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Saw this article on

That one choice bit got me thinking so I decided to pull out gnumeric and crunch some numbers:

Taking the 10% of men with 100+ women:

[Sample:]  [average sex partners] [arbitrary numbers]
100%          17         1700
10%        100           1000
90%       7.78          700

Which says that the AVERAGE guy(90% of us)  have about 7.78 partners in a lifetime, which I think is very accurate for MOST guys. The study's number of 17 while probably an accurate numerical mean really doesn't SAY enough.

Looking at the women...

[Sample:]  [average sex partners] [arbitrary numbers]
100%      17         1700
4%   100   400
96   13.54   1300

This says that less women get over 100+ (as the article says) but because of that, the AVERAGE woman has around 13 and a half partners. Which I have to say I find very believable. Combined, both sets of calculations say that the average(mode) woman has twice as many partners as the average man, which I have to say is my real life experience on that topic.
Introductions / Not in hot water yet but...
Mar 19, 2004, 09:44 AM
Greetings all.

I'm a recently married guy and my wife is ok, but I have seen all the trends that you guys talk about here and I wanted to perhaps leech some wisdom off you guys incase I'd ever need it in the future.

So far my wife and I have a very good marriage and she is of a different mind set than most women (aims to please, etc) so I don't think I'll run into that problem personally. However, the statistics about guys taking care of children they didn't father and divorce rates force the realist in me to show himself.