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Main / Ross's concerns
Jul 03, 2009, 02:50 AM
Actually, although I don't agree with Andy on much, he is pretty much staying within the *written* rules (cf. Rule 1), whereas the vocal and intelligent Gonzman is violating the rules left and right, for instance here (cf. Rule 2):

"Oh - Andrea?  So far, asshole, the opinion is 100% that your statements are full of shit."

There's just no getting around the fact that the administrator would warn - and has warned - anyone else doing that in the past. He warned BQ for calling someone an asshole in a less caustic way.

I realize that I could also skirt the rules by saying Gonzman "seems like a genius to me", but I said it directly above because a warning or a ban would only emphasize the blindness / partiality of the administrator.

Yeah, and here comes a stream of filth-filled insults, full of impotent rage, from the safety of his keyboard for me saying that. As usual.

Why have the posted rules if they aren't even followed? You simply lose credibility like Wendy's old site.
Main / Don\'t people have air-conditioning?
Jun 20, 2006, 05:41 PM
I don\'t mean to make light of this, because a lot of interesting people seem to be storming off all of a sudden, but don\'t people have air-conditioning?

I can only think that the onset of summer is doing this. The interesting reading here is going to drop off if people quit posting.
Main / Anniee
Apr 21, 2004, 02:59 PM
If anyone is curious as to what is going on here, here are a few facts:

Anniee was thrown off this board and then started her own board, with hardly any traffic up to today.

Anniee is a housewife with not much else to do except to work Internet message boards 24/7 while her husband works to pay for everything.

Anniee likes to use aliases, she likes to stir up trouble, and she has already been at the center of many dramas on many boards.
Over on the MND boards:

A poster named NEO was either banned or had a talking to (don't know which), so he registered over there as "Karen Hawkins", a recently divorced romance novelist who really exists on  He had an avatar showing a bit of cleavage etc.  It was intended, I think, as a practical joke to see which of the men's activists would bite and "renounce their principles" so to speak.

So only two bit - a poster named Kurt Birk and the guy who runs the site, Braveheart.  I think Braveheart called her a "hottie", and he ran down there to welcome her, which he never normally does.

So when it was revealed that NEO was really behind it, Braveheart gave a ha-ha kind of post.  NEO came on as some binary number and further embarrassed Braveheart with details of his practical joke.  Braveheart then later ERASED THE ENTIRE FORUMN and posted a notice about there being no more misogynistic comments etc.  It was quite a coincidence, to say the least, right after he was heavily embarrassed.

So I posted that I thought that may have been a reason or at least a contributing factor to the erasure of the entire board.  My post was instantly deleted, and I was banned.  Then I saw two other posters simply make mention of the fact that they had seen my post, and all of the posts were once again erased.  I don't know if those posters were also banned.  All they said is that they saw my post.  At present, there is only a notice over there about people not making misogynistic comments etc., otherwise the entire forum has been permanently erased.  I called it a scorched-earth policy in my post.

I find that amazing.  Maybe Braveheart can give his side of things here.  If I misrepresented anything, maybe he can correct me.