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The MHF has sent a copy of its new report showing that men are nearly twice as likely as women to develop and die from virtually all of the cancers that can affect both sexes to Patricia Hewitt, the Secretary of State for Health, and to Professor Mike Richards, the cancer 'tsar'.

If the reverse had been true we would have heard about it decades ago...
Main / New gender war
May 17, 2007, 01:45 AM
Sorry if someone's already posted this link:

John Beynon, a Welsh cultural studies academic, examined how masculinity was portrayed in the British quality press including The Times, The Guardian and The Sunday Times over a three-year period from 1999-2001 and in books such as Susan Faludi's 2000 best-seller Stiffed: The Betrayal of Modern Man. Beynon concluded in his 2002 book, Masculinities and Culture, that men and masculinity were overwhelmingly presented negatively and as "something dangerous to be contained, attacked, denigrated or ridiculed, little else".
Now that the prizemoney for men and women are equal at Wimbledon I thought it would be interesting to compare the cost of debenture seats for the last few matches:

Tue, 3 July: Ladies Quarter Finals 750.00 
Wed, 4 July: Mens Quarter Finals 1450.00

Thu, 5 July: Ladies Semi Finals 850.00 
Fri, 6 July: Mens Semi Finals 1650.00

Sat, 7 July: Ladies Final 975.00 
Sun, 8 July: Mens Final 1950.00 

So around twice the price (or demand) for the men's matches. So they not only work much less for the same money, they are in far less demand and raise less money! :angryfire: :angryfire: :angryfire:
Main / Another dirty old woman
Apr 27, 2007, 10:09 AM

At 75 years of age, Angela McKimm's romantic adventures were behind her. Or so her family assumed.

So imagine their shock when the respectable grandmother installed an African boyfriend 50 years her junior in her 1 million home.

That was nothing to the uproar after Mrs McKimm's granddaughter revealed intimate details of the affair in a national newspaper.

A source close to Mrs McKimm's family said she was "absolutely livid".

Mrs McKimm, who has four sons and nine grandchildren, told the source: "Without a doubt my reputation has been destroyed and sadly it has been by my granddaughter.

"The distress this has caused me is more than I can put into words at this time."

Mrs McKimm and her husband David, a Royal Navy officer, had enjoyed travelling to developing countries, and after he died in 1996, she continued her trips.

She met her "companion", known only as Tosin, three years ago while on holiday in Gambia, where many British women of a certain age have affairs with considerably younger suitors.

After a lengthy legal battle, the couple are now sharing her eight-bedroomed home in the picturesque village of Buriton, near Petersfield, Hampshire.

Earlier this week Mrs McKimm's 19-year- old granddaughter, Sophie, wrote an article in the Guardian newspaper, in which she said: "I wouldn't call what Grandma and Tosin have love. I'd say it was an agreement of companionship.

"She says it's only society that has made the age gap wrong but I know I wouldn't find a man of 69 attractive, or consider having sexual intercourse with him.

"The relationship certainly isn't conventional and it has ruined the portrait we have of ourselves as a typical middle-class family - but who wants to fit the government specification?"

Writing about how her grandmother fell for Tosin, who lived with his family in a cramped village hut, Sophie said she met him as she walked through a market where he had a stall selling carpentry goods.

"His first words to her were, 'You are beautiful, Miss'.

"Her 5ft 8in slim shape, immaculate dress and straight mid-length white hair made her a head-turner.

"They spent the day together walking, talking and laughing. The next day she flew back to Britain."

"When she came back she seemed so happy.

"She seemed to have got back some of her youthful spirit."

Mrs McKimm returned two years ago, and the pair hit it off again.

She then made repeated visits to Gambia during the convoluted legal proceedings - including several appearances at the High Court -to allow him to come to the UK.

Describing their life together, Sophie said: "Weekday mornings she takes him to the course on which she has enrolled him. The afternoons are taken up with educational trips.

"Friday is spent at the mosque, the evenings in front of the TV, her correcting his grammar or teaching him how to cook.

"In return, she has someone to eat breakfast with, someone to turn off the light at night.

"They are both gaining from what the other provides."

Sophie added in her piece: "What I do know is that my grandma, who still daily visits my grandpa's grave, is happy for the first time in ten years."

Tosin - who has taken a job at a nearby McDonald's restaurant - spoke for the first time as he leant out of an upstairs window of Mrs McKimm's home to smoke.

Speaking softly, he said: "She is very upset. And I don't have anyone to talk to about this."

On the film, the women were heard laughing as the two-year-old boy and his three-year-old sister were encouraged to hit and punch each other. The boy was seen crying and trying to hide after being punched in the face by his sister, but was told by one of the women 'not to be a wimp or a faggot' and to hit the girl back. At one point, someone threw a hairbrush at him to encourage him to hit her; at another, he was given a rolled-up magazine with the spine on the outside for more impact.

Such behaviour towards very young children by their own mother, not to mention their aunts and grandmother, would strike any normal person as wholly unnatural. Far from showing love and care to these children, they displayed cruelty and sadism as they turned them into instruments for their own vicarious aggression, taking pleasure in their distress.

