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Apr 08, 2004, 09:07 AM took me a long time to realize it, but that's because I'm male, am on Ritalin and am biologically gene-deficient, but here goes:

Feminists ARE al Qaeda sleeper drag.
Apr 01, 2004, 11:47 AM
Hello, SYG-ers...I just sent this to California NOW, with a blind copy to Glenn Sacks ( ):

Hi, NOW-ers of California!

This email serves three purposes:

1.  To announce that your Imperial Weapon of Shame and Blame is out of ammo.  Men (and yes, women) everywhere (except those who you've bribed in Congress) have caught on, so therefore it has minimal effect;

2.  To thank your chapter for officially showing its true stripes:  you despise and reject all things male and masculine, even children (c' know you do...just admit it; the truth eventually sets you free.)

3.  June is Fathers' Awareness Month.  

Neal Gold

I TOLD you June was gonna be Fathers' Awareness Month!  

With lusty self-satisfaction,
Neal  :lol:
Mar 22, 2004, 05:49 PM
'Cause I say it is.

Pass it along...we don't need no stinkin' "official month" blessed by the gummint.
Main / A Feedback Letter to History Channel
Mar 22, 2004, 08:47 AM
Given that I've heard this for nearly 50 years, I think the water torture finally got to me.  So, I sent History Channel a feedback letter:

Boys Will Be Boys, hosted by Shannon Doherty.  A must-miss.

What is it called when men act like men?  What does a show consist of entitled, "Girls will be Girls?"

Although I tune in to History Channel more than probably any other channel, I urge you not to go down the path for viewership ratings.  It'll spell your doom.  Certainly I enjoy that your channel is but one of perhaps a half dozen that doesn't openly pander to and present quasi-scientific studies regarding women's issues.  As if we need one more.

Change the title to something else that doesn't sound as disapproving and dismissive  -- I can hear a thousand women clucking tongues, hands on hips, and tapping feet impatiently because men act differently then they do -- and then I'll probably watch it.
No, I do NOT work for Glenn Sacks, but there are some really great links here sure to give anyone the confidence to stand toe-to-toe with professional denial and truth-bending experts on the payroll of The FemBorg Kube, Inc., Ministry of Propaganda:

Kobe Bryant, Rape Shield Laws, and the
False Accusations Problem

For 16 years former Colorado prosecutor Craig Silverman was known for his zealous prosecution of rapists--prosecutions which have resulted in thousands of years of prison time for those convicted. Yet he is also critical of what he calls the "politically correct victims advocate's view" held by many Colorado prosecutors of "always believe the woman." He says:

"During my time as a prosecutor who made case filing decisions, I was amazed to see all the false rape allegations that were made to the Denver Police Department. It was remarkable and surprising to me. You would have to see it to believe it. Any honest veteran sex assault investigator will tell you that rape is one of the most falsely reported crimes that there is. A command officer in the Denver Police sex assaults unit recently told me he placed the false rape numbers at approximately 45 percent."

Silverman and Fox News Columnist Wendy McElroy point to many studies which confirm that false accusations are common, generally in the range of 40 to 50% Silverman and McElroy joined Glenn on His Side with Glenn Sacks on Sunday, March 21 to discuss the Kobe Bryant case, rape shield laws, and the problem of false accusations. To listen to the archive of the show, click here and scroll down to "Listen to the Show."

To learn more about the prevalence of false accusations of rape, see An alarming national trend: False Rape Allegations by Eugene J. Kanin, Ph.D and David Throop's False Rape Reports from Adults.

Also, see McElroy's Fox News columns Prosecutor Grandstanding Undermines Justice (1/6/04) and "False Rape Charges Hurt Real Victims " (7/22/03).

To learn more about the Bryant case, see Silverman's Are Those White Flags? (3/2/04) and Role Reversal (2/4/04).

