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Main / We have a winner
Apr 10, 2004, 08:15 AM
Thursday was a crazy day for me, because I had to get a lot of stuff done before being off for a 3 day weekend, so I had meetings, errands, and cross-checking on orders to take care of before I left.  I ended up working almost 12 hours before it was all said and done.  Just before lunch, I realized that I had already downed at least 2 cups of coffee and was working on my third before I remembered that I was not supposed to drink any caffienated drinks.  When the thought hit me, I said "SHIT!"  Those around me who heard me thought I spilled the coffee on me.

I told them that I just lost the bet, and they knew immediately what I was talking about.  Usually when I was about to drink coffee, someone would stop me, but this time none of them had thought about it, because we were just that busy.  Word spread quickly in the office, and I got e-mail saying that they either won or lost money.  

I called Ali and congratulated her.  She will be back to posting on Monday, because she figured that since she lasted this long, she can go all the way thru Easter.  Kudos to you, sis.  Congratulations.  The good news for me is that now I can watch the Mavs today.  ;)
Main / This just gets better and better
Apr 10, 2004, 07:26 AM
Here's the original story:

Here's the update:

And now an update of the update, which shows how screwed up our justice system can get.


Here is the text of the story:


04-09, State: Man chooses jail instead of sex offender registration

Associated Press

FORT WORTH -- A judge determined last month that a Bedford man had been wrongly convicted of molesting a 3-year-old girl, meaning he could finally go free -- at least on bail.
But even though he has been in prison for more than a decade, John Michael Harvey is refusing early release while an appeals court considers his case.
Harvey, who has always professed his innocence, would be forced to register as a sex offender on the outside. And he said he just can't do that.
"I came into jail innocent and that is the way I want to leave," Harvey said in a recent interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, which published his story in Thursday's editions.
"I don't want to leave a convicted child molester. ... My name was clean when I came in, and I want it clean when I leave," he said.


Why are they determined to nail this poor guy?
Main / Strange love
Apr 06, 2004, 04:18 PM
I'm going to stop saying "Nothing surprises me anymore", because I keep getting proven wrong.  This is some crazy shit, man.


Netherlands may ban bestiality
From correspondents in The Hague
April 6, 2004

DUTCH Agriculture Minister Cees Veerman has told parliament that he is planning a formal ban on sexual relations with animals to protect the rights of pets and livestock.

He was responding to the complaints of several lawmakers, who were outraged that a man accused of raping horses walked free on the grounds that the animals had not physically suffered from the rape.

"I am considering a change to the current law to make all forms of bestiality illegal," Veerman said in a letter to Parliament, adding he hoped to have a draft measure ready within months.

A group of parliamentarians had argued in a letter to the minister that sex with animals was a "violation of their physical integrity", considering that the creatures were unable to give or withhold their consent.

Current Dutch health law lists some treatment of animals as punishable offenses, such as castrating one's own cat or using a dog for forced labour, but does not mention sexual intercourse.

Agence France-Presse

Notice that article says the Netherlands MAY ban bestiality.  No doubt any law against bestiality will be thrown out due to the interfering with the right to cross-species love.  :roll:
Main / Another t-shirt ban story
Apr 03, 2004, 10:52 AM
Wasn't there an article about how some students wearing prolife t-shirts were also banned?  Why aren't they also $35,000 richer?

School to pay for lesbian T-shirt ban

NEW YORK, April 2 (UPI) -- New York City schools will pay $35,000 to a teenager for suspending her for wearing a "Barbie is a lesbian" T-shirt, the New York Post said Friday.

Natalie Hodges, now 15, was taken out of class in April 2002, held in an office for three hours, told not to wear the shirt again and then suspended for a day.

Hodges sued the city and the school system after the incident, claiming the treatment was part of systematic harassment leveled against her because she is openly lesbian.

The out-of-court settlement was announced Thursday.

Hodges now attends another high school, and said she will save the money for college.

