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Main / Remember Hugo Schwyzer?
Jan 16, 2012, 12:38 PM
Looks like our old pal Hugo is in trouble for things he did in the past:

Schwyzergate and Questions It Raises

Quote: "I have been following with morbid fascination the recent online controversy surrounding Hugo Schwyzer, who teaches history and gender studies at Pasadena City College.

Feministe offers the most comprehensive overview of the issues that I have found. The short version is: an interview with Schwyzer was posted on the site. A number of commenters objected to it, for a variety of reasons; a number of others defended it. Then commenters began linking to posts on Schwyzer's own blog in which he disclosed (seemingly without full awareness of the enormity of what he was revealing) a past in that included sleeping with students (while he held the position he occupies now) and an attempt to kill both himself and ex-girlfriend, for which he escaped charges because the police assumed it was a mutual suicide pact, and he didn't enlighten them. Then all hell broke loose."

Have any of you been keeping on Hugo?  I used to but couldn't stand his "self-aggrandizing" as the author describes. 

Hope you all have been well.  I've been around but mostly lurking due to being very busy with work and personal life.  I just wanted to post this to the board because I know at one time Hugo was a regular here.

Be well,  J.B.

Main / More on the Gender Gap in Education
Feb 01, 2010, 12:48 PM
This is timely given Mark Perry's article.

New Studies Highlight Needs of Boys in K-12, Higher Education

She notes that nearly 60 percent of college students are female, but that most studies don't ask graduating seniors why they are making the choices they do. Kleinfeld chose to focus her interviews on Alaska students because Alaska has one of the highest college-attendance gender gaps in the nation.

Through her interviews, she found several reasons why boys are less apt to go to college. Some mistakenly thought they could earn high wages right away without a college education, deciding they would rather get paid for working than pay for college. Some had limited knowledge of the job market and little concept of how much it costs to live a middle-class lifestyle. Many simply disliked school and didn't want more of it.

Imagine - actually asking men and boys what they think and why they do what they do.  Why, that goes against every tenet of feminist social science 'reaserch' known....

Kleinfeld is one of the good ones, so this is very good news. 
Main / Six Arrested in Sorority Hazing
Jan 29, 2010, 09:06 AM
It will be interesting to see what excuses the women and/or media come up with for this. 

"Rutgers sorority members are accused of beating pledges during hazing"

The young pledge said she was told the beatings would "humble" her, that each flesh-rending strike with a wooden paddle would build love and trust between sorority sisters.
It wasn't hazing, she said they told her. The women of Sigma Gamma Rho at Rutgers University didn't condone hazing.

For seven nights the beatings went on, she said. In all, she was struck 201 times. On the eighth day -- unable to sit, her buttocks covered with blood clots and welts -- she went to the hospital. Then she reported it to the university.

NPR did a story this morning about feminists invoking Title IX to get colleges to stop using affirmative action for boys in order to try to balance the male/female ratio in college.  So much for the high-minded principle of "diversity" being a compelling state interest.  

This is truly a case of "chickens coming home to roost.  If there was ever a demonstration of the baldface hypocrisy that is feminism, this is it.

See for the story.  You'll need to scroll almost all the way down to find the link to the story, etitled "Do Colleges Favor Male Applicants?"  
Main / No Country for Burly Men
Jul 30, 2009, 09:17 AM
This is an excellent read.  See "No Country for Burly Men" by Christina Hoff Sommers. 

Nearly 80 percent of the jobs lost since December 2007, in fields like construction and manufacturing, were held by men. Thus, to respond to actual economic needs, the Obama stimulus plan would have skewed toward male-dominated industries. But feminist advocacy groups in Washington hijacked the stimulus, getting the administration to add funding to boost employment in (still-growing) fields dominated by women, like health care, education, and social services. Four months after the stimulus bill's passage, the lion's share of funding is not addressing America's real unemployment challenges.

No wonder the U.S. stimulus package isn't working - it's targeted at the wrong demographic, one that's already well-employed. 
Main / Nominations for "Mother of the Year"
Feb 03, 2009, 02:52 PM
See 4 Chicago women stab, beat man to death in courtyard, police say for details.

Four women--all mothers but one--were ordered held without bail Monday on charges of armed robbery and murder in Wilson's death. Authorities said his death stemmed from a drunken fight over a cigarette at about 2 a.m. Sunday.

Ah yes, those peaceful, caring, loving women.
Here's our chance to pitch men's issues to the President-elect.  I heard on NPR just yesterday that Michelle Obama plans to be a strong advocate for women's issues (she cited the bogus "70 cents for every dollar" pay gap stat) so we probably won't get any attention, but hey, what can it hurt?  Sooner or later something's got to give.

Here's the info, with links embedded: 

This transition is about selecting a new staff and agenda that will help reclaim the American dream and
bring about positive lasting change to this country. In order to do that, we want to hear from you.

Tell us your story and the issues that matter most to you. Share with us your concerns and hopes. - the
policies you want to see carried out in the next four years.