In addition, Brian Carnell of has written several informative articles on false accusations--see:
Leniency for False Rape Accuser in the UK (10/6/2003)
Conviction in False Rape Case Yields 9 Month Sentence (8/25/2003)
Tucker Carlson and False Rape Accusations (7/27/2003)
How blind should justice be? (4/14/2000)

Also, see Hugh Nation's Some Facts About Rape and False Accusations of Rape (Transitions: Journal of Men's Perspectives, 12/94).

His Side with Glenn Sacks can be heard on KMPC AM 1540 in Los Angeles at 9 PM PST and on KKOL AM 1300 in Seattle at 11 PM every Sunday evening. To listen live via the Internet from anywhere in the world, go to Listen Live. Both radio and Internet listeners are encouraged to call and participate in the show live and on the air at 1-800-770-1540. All callers will be mailed a free CD of the show in which they appeared at their request.

To help support His Side with Glenn Sacks, click here. To get CDs of all previous and future shows, go to the His Side Store. To support the advertisers who support the show, go to His Side Advertisers. To advertise on the show, go to [email protected].
Here's a recipe for any woman who wishes to suck off the teat of plenty. It requires enslaving any male of not of power-elite status in the US by performing unethical and immoral acts, roughly in this order:

1. Accuse any man ever known to her as being father to X-number of her children -- if she doesn't want to do that, she can select any name from any phone book in the US. (If she doesn't know how to read, she can stand outside county jails and wait for a man to be released before asking his name...prior criminals are easy targets.)
2. Accuse him of rape with impunity (i.e., without proof);
3. Accuse him of battering with impunity;
4. File for current and back child support;
5. Charge him for an amount that will cause his name to be placed on the national deadbeat database;
6. Take out a restraining order against him, and call him when you know he's at work to leave a message for him to return your call. When he does, have him arrested for violating restraining orders;
7. File for upward modification of child support, irrespective that he's imprisoned and cannot earn a decent wage anymore.
8. Demand that he be placed on a prison work-release program, so that all the wages he earns will go to paying off her and state fees and penalties.
9. When finally released, the man can file for reimbursement due to his proven innocence -- but the state will stiff him for an amount that exceeds his wrongful-imprisonment compensation for his meals and lodging while imprisoned.

I'm not fabricating these: they are from stories appearing in the news and on this site during the last 6 months. Put them all together and you can reasonably devise the above.

What's even more unnerving is that there's nothing to stop one woman from doing the above to as many men as she can AT THE SAME TIME in a kind of extortionist gang-bang, until her infinitessimally small conscience begins to vomit from the horror of it all [There's an indirect relationship between conscience and money to women like this; the more money potential, the small the conscience resists immoral behavior.]

With the exception of the eternally mercenary among them, I'm sure that even women couldn't be callous enough to go through all the steps (unless carefully guided by commonplace Machiavellian attorneys).
Think the FemBorg Kube, Inc., isn't alive and thriving? Think again.

Old habits die hard. Unfortunately, Michigan has just established a precedent that is sure to have national impact. Beating up on men who cannot pay child support is just plain immoral.  A guest on Glenn Sacks' His Side reported that of the (unprovable) $7Billion Michigan is trying to recover from "deadbeats," 80% of men with C.S. debt of the quantity Michigan is pursuing earn $10,000 or less annually.

The sad fact that no one in power had the COJONES to stop the power-rush whores called "representatives of the people" gives us a glimpse into "how it's gonna be" in this country as well as others.

If passed, The Revolution will be on this decision's heels:
Main / Warehousing of Minority Males
Mar 12, 2004, 07:48 AM
There are currently 500,000 nonviolent drug offenders wasting away in our prisons and jails. Most share two characteristics--they are black or Latino, and they are male.

No...I do NOT work for Glenn Sacks!  :o

This disturbing feature of city life is no longer relegated to cities.  As discussed recently on Glenn's last show at there is a trend in law enforcement and law creation that continues to twists the thumbscrews on males.  And God forbid if you're a man who, through unemployment or layoff, has been forced to take a lower-paying job -- the Child Support Speznaz unit will be coming after you with a gnashing of teeth (relates to the story of Michigan A.G. Cox's bill introduced to the Michigan State Legislature to clamp down on and incarcerate -- damn I hate this term with a passion -- "deadbeats.")
Glenn and Diana Thompson of NFJA will be discussing the Kafka-esque bill before the Michigan State Legislature tightening the state's noose around men's throats.  

