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Main / Manliness is back in America.
Jul 12, 2006, 10:52 PM
The latest instalment on manly men.

Oh for manly men!

22:25pm 12th July 2006

So I was delighted to read in yesterday's Daily Mail that America is experiencing a 'Menaissance', and that the movement may yet find its way to Britain.

In the States, the dreary metrosexual with his face creams and liberal ways has been replaced by a new macho type of man who has more in common with Hercules than with Graham Norton.

A new book called The A To Z Of Manliness is number two on the bestseller list in New York. This is hardly surprising. Forty years of feminism has confused the hell out of men. They no longer know what we want.
Main / Manliness is back in America.
Jul 12, 2006, 08:37 AM
I wondered if some of you chaps would like to add your voice to comments in the Daily Mail regarding this article.

You can leave your comments here. It seems to have started a debate if nothing else.

Main / Japan braced for divorce epidemic
May 07, 2006, 06:43 AM
I see this as a positive development.
For to long our voices have been unheard by people who have been unconcerned about the plight of their brothers.
This will show millions of powerful men, an example of unfairness we could never explain.
Finally the 'Penny will drop' lets hope it happens all over the world.
This kind of Misandry will swell our ranks. We can look forward to something being done when the antics of our fem adversary's hit those at the top, as well as those of us at the bottom of the pile.
Main / Abbey protest pair arrested
Apr 14, 2006, 11:41 AM
Mr Kelly said Tory MP Ann Widdecombe, who has often spoken publicly about her Catholic faith, had climbed on to the balcony and met the men. "She gave a lot of support for the idea that fathers are denied access to their children, and has promised to make a statement about it over the next two weeks. She wanted them them to come down before the Easter parade came past," Kelly said.

Good for Ann Widdecombe - one of the very few decent politicians.

Abbey protest pair arrested
14 April 2006

Two fathers' rights campaigners who scaled Westminster Abbey have been arrested by police.  

The men were arrested at the historic London landmark's West Tower, after spending the night on a balcony, a Scotland Yard spokeswoman said.  

  The pair climbed the building on Thursday morning with a dummy on a cross to signify that fathers were being "crucified" by current family law. The spokeswoman said they were being taken to a central London police station.  

Scotland Yard said the pair, members of the Real Fathers For Justice group, had been arrested for "aggravated trespass". "We did not force them down," she added. "They came down of their own accord."

The protesters had claimed they targeted the Abbey in a bid to alert the church to the plight of fathers. They gained access to the balcony, thought to be up to 60ft high, by pretending to be workmen and unveiled a banner with the slogan: "Crucified by the state, ignored by the church".  

Mike Kelly, spokesman for Real Fathers for Justice, said the protesters were Simon Anderton, 47, and Paul Addison, 39.  

Anderton is apparently suffering from liver cancer, and has not seen his two young daughters for five years. Addison has a 15-year-old daughter he has not seen for four years.  

Mr Kelly said Tory MP Ann Widdecombe, who has often spoken publicly about her Catholic faith, had climbed on to the balcony and met the men. "She gave a lot of support for the idea that fathers are denied access to their children, and has promised to make a statement about it over the next two weeks. She wanted them them to come down before the Easter parade came past," Kelly said.  

The pair left the balcony of their own choice after staging a mock crucifixion at around midday, according to Mr Kelly. They were arrested immediately.  

The original Fathers 4 Justice campaign disbanded after reports linked it to an alleged plan to kidnap Prime Minister Tony Blair's son Leo.
Quote from: "rantmeister"
I have some problems with the petition like others have expressed (such as making it a crime to present men in a negative way), but I see it as a general expression of opposition to male-bashing commercials.  It's not a specific piece of legislation and I'm not going to hold it to that standard. As such, my signature is added.

Thank you, alot of us have problems dealing with this question and I respect the wishes of those who dont want to sign.
Unfortunately the people who have all the rights, claim to be libertarian as you know, the only people who will benefit by us not making a stand are 'feminist libertarians.'
Main / Fathers' rights group scale abbey
Apr 13, 2006, 10:37 AM
Fathers' rights group scale abbey

Story from BBC NEWS:

Protesters have scaled Westminster Abbey claiming fathers are being "crucified" by the courts over access to their children.
Two members of the group, called Real Fathers for Justice, climbed about 40ft up the abbey with a dummy on a cross.

A spokesman for the Abbey, one of the world's most famous churches, said he hoped it would not interfere with services over Easter.

The original Fathers 4 Justice group disbanded in January.

Police were called at 0900 BST to the abbey and were "attempting to bring this matter to a safe conclusion".

A spokesman for the Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey said the protesters were 35ft up on a balcony on the West Tower.

We would be happy to listen to views presented in a calm and rational way
Westminster Abbey spokesman  

He added: "We understand and want to defend the right of legitimate protest, but would be disappointed if such a protest interfered with worship for thousands of members of the public over the holy week.

"On another occasion we would be happy to listen to views presented in a calm and rational way."

Services are going ahead, although access through the West Front is not possible while the protest continues.

They had Roman soldier costumes, but the police have snatched them
Protest group spokesman  

For three years the original Fathers 4 Justice group carried out audacious stunts to highlight the cause of men denied access to their children.

