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Main / Female Bigotry
Jun 19, 2008, 11:28 AM
The bigotry of this writer is astonishing

according to her women only ever kill their children as a result of mental illness but men never do - men kill their children out of spite alone

also according to her, fathers don't have the same connection to their children as women do

i left a comment but as it's a moderated site i don't hold out much hope that my expression of disgust for this piece of trash (the article not the author) will make it through

everyday i tell myself that the average woman doesn't feel like this woman does but it's a struggle and i'm finding it harder and harder to contain my anger

how long are we going to be called sub-human (ie not a woman) before we start acting that way?
Main / Screen name change
Jun 19, 2008, 09:21 AM
hey all  :greener:

i changed my screen name from Jimbo to Setaseba because another Jimbo is floating around the boards these days. I can get in plenty of trouble all on my own without his help

carry on  :sunny:
Main / Are men expendable?
Nov 26, 2004, 02:30 PM
I've read quite a bit lately, including in this forum, that implies or flatly states that men are expendable and/or disposable. I'm wondering whether the folks who frequent this forum believe this to be true, somewhat true or a myth.

Is this an opinion held by mainly women, mainly men or both? I've never understood the reasoning behind the assertion as I've always believed that men are definitely not expendable.

I've also noted that some posters see male labour as obsolete in our modern, technological society which IMO is patently absurd. If you've ever had a clogged septic tank you'd know what I mean.
Main / Speaking as a lone Canadian...
Dec 14, 2003, 12:59 PM
I can't speak for any of my fellow Canadians as that would be arrogant but here it is anyway. Congratulations America. I'm glad that you're finally going to get the chance to deal with this creature.

As a non-American, I've been sitting on the sidelines watching all the agonizing and self-doubt that's been evident on this and in other media about what you did and continue to do about 911 and whether is was justified or not.

As much as America is hated around the world you, as a people, have some very admirable qualities. You stand up for and believe in yourselves. Sometimes I wish that the Canadian people had half the backbone you do.

Again, congratulations to all the Americans who frequent this board.
Quote from: "AliciaGoMavs"
Quote from: "Jimbo"
Awwww Alicia. I pictured you as the kind of woman who loved all critters great and small. I'm very disappointed. :cry:

I have nothing against God's creatures great and small, they just need to be great and small---somewhere else.  ;)


So just what is this bizarre thing that women (not all but many, many, many) have against small furry rodentia? How can women possibly be afraid of something so inoffensive? I can't believe that it's due to repressed memories of being savaged by a hamster when they were little. What's the deal with that anyway?
In another thread Sir Jessy of Anti mentioned that the phenomena of metrosexuality arises out of women's expectations from masculinity or men's understanding of what women want.

One only has to look to the 'metrosexual' trend to understand that women's expectations of men are in constant flux.[/unquote]

I don't see metrosexuality as arising out of women's expressed needs. Rather, I see it as a form of narcissism. I think women see metrosexuals as being faintly ridiculous. That level of self-obsession is fairly loathsome to a lot of people. Women spend a large amount of time, compared with most men, on their appearance. Yes ladies, most of the inhabitants of guyland do find it a little ridiculous and obsessive even as much as we appreciate a well turned calf. Now, I expect an immediate response of "Yeah, but we do it because society/men expect us to look beautiful all the time". Having listened to women state categorically that they do it for themselves and not for men, I'll have to take that with a grain of salt. The truth is probably both and neither.

Metrosexuality is not a new phenomenon. Wigs, makeup and silk undies could be found on many a male in earlier times. It's the obsession with self and appearance that always arises in a decadent and jaded culture. In any society where there exists a moneyed upper class or aristocracy. People with disposable income and way too much time on their hands. I don't think women's preferences enter into it as far as why some men go this route.

How many of the ladies on this board would give a metrosexual a shot? If so, why and if not, why not?
Quote from: "AliciaGoMavs"
However, you are missing something.  Something big.  Something HUGE.  And....

I won't tell you what it is, you have to figure that out.  ;)

The rest of you guys are also welcome to figure out what Jimminator is missing.  Don't any of you ladies say what it is!

Well, you've certainly piqued my interest - something HUGE eh? Hmmmm.

BTW, thanks for not shoving MY points back down my throat.
Here's a question that I've been pondering for a while. First a little background. My SO is taking courses at night at our local university; she wants to get a bac in history. At the moment she is taking a first year course in logic and critical reasoning. Now, this IS a first year course so there are a lot of people in her class; about 200 all together with a roughly equal mix of men and women.

She is really struggling with the material on logic and is almost completely flummoxed by it. She can memorize the rules of logic quite well but when it comes to solving word problems she completely loses it. Being a math guy for a living, naturally she has been coming to me for help when all seems lost. While working with her she has told me that just about all the women in her class are also struggling with this material. Apparently there is one woman in the class who is doing very very well but she is the exception. The guys don't seem to be having problems or if they are they're not admitting it; at least according to her. So what's the deal there?

Traditional wisdom states that men are often better at logic than women. Not all and not all the time but often. So, if that's the case then are women better at intuition than men? Let me define what I mean by intuition: the ability to draw correct conclusions or arrive at a correct answer without conscious thought, reasoning or effort. I want to differentiate this process from "women's way of knowing" which almost invariably leads to some pretty hideous reasoning like feminist theory.

Anybody have any thoughts on the subject?
On my way to work yesterday I noticed a billboard advert that showed a newborn piglet wrapped in a blue blanket with the caption "It's a boy!" beside it. No company logo, no humorous small print - nada. I was sort of offended but I wonder if I'm being overly sensitive. Is it just me? Opinions on the content of the ad?

It seems to me that calling a newborn an animal or a pig is over the top. Since the billboard was located right next to a local women's shelter I think I know where the advert came from. I am curious why none of the local mom's (with or without boys) didn't start howling. I put in a complaint to the city council about it but I'd rather see the damn thing burned down.

This is probably the most blatant hate mongering I've seen in a long time. Anybody else seeing this kind of thing in their area?