Some of us found it difficult even to read such a sickening account of the tormenting of two toddlers. Their mother actually filmed it.

A healthy society would show its revulsion at such behaviour by jailing these women. Instead, they were each given a 12-month suspended sentence and ordered to do 100 hours of community work. Yet on the same day, another court sent a man to jail for staging a real dog fight in his house. Is the welfare of a child assumed by the English courts to be of less importance than the welfare of a pit bull terrier?
Main / What are Spanish women like?
Apr 13, 2007, 08:48 AM
I've been offered a job there and I've just about had it with London.

The women raised (I think) about 3 times as much money as the men, but Alan Sugar said the men were more creative than the women. So the girls totally slaughtered the men, but is that any surprise? Who are rich male donors likely to give more money to? Men or women? Obviously women are in a much stronger position trying to raise money from either sex. Women only have to flutter their eyelashes and people feel more sympathy for them. It just illustrated the very strong position women are in without all the positive discrimination and pressure groups.
Wimbledon have decided to introduce equal pay:

OK, so men have to play from between 50% to 150% more tennis to receive exactly the same prize money as women.

This is far more blatant discrimination against men than the previous situation was against women, where women got about 5% less prizemoney.

If women agree with this new situation they are saying that either men are victims of discrimation or men are physically superior to women.

I personally think they should campaign to play best of three sets like the women.

I know it's only tennis but I think it's very unjust.
"Britain has been ranked bottom out of 21 countries in a United Nations assessment of children's well-being.";jsessionid=MH13PRXAZJJ2HQFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2007/02/14/nteens14.xml

I've heard several politicians commenting on this and they've all dodged the role played by feminism in the destruction of the family. Feminism is most virulent in the English speaking West and this is where the family (and therefore chidren) is suffering most.
Main / New BBC programme: Torchwood
Oct 23, 2006, 12:22 AM
Does anyone else find the new BBC TV series Torchwood highly irritating? Women are basically shown as:

1. the sexual aggressors
2. more assertive than men
3. more effective than men (apart from Jack Harkness who is not a standard man at all, he's a time travelling confidence trickster from the 51st century!)
4. more knowledgeable than men
5. less nervous than men
6. less excitable than men
7. always about to put a man in his place
8. less superficial than men
9. not mindless like the men
10. much more aggressive than men, and usually much better fighters
11. calmer in tough situations, so less likely to panic

I'm sure women feel quite good about themselves when they watch this, but I can actually feel my balls shrinking while I'm watching...

Is writer Russell T Davis living out some kind of personal fantasy, or is he just another politically correct BBC idiot?
Zoe Morgan, 32, is alleged to have performed oral sex on a 13 year old boy three times in her car and had intercourse with him twice at her home.

There seems to be a case almost every week these days. Women seem to think that there's one law for them and another for men. Where could they have got that idea from?

I can't actually remember the last time a male teacher in the UK was in the news for doing something like this.
Main / New book: The Future of Men
Aug 31, 2005, 05:41 AM
Apologies if this book has been mentioned before. It's being published in September.

"All too often in the marketing arena, we're portraying man as the victim -- of his sexual organ or his lust, his emotional neediness, his overinflated ego, or his sheer ineptitude," explained Salzman. "

I've only been saying this for well over 20 years, but better late than never....
Main / Tall boys go on to earn more money
Aug 27, 2005, 05:51 AM
Taller boys go on to earn more money, but it doesn't make much difference to girls.

Shorter men have always felt more rejected by women and these days more emphasis is also being put on youthful looks and penile endowment. Women go on about being objectified and worrying about their looks, but I think, for us, there's all the pressure men have always felt i.e. having to be tall and earning lots of money, along with the other aspects such as youth and appearance.

So women, next time you are worrying about your slightly smaller than average breasts, think how a short man with a small penis and a crap job feels!
I would have to say Germaine Greer. The damage this woman has done to at least two generations of men (and women?) is incalculable. She has an ego the size of a small planet and makes my blood boil every time she opens her hateful mouth. In my opinion she is the most sexist person on the planet. I hope she will be reviled by future generations for her profoundly destructive theories, opinions and pronouncements.

Any other nominations?
I think that in today's world I'd rather have a daughter. I really do feel sorry for boys growing up right now.
Main / The dating situation in London
Jul 28, 2005, 07:58 AM
As the thread in which Galt asked about the situation in London regarding the male/female ratio etc was deleted, I think this personal ad sums the situation up.
Main / Why are women becoming more ageist?
Dec 28, 2004, 08:42 AM
I've noticed over the last few years that women of all age groups are demonstrating  more and more ageism towards men. It can be really insulting, phrases like, 'past it', 'dirty old man', 'shrivelled' and 'unattractive' are being directed towards men much more often.

Could this be because women now have more of their own financial independence, so the sugar daddy is no longer so prevalent/attractive?

Is it just the flip side of the toy boy phenomenon?

Or maybe that so many girls are being brought up by single mothers and are deprived of a father figure?

Maybe women are just trying to get even for all the years that older women were regarded as unattractive?

Could it just be the larger number of available young men?