The Education Department also agreed to set up a new policy that spells out students' free-speech rights and what they can wear.
Main / Nebulousone?
Apr 03, 2004, 07:35 AM
Those caffiene withdrawl symptoms?  They're a bitch.  My head was killing me yesterday.  As a veteran of hangovers, though, I managed to survive.  ;-)
Just when I think nothing surprises me anymore, something comes up that proves me wrong.

Strip-search hoaxes trigger suits against restaurants
By Steven Gray
The Wall Street Journal
March 31, 2004

The restaurant industry is struggling to handle a bizarre hoax in which outlet managers across the country have been duped into strip-searching employees or customers.

Last week, a man claiming to be a police officer called a Taco Bell in Fountain Hills, Ariz., and told the manager to conduct a strip search of a female he said had stolen a pocketbook. He gave a general description of what she was wearing.

Pulling aside a 17-year-old customer who roughly fit the description, the boss complied. As in the other cases, no stolen property was found, though this is the first search involving a customer rather than an employee. It might seem implausible that any manager could be compelled by an unknown caller to order someone to submit to a search for drugs or stolen money. Or that someone would succumb to such an examination.

But investigators say there have been dozens of similar cases since 1999, involving Burger King, Wendy's, Applebee's and others. Similar incidents have been reported in Indiana, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Utah and Ohio.

The managers and the victims of such incidents have been male and female. Investigators say they believe the hoaxes are the work of a single person calling from North Florida public telephones using a phone card. His likely motive, they say: power and perversion.

In the Arizona case, the caller remained on the phone to instruct the manager for each step of the examination, which included a cavity search, says Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Marciopa County.

The sheriff was surprised the manager believed the phony cop when he insisted that the girl would go to jail if she didn't submit to the search. "For any cop to call a private citizen and ask them to do a search is wrong and beyond my imagination," he said.

These cases raise complex liability issues: Last summer, a Burger King franchise in Odessa, Texas, paid $35,000 to settle a civil suit filed by an employee who alleged she was forced to submit to a strip search by a male manager who received a similar call. The manager was charged with "illegal restraint" and fined $500.

Last week, Wendy's International said it had been hit with four suits by ex-workers of Boston-area company-owned outlets.

Although these cases have been popping up for five years, they are beginning to gain the attention of the National Food Service Security Council, a group of restaurant industry security executives.

Council spokesman Tom Briggs, said the idea of managers falling for the hoax points to a serious training flaw. "Whoever this caller is must be a hell of a good con man," Briggs says. "You'd think nobody would fall for this."

The National Restaurant Association, Wendy's, Taco Bell and Applebee's are telling managers who receive suspicious calls to ask for a name and phone number, then hang up and call authorities.

"We're directing them not to take any action," says Laurie Schalow, a spokeswoman for Taco Bell, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands Inc., based in Louisville, Ky.

Since last month's incidents, Wendy's has sent letters making clear to restaurant managers that "searches of employees must be visual and not physical."

"And physical means under no circumstances will an employee be asked to removed articles of clothing that cover the torso, except for outer coats, shoes or a hat," says Wendy's spokesman Bob Bertini.

Experts in employee rights law and retail loss prevention say that courts have upheld companies' rights to search lockers and e-mail, for instance, so long as employees are told of the company's right to search its property. Still, most experts agree that strip-searching is an invasion of privacy. They say most companies move conservatively on tips about possible thefts, probing for evidence before accusing a worker.