Protests included packages of purple flour hurled at Tony Blair in the Commons, and a man dressed as Batman staging a five-hour protest on a balcony at Buckingham Palace.

But it disbanded in January, following newspaper reports that fringe members were said to have talked about holding the prime minister's young son to highlight their cause.

It is thought Thursday's protest had been intended to be a costumed stunt.

A spokesman for Real Fathers for Justice said: "They had Roman soldier costumes, but the police have snatched them."

Story from BBC NEWS:
Quote from: "Sir Jessy of Anti"
I agree with Niall on this.  As much as I hate male bashing, I can't sign this particular petition.

Looks like its building up nicely, anybody got any suggestions how we might get more ?
Quote from: "Niall"
First, let me just say that I don't like the male-bashing that's so much a part of Western culture any more than you do. I let my friends, family and acquaintances know why I don't like it and why I think it's harmful to both men and women in the long run.  

Having said that, I'm afraid I can't sign this petition since doing so would be a betrayal of my libertarian sensibilities. I am opposed to censorship of any kind, especially when it comes from the government. This kind of censorship would only set a precedent for a slippery slope for other groups to push for censorship for speech *they* might find offensive and harmful. The gender feminist and religious right's ongoing crusade for censorship of porn -- albeit for different reasons -- is a good example of this. As soon as you give the OK for censorship, where does it end? It can only lead to an Orwellian nightmare, and I personally think government intrudes into our lives enough already as it is. I'm of the mind that not only are government restrictions on freedom of expression harmful and potentially dangerous, they are not even necessary to defeat misandry, misogyny, racism or any other similarly repugnant forms expression. I believe those things can best be defeated in a free and open marketplace of ideas.

Just MHO.

Main / Realization
Apr 11, 2006, 01:46 PM
When something as traumatic as a family breakup happen, everything else becomes unimportant. We invest so much in our wives and family that life becomes empty and irrelavant without them.
All we ever want to do is share a dream with our loved ones, as Zarby has.
With time on our hands we have a choice to sit and beat ourselves up over what might have been, or move on to realise our dreams.
At times such as Zarby is going through I take my eyes off myself, and look for a possitive in the situation.
Many of your posts have demonstrated you all must do the same thing.
I would say to you Zarby ...You have realised your dream Bro, enjoy it, and let others enjoy it with you. Let this house have a purpose.I guarantee you will enjoy it bro. And so will others.
All the best

Please sign this petition to help stop Male bashing in the media.
Please send it to everyone you know so that we can send a message to every government in the world that we are sick of Male Bashing.
Quote from: "johnnyp"
That is a very troubling post.  Christian religion used to be one of the few parts of society that still respected men and also expected them to lead.

Dont worry Bro, God is big enough to look after himself :D
I see this often. These kind of posts are written by people who have never taken time to read the bible. If they had taken the time, they could see that they were spouting herrasy. Often the things that we want, and what God wants, are two different things.
You can change the rules of man, but no matter how you try, you will never change the rules of God. :D
Quote from: "typhonblue"
Quote from: "Galt"
Yikes - I had to think of that old saying "Be careful what you wish for - because you may get it".

Well, to be fair, she's holding up pretty well for a woman in her seventies.

Lol they should pay her to swim up and down Loch Ness.
Original Message -------- Subject: The Child Support Agency
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 12:24:51 +0100
From: Paul Summerfield [email protected]

Hi All

My MP for Portsmouth Mrs Sarah McCarthy-Fry has written to me asking my views on what changes need to be made to the Child Support Agency.

Apart from placing an atom bomb deep within the foundations of this building I need to know what coherent view do the men's groups have on what changes need to happen to create something in its place that is fairer to All.

Should all maintence payments be made and paid via the family court so at least the finances of parents are treated on an individual basis,this I feel should be the case but the problem is that the family courts are biased and therefore corrupt which I know from my own bitter experience of family court and the dreaded family solicitor.

MP Sarah McCarthy-Fry is having meetings with Sir David Henshaw who as I'm sure you all know is in charge of the so called complete overhaul of the CSA and Sarah wants your views on the matter so she can express your views while she is in consultation with Sir David Henshaw and the Secretary of State over this matter.

I would personally be interested to know if there is a coherent view on this within the men's groups.

Could you all possibly email your views back to me on this one which I shall pass onto Sarah McCarthy-Fry.

As I sure you all know all personal views on the matter can also be sent to
[email protected] .

Please also could you circulate this email to your forums so as I can get as many replies to pass onto my MP.

Many thanks

You can vote at the link provided, please share this link with other forums.

Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2006 9:05 AM

While in Antarctica Senator Barnaby Joyce calls for your opinion on EQUAL SHARED PARENTING TIME.
Please go to his website and VOTE.

Do you support equal shared parenting time? In light of the Coalition Government’s proposed changes to the Family Law Act 1975, I would like to hear from you.
The public debate regarding family law reform has, in recent times, centred on equal shared parenting time.

To ensure I have a clear understanding of community expectations of family law reform, your response to the survey question would be very much appreciated.

Thank you again for taking the time to participate in this important community debate.

Senator Barnaby Joyce
The Nationals Senator for Queensland