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Main / new forum
May 01, 2018, 02:08 PM
SYG is slowly being retired but there may be an alternative.  I have started a new private forum and would love to have the SYG faithful join in the fun.  If you are interested respond to this message and I will get back to you with the details via email using the email you have on your profile.

Main / Spring Cleaning - Long Overdue
Apr 15, 2017, 03:26 PM
I had been meaning to clean out some of the spam that has accumulated.  I think I got most of it, please let me know if you see anything I missed.

I also disabled the registration so we won't be getting more of that crap.  And so it goes.

Interesting times! 

Has everyone seen the Red Pill?
Main / Red Pill Movie
Nov 08, 2016, 11:34 AM
Be sure to check out the Red Pill Movie.  It is truly excellent.  Tells our story with truth and no apologies.  Feminist film maker shows her own ambivalence and disbelief in what she was hearing but then goes on to fight for our side.  This is a must see and is a great flick to recommend to others to get a starting sense of what we have all be saying for years.  At this point there are only limited screenings but it should hit Netflix and Amazon by February.  This could end up being a game changer.
Main / Some difficulties
Aug 29, 2016, 03:37 AM
Have been having some difficulties on the site.  This has prompted me to consider shutting things down.  I think it is likely time for SYG to close up shop.  What do you think?
Main / Sorry for the downtime
Jan 08, 2015, 08:52 PM
Sorry for the downtime.  The server burped. For three hours.  ugh
Main / Happy New Year
Jan 01, 2015, 06:16 AM
A hearty Happy New Year to everyone. :engel2:

This will be a big year for men and boys and a very tough one for feminists.

We have the documentary done by Cassie Jaye (the winner of the Cannes Film Festival best documentary) on the men's human rights movement.  Then there is the GQ article which is due out in March.  Both of those should bring a great deal of MSM attention to the issues we have been working to promote for many years. 

Should be a good one.
Main / upgrade
Dec 27, 2014, 01:12 PM
I am going to try and upgrade the board today and see if we can get version 2.0 running. There may be some time out here and there.

Ho Ho Ho. Ho Ho Fuckin Ho!  Merry Christmas!  Hope everyone is getting some good R&R.  2014 is going to be a huge year for men's issues.  2013 wasn't so shabby either but 2014 is going to be better!

Thanks Neoteny, good point!
Main / The Genetic Makeup of a Feminist
Apr 29, 2013, 05:51 AM
I have grown to believe that feminists have a unique genetic makeup.  I am sure that scientists will discover before too long that this is the truth.  Let's make a list of the genes that they will find.  Here's a start.

1.  The Entitlement Gene.  Scientists will find a gene that skyrockets a person's sense of entitlement and it will become a major marker for feminist genetics.

2. The Bitter Gene.  Enough said.

3. The Egocentrism Gene.  Yes, this gene will explain a great deal.  Feminist will be shown to have a genetic marker that drastically increases their concern for their own situation.  The obvious result is an inability to have compassion for others outside of their own group.

4. The Blame Gene.  This one will come with a behavioral marker that identifies the underlying genetics. The marker is the pointed index finger towards everything other than self.

5.  The Listening Impaired Gene.  This gene impairs the feminist's ability to listen to others points of view.

What would you add to this list?
Main / The NERDS Strike Back!
Mar 24, 2013, 05:25 AM

God bless the programmers!  Some overly sensitive, shame based, incredibly PC woman reported a joke she overheard from behind her at a conference.  She thought it was injurious to a climate that welcomed women into the sciences.  What a moron.  She got the guy fired.  Fuck sake.  But read what happened then!

A Dongle Joke That Spiraled Way Out Of Control
KIM-MAI CUTLERThursday, March 21st, 20131218 Comments
In an age of blogs, tweets, Hacker News, Reddit and Anonymous, an off-the-cuff joke can spin wildly out of control.

At least it appears that's what happened with PyCon this week when a sexual joke led to some very public firings, a virulent debate about women in technology, another virulent debate about public shaming, and now, a DDOS attack.

So here's what happened:

1) While sitting in the 10th row of a Python programming conference, a developer who used to work for mobile monetization startup Playhaven apparently made a joke about "big" dongles and "forking someone's repo."