Time to write the President-elect and share with him our stories and concerns re. discrimination against men and how we would like to see our country change for the better. 
Main / S.S Edmund Fitzgerald - R.I.P.
Nov 10, 2008, 02:01 PM
November 10th, 1975:  SS Edmund Fitzgerald

Rest in Peace boys.  We remember you.
Main / Interesting Video
Nov 06, 2008, 11:17 AM
Some of you here might find the video "Why Is It A Crime To Be A Man?" addressing dads being thrown out of their homes interesting and/or enjoyable.

Main / Glenn Sacks' Website Down?
Oct 05, 2008, 07:22 AM
Has anybody here been able to connect with Glenn's website ( in the last few days?  Since Friday, every time I try I get a "Failure To Connect To Web Server" error.  I was just wondering if Glenn had taken it down, either temporarily or permanently, or if something is amiss.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. 
Main / "Snapped"
Aug 06, 2008, 09:47 AM
Another lovely show for the ladies: "Snapped"

"In a perverse and trashy sort of way, however, Snapped is a feminist program. It's payback time for all the male serial rapist-murderers who have committed violent acts against women over the years. Its stories add up to a crude evening out of the murder score with men. Snapped makes it almost refreshing to see women stand up and be murderers."
Main / The iPhone Discriminates Against Women
Jun 24, 2008, 09:00 AM
Check this out:"Women with long nails speak out against iPhone design."

Most people either love or hate the iPhone's touch screen, and based on a report on the LA Times, women with long fingernails are among the haters. Why? Well, since the iPhone's touchscreen only responds to electrical charges emitted by your bare fingertips, women with long nails are left out in the cold. A woman interviewed for the article went so far as to suggest Apple was being misogynistic because it did not include a stylus for women and didn't consider womens' fingers and nails when designing the phone.

So, if you don't bend over backwards to kiss the spoiled little entitlement pricesses butts you're being "misogynistic."  Got it.

What a bunch whiny, spoiled losers.
I was listening to "Bob Edwards' Weekend" in PRI last Saturday and he had on a guest, Mary Atwell, who has examined the role of gender in capital punishment, coming to the conclusion that - wait for it, wait for it - being a woman works against criminals when it comes to sentencing.  In other words, the Pussy Pass is mostly irrelevant, at least in capital cases.

Atwell's thesis isn't that women are the only people abused by the system. She doesn't argue that gender is the major obstacle a woman on trial for her life must overcome. But it is an added burden, Atwell says.

Uh huh, riiiight.

See  'Wretched Sisters' share dismal histories for the details. 

So many of her arguments are either specious or apply to men as well that I won't bother to go into it here, other than to say that this woman clearly has a severe case of looking at the world through feminist lenses. 
Main / Ladies: Quit Whining and Get to Work
May 12, 2008, 08:25 AM
Finally, a writer and newspaper with the courage to print the truth.  From an Op-Ed in the (Australian) Herald-Sun titled "Work, don't whinge, ladies":

"PROFESSOR Mark Wooden this week learned how shocking it is to tell people the surest way to earn more is to work harder.

Actually, that's not shocking at all, is it? Common sense, really. Refreshing.

But not if you're a certain kind of professional complainer. Then you gasp at the crass rudeness of blockheads such as Wooden. Literally gasp.

To illustrate, here's a report this week from "(The) pay equity gap between men and women in Australia will not close until women are prepared to work longer hours, an academic says.

"Social researcher for the University of Melbourne Mark Wooden said men were earning on average 15 per cent more than women because they put in more time at the workplace."

Quite true, of course, but read on: "The only male taking part in a National Press Club panel discussion about the pay equity gap, Prof Wooden's remarks drew gasps from the mostly female audience."

Gasps? Here were professional women being told of a link between hours and pay, and gasping?

I refuse to believe all these women, including ones as successful and seemingly bright as Minister for the Status of Women Tanya Plibersek, are actually so dumb as to not know that Wooden is actually right.

After all, we have laws banning people from being paid less just because they are women, and I know of not a single job where the pay for the sexes is different.

Do you? Nor can I imagine bosses paying less than market rates for workers in this tight market just because they are women.

And, indeed, Wooden wasn't sucking his opinion out of his trotter.

Read the entire Op-Ed - it's terrific and well worth it.
It looks like science and engineering is about to get a makeover, feminist style.  See The Gender-Equity Hammer Comes Out: Title IX at the door for the depressing story.

Main / Another False Allegation of Rape
Mar 20, 2008, 01:30 PM
One more for the list:

Woman pleads guilty to false rape report

Nault accepted a guilty plea from Katherine M. Clifton, accused of making false statements to a public servant.

Those statements led to the rape charge last summer against the professor who subsequently spent nine days in jail and was placed on leave from his job.

Clifton declined to comment at the hearing but filed a detailed statement saying that she had been sexually abused by her grandfather, who was convicted of rape of a child in 1994.

"In order to understand why, I have to explain what has happened to me in my past that has forever affected me," she wrote.