Michigan unemployment has left in its wake many men behind on child support payments, but do you think THAT knowledge impacts the peanut-brain of the state's Republican Attorney General, who's sponsoring the bill?

Glenn can be heard on

Look for the link to his radio show.  Check the website for air times.

This is sicker and more twisted than anything Franz Kafka could have imagined!  

Men, any woman on earth can claim YOU, even if they don't KNOW you, as the father of her illegitimate child.  Guess who the courts would favor in the majority of decisions?

There used to be a time when military service was it's a form of enslavement, sorry to say (as a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander).

UNCLE SAM TRULY WANTS YOUR ASS.  Get out while you have a chance.
Here's an email reply from Glenn concerning the topic:

Thanks--I'm planning on mentioning this on the show Sunday.
Best Wishes,
Glenn Sacks

Cross our collective fingers!
Feb 18, 2004, 12:45 PM
I nearly choked on my Y chromosome when I read this:

Cox is a cynical sack of shit -- a waste of meat!  [No, do NOT make fun of his name, Neal!]

I've written to Glenn Sacks ( ) to enlist his help to fight this.  If Michigan's legislature passes this, it won't be long for a majority of states to adopt it.  When that happens, it will effectively stop marriage, thereby handing over the keys to the kingdom to nihilists.

During an eight-month unemployment period, I got behind my child support by $4,400.  I'd be TOAST in Michigan.  The move to set the lower limit to $1,000 is outrageous and smacks of pandering to The FemBorg for votes.

Finally, remember what happens when arrested and sentenced for a felony:  no voting, no guns, no security clearance...the list goes on and on...
Main / Take Back the Life
Dec 04, 2003, 06:28 AM
Hotdamn! Even docile European "brethren" are beginning to protest their bondage.

Upon news that the raid on Pearl Harbor was successful beyond the Japanese's wildest imaginings, Admiral Yamamoto, commander of the invasion force, said: "I fear we have awakened a great, sleeping giant and now must face its terrible resolve."

A-freakin'-men, Brother Yamamoto.
Main / Upcoming Website: Useful Idiots
Dec 03, 2003, 10:35 AM
I've begun to record of the names of men (who I will term Useful Idiots) are STILL caving to shrieking feminists. When the revolution is over, and we've won -- as can be the only outcome to guarantee the continuation of the species homo sapiens -- I, for one of many, will be coming after them in some manner...or at least passing the names along for others to deal with.

I'm planning on a website detailing the facts surrounding these men...most of whom are judges, attorneys, or in the Legislative Branch of US government (Canadians are not immune). I know I open myself up for libel, but I am rapidly adopting a "catch me, f*ck me" attitude. I promise that the website will be in good taste, and will stick to the facts, period.

To participate, you merely need to send me a name with TWO authoritative claims -- public records (voting, for example), newspaper clippings, citations from creditable sources (books, reviews, etc.). I PREFER the names of the living, thank you. I will summarily delete anything without creditable documentation so that I won't get my ass taken to the cleaners in a media-publicized hearing or trial.

Yes, I believe that men in general are responsible for much of the mess that many of us experience today in terms of suffering at the hands of a b*tch-society. Sorry, but the day of being excused because of "good intentions" doesn't hack it; I understand that this is one of Satan's methods.  

Anyone want to send me their nominations? If you're serious, send me a private message; I'll reply with my email.
Sounds remarkably like a description of the methods of Feminazis:

NEAL'S Axis of Evil:  Socialism, Feminism, Fascism (although one is often indistinguishable from the others)
Main / A Gift from Canada
Nov 27, 2003, 07:55 PM
This is what I've been talking about and predicting for awhile:

Sooner or later, Feminism -- a form of socialism -- must pay tribute to the Socialist God of Appeasement. In a delicious irony, the very type of man Feminazis slander about personified in this article.