Restaurants are cash-intensive and thus prime targets for theft of items such as food, as well as robberies, burglaries and theft of cash by employees. Still, experts say internal theft is preventable, if only by using more rigorous screening of prospective employees.
Main / "Passion of the Christ" confessions
Mar 31, 2004, 06:35 PM

"The Passion of the Christ" was supposed to incite violence against Jews.  However, had it happened, you would STILL be hearing about it now.  But instead, the movie seems to have stirred something else.  Why isn't the media all over this like lawyers on ambulances?  We all know why.
Main / Double dog dare to the extreme
Mar 30, 2004, 10:02 AM
Ali and I have proven more resiliant living up to our respective dares than we both imagined.  Therefore, Ali wants to add to what we are already giving up, because she wants one of us to crack.  With that, here's what's going to happen:

Starting April 1st and until Easter Sunday, in addition to giving up posting on Internet discussion boards and chatrooms, Ali will also give up even going on the Internet.  That means no even looking at Internet discussion boards.  This also means no PMs, no IMs, or any other messenger programs.   Lastly, this applies to e-mails except those related to her work.

Also for that same time frame, I will give up sodas, any drinks with caffiene, and any alcohol.  In fact, the hardest stuff I will drink is my kids' KoolAid.  This is in addition to what I've already given up:  sports.

By posting this here, I am telling her that I accept her little challenge.  All I can say is:  You're going down, Ali.  :twisted:
Main / Update
Mar 22, 2004, 06:35 PM
Been gone awhile, because the kids were on Spring Break, so I spent time with them.  I didn't get to see Ali this Friday like we usually do, but we e-mailed each other.  We both felt that it was time for another update.

I told Ali that if I made it past the halfway point, I would most likely make it all the way through to Easter of not watching sports or otherwise updating myself on sports (except for Ali's post-game e-mails of the Mavs' scores.  I wouldn't have liked watching the Mavs' current slump).  For Dr. Evil:  I was approached by friends and co-workers with the NCAA tournament bracket so that I could make my guesses.  They knew I was supposed to give up sports for Lent, and they were testing me.  Well, I passed the test.  It hurt, but I passed.

As for Ali, she admits that she has had many moments of desperately wanting to post, but so far she has resisted as well.  I think she has found the strength to resist because she just doesn't want to lose to me.  However, I think that her reading the board makes it harder to resist posting.  We'll see if she can last the rest of the way.

I think we have suprised each other by our ability to hold out against our respective vices.

Careful.  The organization mentioned in the article is very dangerous, and can corrupt your values and can bring down civilization.  They're obviously very bad eggs, this bunch, to raise so much ire and ado whereever they are.  You have been warned.
Main / Update 2
Mar 06, 2004, 12:18 PM
I met with Ali yesterday.  She mentioned before about how she used sports metaphors to translate her feelings into "guyspeak".  We agreed on the metaphors we each can use to communicate our feelings to the opposite gender.

For the guys, Ali's frustration over not posting can be described as thus:  It's the same kind of frustration that the Buffalo Bills felt with 4 consecutive Super Bowls, but no Super Bowl ring.  

For the ladies, my frustration over not being able to watch, hear, or otherwise keep up with sports can be described as thus:  Imagine going to the mall, but being limited to just one store, and it's the dollar store.

Maybe now each gender can share our pain.

She also suggested the poll above:
Main / False accusation retracted
Mar 04, 2004, 06:48 PM
Ali said that you guys would be interested in this article:
Main / Update
Feb 28, 2004, 09:58 AM
Ali also wanted me to give you an update on our respective situations.  Recall that for Lent, she gave up posting on Internet boards, and I gave up sports.  Friday, we talked about some slight changes, since we both agree that my sacrifice is greater than hers.  When it came to whether she could "surrogate post" (ask someone else to post a topic for her).  I said that it would be a way of getting around not posting herself, and for which she could annoy someone else until Easter, so I say that it shouldn't be allowed, given that my sacrifice is greater.  She also brought up chatrooms.  I also think think this shouldn't be allowed, as it is also a form of "posting", just in real-time.  Again this is because my sacrifice is greater.  As for e-mails or PMs, I think this is allowable, as it is only one-to-one contact, and not public.  I felt like I was negotiating with a lawyer after all that.  I only agreed to surrogate post the Viagra thread because she was so insistent, and that the timeliness factor wouldn't last until Easter.  However, I won't do that again.