Clifton, who now lives in Ellensburg, was sentenced to serve 365 days in jail, with 357 days suspended, and to pay a $5,000 fine, with $4,750 suspended, plus other conditions that include probation and community service. Nault also ordered her to pay the professor's attorney fees.


"In hindsight, what was presented to us was an allegation of a violent rape," said Ian Goodhew, deputy chief of staff. "That doesn't mean the investigation stopped."

Clifton was "an extremely articulate and credible victim," said Sgt. John Urquhart, Sheriff's Office spokesman. "There was no reason to suspect she wasn't telling the truth."


On July 10, detectives contacted the professor, who denied all the charges and said he'd never seen Clifton off the school campus. He acknowledged exchanging e-mails with her but said the ones she provided to police had been altered.

The professor was charged with first-degree rape and burglary on July 12. The Prosecutor's Office asked for $500,000 bail, describing the professor as "an extreme threat to the victim and the community."

But as detectives continued working, it became clear that the text in the e-mails had been changed. None of the professor's fingerprints were found at Clifton's house. A sexual-assault examination found no evidence of rape.

The detective also checked on a supposed court order shown by Clifton to people at the college that seemed to bear the heading "In the Superior Court of Washington State for King County" and apparently ordered her not to talk about the professor.

But the judge's signature was illegible and the case number didn't match any King County filings.

On July 25, Clifton told detectives she had forged a judge's signature and made up a legal document on her computer.

On July 26 the charges were dismissed, and a day later Clifton was charged with making false statements to a public servant.

Clifton's attorney, Kelly Faoro, said her client has "extremely deep remorse" for the false statements and realizes that "none of this makes it any better" for the professor.

The professor now has his job back, but said in court documents that the experience would stay with him.

"Even though I did absolutely nothing wrong ... my rape and burglary with sexual-motivation charges, albeit false, will remain in the court records forever," he swore in one filing.

King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Shelby Smith said Clifton's actions will also "harm the community of sexual-assault victims," who will find their cases more difficult to pursue.

"Other victims will be treated with more scrutiny," she said.

A few things: 

-  False accuser referred to as "victim."  What happened to "alleged victim?"

-  Lots of excuses for the woman leads to a very light sentence (8 days in jail and $250 in fines).

- Tendency to believe women without question.

- Main concern for prosecutor is not justice, it's that "Other victims will be treated with more scrutiny."   Hmmm, shouldn't that be "alleged victims?"  And how is being more skeptical re. rape allegations when half of them are false a bad thing?

This kind of thing really burns me up.

Main / Defining Feminism
Mar 14, 2008, 12:55 PM
This may have been done before, but I thought it worthy of a new thread instead of burying it in the thread addressing ginmar's psychotic, hate-filled diatribes.

I always have questioned the way feminists insists that only they get to define "feminism."  Since when do hate groups get to self-define anyway?

The KKK defines itself as a 'civil rights organization.'

The Neo-Nazis define themselves as a 'political party.'

The White Supremacists define themselves as an 'ethnic pride' organization.

And the feminists define themselves as an 'equal rights political movement.'

Uh huh.

I think we need to hammer-home the fact that groups like the KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and feminists don't get to define themselves.  We should be insisting that we , the public, get to define them based on their actions, not their rhetoric.  Just like any other hate group.

So how would you define feminists?
Main / Another False Allegation of Rape
Mar 05, 2008, 11:30 AM
Here's a case to keep an eye on:  Clemson student arrested on false rape complaint

Police at Clemson University took the complaint so seriously that students at the school were alerted that a sexual assault had taken place on campus. Now, they have learned that the student lied about the rape and that raises even more concerns for everyone.

Eighteen year old sophomore Krutika Mediwala was arrested Thursday and charged with filing a false police report. Back in January she told police two guys knocked her down and assaulted her from behind in a dark parking lot on campus. . But according to the police, her story did not add up and she was arrested for the lie.

At least this time the liar was arrested.  I wonder what her actual punishment will be.

(edited once to fix link)
Main / Pussy Pass?
Jan 08, 2008, 06:05 PM
Sure looks like it to me:

Emotions run high at sentencing for fatal crash

When it was Sherri VanOost's time Tuesday to give a packed courtroom some explanation about what happened the day she plowed her SUV into the rear of another vehicle, killing an 11-year-old girl, all she could do was repeat "I'm sorry."

Anybody want to guess what a man would have gotten for the same crime?  Vote in the poll above.
Main / Death Penalty Pussy Pass
Dec 31, 2007, 03:37 PM
We don't often see the MSM admit this, so IMHO this article is noteworthy.

Death penalty rare for women
If precedent is an indication, prosecutors may face an additional challenge should they opt to seek the death penalty against Michele Kristen Anderson, 29, charged in the killing of six of her relatives near Carnation Christmas Eve:

No woman has been sentenced to die in Washington state. Of the 3,300 inmates on death row in the U.S. in the last complete count, only 49 were women -- less than 1.5 percent.

See the complete article for details.