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Main / Roe vs Wade (for men) Progress
May 04, 2006, 08:58 AM
Anyone have any info on how this is progressing?  So far all I know was that it was brought up in March.

Is there NO news on this?
Main / Vasectomy Facts
Apr 22, 2006, 11:34 AM
I have been curious for some time about what's the real deal with vasectomies and their effectiveness.

From what I've read they seem to fail because people don't go to the follow up exams to make sure eerything is fine.

So does this mean after you've had it done, and you get 3 consecutive results saying all sperm is dead or not present that there is no way in hell you can have another kid without having another procedure to reconnect the tubes? And even the reversal seems to have a lot of issues if you have the tubs cut as opposed to other methods.

So in short, if you do what you're supposed to are you 100% safe (pregnancy wise) after vasectomy?

If not, what's mucking it up?
Main / The Power of a Contract
Apr 22, 2006, 06:07 AM
I'm just curious. If you wrote up a contract with a woman you decide to sleep with (dates are left open ended) that any and all children created by your sexual relationship are to remain her sole responsibility. This would include removing the male from all parenting roles and prohibiting him from taking part in the child's at any point in the future.

If someone drew up a contract like that w/ the help of a lawyer, could it hold up? Kinda similar to a sperm donor contract, in a sense.

Anyone seen or heard of something like this?
So... do you guys here support the idea of being marriagefree? Avoiding marriage at all costs to spare yourself the hell that possibly lies within? Or would you rather attempt to enter the fire and hope your battle suit and tactics can save you?

Also, since it appears that a woman can cheat on a man and NO ONE will inform him if it's discovered that he's not the biological father... Should we all simple demand pregnant women to get the child tested and prove to us that we are in fact the father? In this case assume that the child isn't yours until you receive proof stating otherwise?

I mean could you imagine the uproar if women were made responsible for the children a man made with another woman? Or if this was like aliennation and the man gave birth to children, hence we could cheat and then have the wife unknowingly raise a child that wasn't her own.