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Main / Women - beasts of burden
Oct 29, 2006, 03:35 PM
Women - beasts of burden.

Why did the men of the past not collude together and both breed and 'domesticate' women in much the same way that they did with cows and horses?

Why is it that women were not penned up in stables and treated like beasts of burden?

It would not be that hard to do, surely?

So, what stopped men from doing this?

This might sound like a silly question, but, on the contrary, no feminist can answer this question without fundamentally contradicting the ESSENTIAL basis of feminism; viz, that men have always oppressed women.

Try to answer the question yourself and see where it leads you.

Better still, ask a feminist - and watch her squirm.
Main / Lies Lies Lies
Apr 24, 2006, 01:51 AM
If I was an American I would be writing furious emails to the Washington Times over this disgusting and untruthful piece by Liz Richards.
Main / psychological testing
Apr 02, 2006, 06:37 PM
In one of my posts recently I decried how some psychologists and other social scientists often put too much faith in the results of their various experiments and tests.

And when, for example, they are testing men for possessing factors associated with, say, their propensity towards domestic violence or child abuse etc, it seems to me that they are often being unethical, e.g. as per my piece about the Abel Test for Sexual Deviancy ...

Well, what follows is a short piece describing how a test that simply tests for drug abuse with a purported 99% accuracy level will, in fact, lead to about ONE-THIRD of those who fail the test being inaccurately categorised as drug abusers. (A basic understanding of probability theory is required.)
Main / Fan mail
Mar 02, 2006, 04:14 PM
Fan mail


[email protected]

Subject: Id like to thank you.....

Why are you called Angry Harry? Thats my friends name, and shes a girl. and shes nice, and she likes to work, and she doesnt think that a knife holder is offensive. whats your beef? get a life, a job, a woman that loves you and get laid. thats clearly your problem! its crazy. you really expect that your movement is going to go anywhere with over half the population being female? are you blind? BLIND LIKE STEVIE WONDER!? honestly. did your mum mistreat you? you need help. hang yourself. do the world a favour. how dare you put these digustingly stupid vomit inducingly crap badly spelt poorly laid out under managed un researched ideas to me. and the idiots who phone the POLICE about a knife block... are they REAL?! its a fucking storage compartment for knives, the figure represents a PERSON (hense no genetalia) and is a joke or novelty item. as in, its not a personal dig at men, and if you cant take it, then your not a man. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!

ps good luck with everything your doing for the complete reversal of social development of the past 2000 years.

anyway, thats just my opinion, which i feel you should know, as i seem to have yours pushed in my face. you dont stand on streets with clipboards do you? because id hit you right in the baby maker if somone with one of these stupid campaigns stopped me in the street. and im a woman. and violence against men is just as wrong as violence against women. its called equality. its what we have, and im fine with it. i look forward to your response.

[email protected]
Main / want a link from AH?
Aug 25, 2005, 10:40 PM

This message is derived from part of my new automatic message system ...

I am currently sorting out a LINKS page for men's blogs and sites that have some SIGNIFICANT bearing on men's issues.

If you would like a link to appear on this page please send me the following information

The NAME of your site - and the URL
Your FIRST NAME - e.g. Tom
The YEAR of your birth - e.g. 1974
Your JOB - e.g. administrator
The TOWN where you LIVE - e.g. Sydney
The COUNTRY where you LIVE - e.g. Australia

Thank you.


You can email me at [email protected]

(Dr Evil - can I please have info concerning the last four items.)
Main / Goodbye Feminism
Aug 21, 2005, 10:17 AM
For about the first half of the last century, the media - which heavily influence the way that people think and, hence, behave - was very much in the control of the governing elite.

For the second half of the last century, the media expanded, and women and feminists managed to dominate the agenda and the propaganda that emanated therefrom.

But now the internet has arrived.

And it is managing to exert a huge force.

And some 80% of the political activists on the internet are men.

Tra la la la la!
Main / Al-Qaeda diffuse, still deadly
Jul 09, 2005, 09:32 PM
Dallas News - yesterday

... Four years after President Bush declared a "global war on terrorism," his strategy of attacking Islamic terrorists with military force and secret intelligence operations has reduced the threat in some ways but aggravated it in others, analysts say.