She game me one small concession to my sports ban.  She will e-mail me the score of the Mavs games, plus any significant news, like Tim Duncan getting injured in the last game.  

As for how we're both doing, she said that there were several times she would have posted or replied by now, and it drove her nuts to not see a particular point or observation not picked up on in one thread or another.  As for me, I had no idea how habitual it was to check sports stories on the Net or to reach for the sports section or to check the sports channel.  It is really weird cutting myself off like that.  So far I'm holding out, but just the attention drawn to how ingrained sports is in my life was eye-opening.  I also found out that I am married with 3 kids.  Must have happened the last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl.
I am typing this with Alicia hanging over my shoulder.  She recommends someone posting the following article on the MS boards so that you can see what they say about it.

By the way, any married man could have told those guys that men and women respond differently sexually.  I wish I had that e-mail that has a LONG list of what turns on a woman sexually, then the guy's list was something like:  1.)  Show up naked.  2.)Bring beer.  Maybe one of you has that e-mail, and can post it here.
Main / Double Dog Dare
Feb 19, 2004, 12:02 PM
Ali asked me to post this, so that when she is absent starting next week, you'll know why.  We each gave each other a double dog dare on what to give up for Lent starting next Wednesday.  Now those of you know from childhood know that you can't refuse a double dog dare.  We challenged each other to come up with a sacrifice for Lent to give to the other.  My challenge to Ali was to give up posting on Internet boards for Lent.  I'd like to see her do that.  However, her challenge to me was worse:  I have to give up sports.  Watching, playing, reading, getting updates from the Net, cold turkey, man.  That's going to be real hard, but I'm going to do it.  In the meantime, she can't post on any board.  She can read the board, she can still get and recieve e-mail, just no posting.  We are going to see who cracks first.  I can post on the board, but I probably won't do much if at all.  Posting on boards doesn't appeal to me like it does Ali, and anyway I just don't have the time.  Anyway, she wanted me to post this, so you guys won't think she's gone away angry as a result of the other thread.  Dildos and dolls.  What a topic.  Well, I posted, so there.  To make this a thread for discussion, maybe you can post what you are giving up for Lent, if anything.
Main / Garage sales
Oct 25, 2003, 12:01 PM
I promised my sister that I would post a topic before I returned to getting buried under my work schedule and parental duties, so here goes.

My wife loves going to garage sales, and I never could figure out why.  She especially loves going to estate sales, and now I think I have figured out why.  Garage sales and estate sales tell you something of the psychological make-up of the person and the family that is having the sale.  

I got this revelation when we recently had a garage sale.  When my sister came by and saw my old clothes that I was finally getting rid of (some were from my college days back in the 80's), she looked as some of the shirts and said "Can you say, 'Duran Duran'?", which made my wife bust out laughing probably for 5 minutes.  I also had some old video game systems (remember Atari 5200?), and old electronics, and all this stuff on sale was like I was selling bits and pieces of my history.  When others come to look at my stuff, they get an idea of the kind of person I was back then.  Funny that I started getting philosophical about a garage sale, but selling my old stuff was like closing a chapter on my past life.  Bizzare, eh?  My sister's ideas must be rubbing off on me or something.  ;)

Anyway, do you think that garage sales provide such a psychological snapshot of the seller?
Main / Your buddy Analog Worms
Oct 16, 2003, 10:45 AM
Below are the texts of PMs sent by your friend Analog Worms.

"Your a fuckwit

Go fuck yourself you gay ass mother fucking little shit.

Fuck you. Fuck you.

You Cock sucking donkey raping shit eater!

Uncle fucking piss drinking queer!"

Do the rest of you still want to continue defending him?  I don't think he's worth it.

Dr. Evil, I ask that you block my PMs so that the cowardly little shit has to hurl his insults out here instead of behind the scenes.