2) Adria Richards, a developer evangelist sitting in front of them, called them out on Twitter and in a blog post for making the conference environment unwelcoming toward women. PyCon then escorted them out to the hallway.

"Women in technology need consistant [sic] messaging from birth through retirement they are welcome, competent and valued in the industry," she explained in a blog post.

3) Shortly afterward, Playhaven said it had fired the developer. CEO Andy Yang explained, "As a company that is dedicated to gender equality and values honorable behavior, we conducted a thorough investigation. The result of this investigation led to the unfortunate outcome of having to let this employee go." He added that the employee wasn't Alex Reid, who is the guy looking straight at the camera in Richards' tweeted photo. Reid still works for Playhaven.

4) The unnamed fired employee showed up on Hacker News by the name of "mr-hank" and apologized for the joke.

I really did not mean to offend anyone and I really do regret the comment and how it made Adria feel. She had every right to report me to staff, and I defend her position. However, there is another side to this story. While I did make a big dongle joke about a fictional piece hardware that identified as male, no sexual jokes were made about forking. My friends and I had decided forking someone's repo is a new form of flattery (the highest form being implementation) and we were excited about one of the presenters projects; a friend said "I would fork that guys repo" The sexual context was applied by Adria, and not us.

My second comment is this, Adria has an audience and is a successful person of the media. Just check out her web page linked in her twitter account, her hard work and social activism speaks for itself. With that great power and reach comes responsibility. As a result of the picture she took I was let go from my job today. Which sucks because I have 3 kids and I really liked that job.

She gave me no warning, she smiled while she snapped the pic and sealed my fate. Let this serve as a message to everyone, our actions and words, big or small, can have a serious impact.

5) After news that the developer was let go came out, Richards said on Hacker News that she didn't intend for the developer to get fired. She then started getting some incredibly degrading criticism on her Facebook page and on Twitter. I won't re-print it here, but you can just read the link. It's awful.

6) PyCon is still discussing how to change its code of conduct around reporting incidents like this one.

7) Someone claiming to know plans of the hacker group Anonymous posted a note this morning saying that it had acquired SendGrid's client list and was going to attack the company's infrastructure if the startup didn't fire Richards.

Adria Richards engaged in malicious conduct to destroy the another individual's professional career due to what she perceived as an affront to her own extremist views from a comment that was not directed at her, not meant for her to hear, and certainly not for her to provide unwarranted input on. As such, she should have her professional career destroyed just like her victim in order for justice to be rendered and balance restored to the universe. The hivemind's judgement is final and there is no appeal. No forgiveness, no forgetting remember?

8) SendGrid acknowledged that they had suffered a DDOS, or distributed denial of service, attack today.

9) And now, just hours ago, SendGrid's Facebook and Twitter accounts plus their company blog posted that Richards has been terminated:

Effective immediately, SendGrid has terminated the employment of Adria Richards. While we generally are sensitive and confidential with respect to employee matters, the situation has taken on a public nature. We have taken action that we believe is in the overall best interests of SendGrid, its employees, and our customers. As we continue to process the vast amount of information, we will post something more comprehensive.

SendGrid's CEO just posted the company's rationale for firing her. Basically they disagree with how she handled responding to the joke so publicly and say that she's no longer going to be effective in her role at the company. He didn't say whether the company could have offered her a different role.

A SendGrid developer evangelist's responsibility is to build and strengthen our Developer Community across the globe. In light of the events over the last 48+ hours, it has become obvious that her actions have strongly divided the same community she was supposed to unite. As a result, she can no longer be effective in her role at SendGrid.

In the end, the consequences that resulted from how she reported the conduct put our business in danger. Our commitment to our 130 employees, their families, our community members and our more than 130,000 valued customers is our primary concern.

Hold on. Wait, what? Did this even really need to happen?

Mix a single tasteless joke with the wrath of the Internet, and this is what you get.

It's incredibly out of control. None of this had to happen. I can't speculate about the firings, because they're often complex decisions that factor in more than a single joke or a blog post.

But it's important to be conscientious about off-color jokes in public or in a workplace.

Secondly, don't publicly shame people before discussing it with them in a more direct way -- whether that has to be facilitated by a third-party like PyCon or not. This is not to undermine the very real concern that the tech industry hasn't always been that comfortable for women.

I was reading Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography this weekend (really) and he wrote: "We win justice quickest by rendering justice to the other party."