... Mr. Bush also counts the removal of Saddam Hussein through the U.S. invasion of Iraq as a success in the war on terrorism, despite official findings that Mr. Hussein never collaborated with al-Qaeda and got rid of his weapons of mass destruction years before.

... But even with such achievements, the terrorist threat has grown more dangerous and global, experts say, feeding on its own successes – such as the bombings in London last week – and using the U.S.-led war in Iraq as a recruiting tool. By necessity, al-Qaeda has evolved into a decentralized organization with terrorists linked together more by common ideology than an actual command structure.

... "Everybody wants to say that we're safer because we've done all these wonderful things," Mr. Swetnam said. "Unfortunately, we're not safer today."

... The Internet and other new technologies also have empowered terrorists, he added, spreading bomb-making knowledge and making global communication – and thus propaganda – easy.

Anthony Cordesman, a military analyst with the moderately conservative Center for Strategic and International Studies, noted that violent Islamic movements predate Mr. Bush's war on terrorism by many years.

"We don't see any clear trends here," Mr. Cordesman said. "It's a movement that might accelerate if we did nothing. And it obviously is a movement that has in some ways accelerated since we did something."

... By the U.S. government's count, the number of terrorist attacks since the global war on terrorism began has soared, though the method of counting has been the subject of testy disputes.

...  the new National Counterterrorism Center determined that the number of attacks in 2004 was a record high 651, resulting in 1,907 deaths.

... "2003 was the worst year for significant acts of terrorism since 1982," said terrorism analyst Peter Bergen, author of a book on Mr. bin Laden. And 2004 was "three times worse than 2003. If we're looking for metrics in the war on terrorism, how about terrorist attacks as one of them?"

... Mr. Pape said the continuing U.S. military presence in Iraq, meanwhile, has become al-Qaeda's biggest "rallying call."

"The war in Iraq is making the war on terrorism harder to win," Mr. Pape said.

... he U.S. military action and subsequent efforts to establish a Western-style democracy in Kabul have inflamed Islamic radicals in Pakistan and Central Asia. And in recent months, U.S. forces in Afghanistan have confronted a resurgence of Taliban fighters.

...  Mr. Bergen warned that Iraq is serving as a training ground for terrorists who can be expected to use their skills elsewhere in the world later, just as Mr. bin Laden and others learned to handle explosives and weapons in Afghanistan during the jihad against the Soviet occupation of that country from 1979 to 1989.
Jackson victory - a great victory for ****men****



(Don't even think about suggesting otherwise.)

Prosecutor faults judge for freeing employee

Justice lifted $30,000 bail and ordered jail to release bailiff accused of domestic battery.

By Vic Ryckaert
[email protected]

The county prosecutor says Marion Superior Court Judge Grant Hawkins crossed ethical boundaries this week when he ordered the jail to release one of his employees after she was arrested on domestic battery charges.

Hawkins on Thursday said he made the right decision when he eliminated bailiff Cathy Wickersham's $30,000 bond hours after her arrest for allegedly slapping her estranged boyfriend Tuesday night.

"If anything looks wrong, it's that she got treatment that 10,000 others would not get because I knew enough of the back story to be confident in my release decision," Hawkins said.

Prosecutor Carl Brizzi thinks Hawkins abused his authority. Brizzi said he has not decided whether he will file an official complaint with the Indiana Supreme Court.

Wickersham, a bailiff in Hawkins' court since 2002, was arrested at a home in the 6100 block of Monteo Drive that she once shared with Christopher Buckley, the father of one of her three children.

Marion County sheriff's deputies were called to the home about midnight after the couple had been arguing. Buckley, 28, told police Wickersham slapped him. Wickersham claims Buckley hit himself in the face so police would place her under arrest.

On a typical battery case, first-time offenders are often released shortly after their arrest without having to post bond. But the county's rules require a minimum $30,000 bond on anyone accused of domestic abuse.

Wickersham, 28, earns a salary of $23,619. Hawkins, who learned of her arrest Wednesday morning, said he knew she would be unable to raise the $3,000 needed to gain her release.

