drafted. Don't have the cash? Then stop taxing these men. GIVE them the homes taken by fanny and freddie in foreclosure. Give them the same medical that the thugs in DC get.
I for one am sick and fucking tired of all the fucking whiney little CUNTS whose idea of hardship is breaking a nail while studying in college. I am sick and tired of the fucking whiney little cunts that cry about a so-called rape culture, but remain silent about rape in prison and the rape-by-metal of men in combat.
Sister, you think life is soooo fucking hard, get 'cher fucking little cunt out into the foxholes and see what real life, AND DEATH, is like. Until then, shut the fuck up and file yer nails! PUSSY!
Hey, will that work? Is that all we have to say?
"....largely overlooked evidence" that...(insert MRA statement here.)
Main / Re: Girls are being left behind
Oct 03, 2012, 04:16 PM
but, math is hard........listen up ladies...math is NOT hard, especially if you use    :engel2: TA-DAaaa, FEMINIST math!

Seriously, women can not wrap their minds around physics because they can't understand why a particle would not want to be looked at.

I'll be here all week.
"A study done by researchers at the Royal Ottawa Hospital of 11 years of data into paternal filicide - fathers who kill their children - found that between 1990 and 2001, 77 children in Quebec were killed by their fathers. Forty-six (60 per cent) of the homicides were followed by the suicide or attempted suicide of the father. The researchers also conclude that more fathers than mothers commit filicide in Quebec."

It was a study of PATERNAL FILICIDE. They give the numbers (77) for fathers, but give no numbers for mothers, nor do they give the total number of children killed by parents, but then somehow magically conclude that fathers commit filicide more often than mothers. What are the numbers and where did they come from? Certainly not from a study of fathers committing filicide.

That study was a feminist hit piece and I don't need any steenkin' evidence anymore than they need to back up their numbers.

Paternal filicide in Québec.
Dominique Bourget, Pierre Gagné
Royal Ottawa Hospital, 1145 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1Z 7K4. [email protected]
In this retrospective study, relevant demographic, social, and clinical variables were examined in 77 cases of paternal filicide. Between 1991 and 2001, all consecutive coroners' files on domestic homicide in Québec, Canada, were reviewed, and 77 child victims of 60 male parent perpetrators were identified. The results support data indicating that more fathers commit filicide than do mothers. A history of family abuse was characteristic of a substantial number of cases, and most of the cases involved violent means of homicide. Filicide was frequently (60%) followed by the suicide of the perpetrator and more so (86%) in cases involving multiple sibling victims. The abuse of drugs and alcohol was rare. At the time of the offense, most of the perpetrators were suffering from a psychiatric illness, usually depressive disorder. Nearly one-third were in a psychotic state. The proportion of fatal abuse cases was comparatively low. Many of the perpetrators had had contact with health professionals prior to the offense, although none had received treatment for a psychiatric illness.

Affordable Care Act's Anti-Male Sexism Fixed?
September 9th, 2012 by Robert Franklin, Esq.

Not long ago, I wrote this post encouraging readers to sign a petition to make the Affordable Care Act gender-neutral.  As I said at the time, the ACA mandates well woman exams, including a variety of preventive screenings, for all women completely free of charge, no deductibles, no co-pays.  But it does nothing of the kind for men.  Whatever we may think we need in the way of preventive care, we pay for; the ACA leaves us on our own.  When it comes to preventive care, the ACA rations our preventive care according to our ability to pay, but requires providers to screen women at no cost.

That struck me and the other signers of the petition as (a) sexist and (b) bad policy.  After all, doesn't effective preventive care for men save the healthcare system money in the long term the same as it does for women?  Of course it does, so, since the ACA is so much about keeping costs down that it's part of the law's name, why not go all in?  Why not include men's preventive care along with women's?  And that of course is in addition to the fact that, as a matter of morality, fairness and justice, men and women should receive equal treatment by public policy.  Men contribute far more to tax revenues than do women, so why does the ACA short men?

All of that should be perfectly obvious, even though it escaped the notice of the Obama Administration that wrote the law and everyone on Capitol Hill who voted for it.  But, thanks to the intrepid work of a Fathers and Families supporter, we now have the problem fixed.  No, we haven't gotten the president and Congress to re-write the law or the regulations, but what we have done is to figure out a handy-dandy fix that every man can use to get his fair share of preventive care, free of charge, even though he's persona non grata in the wording of the act.  And (drumroll) here it is:

Just tell 'em you identify as a woman.

That's right, our fearless reader informs us that the Department of Health and Human Services recently sent a letter to the National Center for Lesbian Rights confirming that the ACA prohibits discrimination "based on gender identity or failure to conform to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity..."  In short, the ACA has been interpreted by the DHHS as prohibiting discrimination against lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered people.  Of course transgendering is a process that includes a pre-operative period.

So the fix is simple; when you go to the doctor to be screened for various possible male-only maladies and conditions, just tell them you identify as a woman and are in the first stage of re-orientation.  According to DHHS rules, they have to screen you for free.  You don't even have to wear a dress.

Admittedly, if you do this too often, the doctor might begin to question your commitment to the transgendering process.  But not to worry, by then the Obama Administration will have discovered the error of its ways, changed the law to include men in its protections, and all will be well in this best of all possible worlds.  Until then, you have Fathers and Families to thank for fixing what could be considered one of the most egregious examples of misandry to come along since Joe Biden last uttered a word.

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Sep 13, 2012, 09:39 AM
Main / Re: Please sign this >>
Aug 21, 2012, 12:55 PM

If one injection could be effective for as long as 10 years, I can foresee men being sterilized against their will or even without their knowledge.  :yikes:

The gov't can now force you to buy something (not just healthcare) or be taxed for it. I see the day when men are required to be sterilized or taxed if they don't.
Main / Re: Ideas Wanted ...
Aug 13, 2012, 09:16 AM
yahoo news....i constantly post there and keep getting thumbs down....if you get too many they hide the comments. we could support each other with thumbs up, kudos, and cross posting.

Twitter is akin to posting on a feminist website...very liberal.