Furthermore, as a tech journalist who has covered many conflicts between companies, going public is always the strategy of last resort. Otherwise, you risk instigating the unpredictable and fickle behavior of the Internet masses.

Then the third thing that's sad is the lopsided nature of Internet fury, which is largely directed at Richards' employer, not Playhaven for firing the developer. If you read the tweets and comments that are coming Adria Richards' way, it is some of the foulest kind of hate that the web harbors. Far worse than a dongle joke.

Indeed, this firestorm is a classic example of how the distance between people on the web can sometimes make us less understanding and empathetic to each other, not more.
Main / The Cloward Piven Strategy
Feb 02, 2013, 05:58 PM
These are interesting.  Beck's take on the Cloward/Piven strategy that Peter and others have been discussing from time to time.  It starts to make sense of some of what we are seeing.  Trying to run the debt up so high that the only result will be a crash.  See what you think. 

The Cloward/Piven Strategy 1

The Cloward/Piven Strategy 2

The Cloward/Piven Strategy 3
Main / Obama's slippery eel impersonation
Oct 19, 2012, 11:31 AM
At the debates Obama responded to a question from Romney about the circumstances surrounding the Libyan Ambassadors death and why it took the administration so long to admit it was a terrorist attack and not a response to a silly movie.  Obama then claimed that he had labelled it a terrorist attack the day after the event and then asked the moderator to verify this.  Crowley, the moderator, acted like an obedient cow and claimed that he had indeed called it a terrorist attack and she had seen the transcript.  Doesn't this seem a bit odd?  How would she have gotten the transcript? Did Romney also get that information? This just seems so blatantly underhanded.  But to make matters worse there is a video of Obama's talk that day on youtube. Guess what? He never really says that it was  a terrorist attack.  That is really stretching it.  He talks about 9-11 and then refers to our not ever being tolerant of terrorist attacks...and some could twist that to make it seem as though he connected the dots and called this a terrorist attack but there is an equal and in my opinion, more compelling evidence that he made no such statement at all. If that is the case then obama somehow got the moderator to lie in order to look good on tv.  Why am I not surprised?  What a snake.

Listen at the 3:00 mark to him say that the US, since its founding, has been a nation that respects all faiths.  We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. etc etc.  Now why would he bring this up if he felt this was a terrorist attack?  He is openly referring to the silly movie that was used for a week as camouflage.

The at 5:00 he changes the topic and starts talking about 9-11 and his visits to memorials the day before.  After this he says at about 5:50 is "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation."  Now, is he referring to 9-11? Is he referring to the Libyan situation?  From my hearing it seems to me he is talking globally and in no way is saying that this was a terrorist act.  If I am right then Crowley is an obama plant who is fudging the truth.  I bet she will get plenty of bennies from this one.  I think a good case can be made for this, particularly his earlier mention of "denigrating religius beliefs" etc.  If he really thought this to be a terror attack he would have absolutely no reason to bring that up.

So what do you think?

President Obama on Killing of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Libya
So it looks as though the dv industry has become the present day SS.  

Phyllis Schlafly is outraged over charge of domestic violence against San Fran sheriff
Published: 1 day ago
by PHYLLIS SCHLAFLYEmail | Archive
Phyllis Schlafly is a lawyer, conservative political analyst and author of 20 books. Her latest is "No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom." She co-author with Suzanne Venker "The Flipside of Feminism" published by WND Books. Schlafly is founder and president of Eagle Forum.

Eliana Lopezand Ross Mirkarimi

A very public marital melodrama is now playing in San Francisco. It shows the idiocy of domestic-violence laws and the extremism of the feminists whose ideology paints men as innate batterers and women as victims of the patriarchy.

The target of their current campaign is the elected sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi. After six months of demeaning publicity and headlines like "Sheriff arrested for wife beating," last week the city's Ethics Commission voted 4 to 1 against him. He has been suspended without pay and may soon be fired.

The saga isn't over yet, but the story is so bizarre that it deserves to be told nationwide. The accused has my sympathy, even though he is a left-wing Democrat. Yes, I believe that leftists deserve due process and fair treatment in our criminal justice system.