"The reason for (a higher than standard) bond in a domestic relations case is you want to guarantee a cooling-off period, you want to heighten the likelihood that a person will appear in court," Hawkins said. "She's got three minor kids. She works in the court. I knew she wasn't a menace to herself or others."

Confident that Wickersham posed no threat, Hawkins sent an e-mail to Judge Clark Rogers, who was assigned to preside over the case, explaining the situation and seeking to hasten Wickersham's release.

Rogers did not respond to Hawkins and instead contacted Court Administrator Mark Renner and explained he had concerns that Hawkins might be putting him in a situation that violates judicial ethics.

Contacted Thursday, Rogers declined to discuss the case and deferred comment to Renner.

"He was very uncomfortable," Renner said. "He called me to put me on notice and to make sure there was a record of his concern and his refusal to discuss the case."

Later, defense lawyer Arnold Baratz spoke to Rogers on Wickersham's behalf.

"He basically said he wasn't going to OK it, but if Judge Hawkins wanted to do that it was OK," Baratz said.

Baratz relayed the conversation to Hawkins, and Hawkins authorized Wickersham's release. However, Renner said Rogers never agreed to free Wickersham.

Had Rogers expressed those concerns, Hawkins said he never would have authorized Wickersham's release.

Hawkins thinks he made the correct decision but now wishes he had contacted Rogers personally before acting.

"My concern is not whether she's guilty or not; that's for the system to work out," Hawkins said. "The question is whether or not the need for the $30,000 bond applied."

Henry Karlson, a professor at Indiana University School of Law-Indianapolis, said the facts of the case suggest Wickersham likely would have been freed without bond or on a low bond within a couple of days.

Hawkins' actions are inappropriate but not egregious, Karlson said.

"It's not that it's the wrong decision, it's that it gives the appearance of impropriety," Karlson said.
Main / Why I like Hugo
Jan 26, 2005, 05:00 PM
I heard Hugo on the Glenn Sacks show, and I have also read a ***little*** of his stuff.

And while, on the one hand, he aggravates me deeply. On the other hand, I rather like having his 'type' around.

Many of the things that he says are so profoundly and demonstrably wrong, muddle-headed and shallow, that it makes me feel far more comfortable and secure in my activism - and in my point of view.

And that's power!

And this presumably applies also to many other men's activists.

And this ***multiplies*** the power.

That man is doing us a service!
Main / Porn
Dec 28, 2004, 11:34 PM

could you perhaps showcase a lovely small-breasted female on your homepage sometime soon?

Well. Funny you should mention that, because ....

Did you know that pornography can widen your sexual horizons?

Interesting, eh?

One day you are, apparently, drooling over 44Ds - and nothing else.

Two months later 34B will also do.

Six months later, you don`t care either way any more.

Now that`s BIG POWER!

Of a sort.

Main / A question for the ladies.
Dec 20, 2004, 07:52 PM

Is it true that most women prefer men who are 'dominant' over them - where I use the word 'dominant' in the loosest of senses.

Is this what you sense from your girlfriends - or not?

Main / Site Removed?
Dec 14, 2004, 08:03 PM
I could be being paranoid here, but it looks as if angryharry has been pulled off the server.

If so, I know why.

But, assuming that angryharry is already now (or was ever to become) extinguished, what would activists recommend that someone like myself should do?

And what if other men's activist sites kept being pulled down?

What should men's activists do?

Main / Racism in the USA
Nov 07, 2004, 09:06 PM
This is probably going to sound like a really stupid question but, being a Brit, I would really llike to hear from any black males lurking around here about the racism that they experience in the USA.

I do hear a lot about this via the mainstream media, but given that I do not trust the mainstream media in the UK, it would be really interesting to hear the views of some ordinary men.

Is racism a real problem? Is it getting better? Worse?

Do black males feel more discriminated against because of their colour or because of their gender?

Main / Sneering women
Oct 05, 2004, 11:41 AM
Clearly womyn have a better understanding of collective effort and in my experience, the level of dysfunction in the father's movement is, I believe, gender specific.

On my website I have the following question for such horrible misandric women ...

Why did men not enslave women and breed them like cattle given that there was no-one around to stop them?

They have no decent answer to this question.

They **have** to admit that men - on balance - have helped women enornously.

And should they stop doing so, women have had it!