The local prosecutor charged Mirkarimi with the crimes of domestic violence and child endangerment, which sound bad, but the evidence was trivial. The domestic-violence charge was based on Mirkarimi grabbing his wife's arm during a New Year's Eve argument, which allegedly left a bruise, and the child endangerment charge was based solely on their toddler (who was not touched) merely being present when this argument took place.

Mirkarimi's wife, Eliana Lopez, never made any complaint, and she publicly defended her husband. She is an intelligent adult, a former Venezuelan telenovela star, who is perfectly able to make her own decisions.

At Mirkarimi's arraignment, Lopez declined to paint herself as a domestic-violence victim. She told the judge, "This is unbelievable. I don't have any complaint against my husband."

Lopez added, "This country is trying to pull my family apart. This is the real violence, I believe." She made a written statement saying that the episode was "completely taken out of context."

Outside the court, Lopez told reporters that "this country has not allowed me to work on my marriage in a healthy way. I feel like ... everybody is using my family, myself, in a political game just to destroy Ross. ... This country is destroying my family."

Mirkarimi's trouble was aggravated by a picture taken by a neighbor - not of the argument - but only of the bruise on the wife's arm. Lopez did not authorize the release of the picture to the police.

A picture of a bruise is meaningless, especially when no one is claiming to be hurt. Some people bruise easily. Many people get ugly bruises playing sports and apparently enjoy every minute of the game.

Lopez did not request a restraining order, but Judge Susan Breall issued one anyway, forbidding Mirkarimi to see his wife or son or to go into his own house. He hasn't seen them for many months.

Faced with defending himself at a criminal trial, Mirkarimi agreed to a plea bargain, which involved pleading guilty to one misdemeanor that does not include domestic violence. The prosecutor dropped the three original charges, but Mirkarimi was sentenced to three years' probation, 52 weeks of domestic-violence classes, 100 hours of community service, a $400 fine and required attendance at family counseling.

Why is this minor marital argument, in which no one is complaining, the government's business? Where are the liberals, libertarians and gays who are always demanding that the government get out of the bedroom?

Based on the newspaper reports, it appears that this country is, indeed, determined to destroy this family. The prosecutor, the judge, the cops and the neighbor have all contributed to the problem.

Most of all, the marriage is being destroyed by U.S. laws that encourage marriage breakup, divorce, arrests when no victim makes a complaint, restraining orders designed to separate family members, hearsay used as evidence in court, child punishment that is called child protection, child-custody disputes instead of shared custody, always blaming the man, assuming the woman is incompetent to assert her own interests, police policies that require the cops to arrest somebody (guess who that always turns out to be), exaggerating a minor argument into a criminal case and ignoring the marital privilege.

The feminist lobby has intimidated most public officials from speaking out against the abuses committed by those who allege domestic violence, but one brave San Franciscan has spoken up in Mirkarimi's defense. Former Mayor Art Agnos said, "I know this man and this woman. They love each other. They support each other. They love their child. They want to be together again. It does not rise ... to anything close to domestic violence."

Alice Walkers daughter speaks out about the loveless neglect she suffered from her mother's radical feminism.  This is what a feminist looks like.

Main / DV embezzler gets 2 years in prison
Jun 08, 2012, 04:28 AM
Now you are talking.  A woman who embezzled money as a director of a Rape & Victim Assistance Center has gotten a two year sentence.  I hope that more focus is put on the crooked DV industry that is built on lies and obfuscation. Shake the tree and lots of nuts are going to fall.
Main / New Video on DV and protective orders
Jun 06, 2012, 06:26 PM

Hmmm, looks like they may be blocking embedding.  You should be able to click the link at the bottom of the video frame and it will take you to the vid on vimeo.

Protection or Punishment on Vimeo

Main / Ah, some good news!
May 04, 2012, 05:41 AM
Well, how about that, check out this article from the BBC that begins to tell the story that we have been telling for many years.  Breath of fresh air.
Main / New Male Studies Journal Online
Mar 21, 2012, 04:33 PM

Here's a link to the new male studies journal:

The misandrist Obama gives all of the non-alphas of the US a heads up on how to treat women:

President Obama has a warning for America's men: Don't forget today is February 14th.

"Let me start with a quick public service announcement to all the gentlemen out there: today is Valentine's Day. Do not forget," Obama said during remarks Tuesday. "I speak from experience here. It is important that you remember this."

"And go big. That's my advice," the president added.