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Main / Pussy whipped North American's
Feb 23, 2005, 03:50 AM
OK guy's "in short" my life's mission is too defeat misandric femi-nazi ideological selfish cunterated societal perception of the "indoctrinated feminist entitlement  status quo."

I may seem to be seemingly disenfranchised ironically temporarily but however I represent men's right's and father's 4 justice in the interim of your passivity.

North American male's have to firstly make more of a (public) sacrifice meaning extracting yourself's from your worthy keyboard's, and secondly be prepared to demand legal reparation for your action's within a acceptable constuct of a george orwellian mean's of perceived exultation -- it is a mere illusion obviously something to which the average north american sickeningly male has "bought" the package!

Firstly most north American male's are subjagated submissive subservient snivelling grovelling maggot's to the vagina, let's clear that shit up by the friggin way, North American male's are the most embarrassing panderated penis-brain's to even a sniff of vagina it's like being addicted to cocaine crack, however their addiction is "vagina crack" and it's insidious downside's mirror the negative effect's of cocaine crack -- ironic huh, which crack however is more destructive.

Aside from these deemed inflammatory (righteous) remark's you Male North American's are in the midst of the beast and must take on the problem by physical action, we brit's are taking on more of a disproportianate inordinate expectation -- It's not friggin fair by the way, we have propagated father's for justice and endured all the legal facist infrastructure's which hit us. Father's for justice is now being "franchised" to America and Canada and the world however.

What are you North American's going to do outside the safety of your keyboard's, the feminist "beast" is strongest there it is up to you and your conviction to take on the beast whatever the cost or are you just keyboard hero's, you have the largest base of possible opposition. I think we here in the uk represent a disproportionate opposition to the beast that is femi-nazi ideological assumption of a cognitive political process, you guy's must embrace sacrifice as a standard and enact that within a "media" parameter to which said action's will be reported

Imagine George Bush for instance pelted with a condom filled with purple dye, yes more difficult and dangerous but use the extremely intelligent collective of amazing men that habit this board. My comrade's in father's for justice faced armed guard's when for instance they stormed buckingham palace --- we are still waiting for you guy's you must share the burden!  

Im not suggesting you storm the whitehouse just be more expressive, you guy's (american's/canadian's) have never put up with any oppressive dictator's or any ideology -- ok as in history you guy's (north american's) are late in turning up but yet the enemy here hopefully (feminism) have awakened a "giant" to which the result is down to your good strong male self's.
Jan 23, 2005, 08:33 PM
I dont know about you guy's, but ok I would hazard a guess like me you are probably infuriated and exasperated at the continuous misandry which infests every nook and cranny of the media.

In particular the acceptable depiction of women's violence on men for the most pitiful of reasons/excuse's, common act's of "deemed justified" violence undertaken is anything from your standard "default" slapping, punching, kicking, strike to groin (sexual assault-BY THE WAY!) stabbing, shooting etc.

This constant 24/7 onslaught on the psyche of the general population via the misandric media, consciously or subconsciously has a "cause and effect" in both men and women that such vile behaviour is socially acceptable.

Children, in particular young girl's are extremely impressionable and take their "social cue's" (like it or not) how to behave via the media, or rather how not to behave! You see young females mimicking the fictional anti-male female superheroine's in violence, nasty attitude and parroting misandric phraseology.

To ensure (in part) we don't see another generation of women growing up to despise and demonize all things male, and to also make other generations of women take a hard look at their own behaviour, attitude, violence and responsibility for their actions VOID OF FEMINIST EXCUSES!

My proposal is to compile a letter opposing misandry and depiction's of violence/humiliation by women on men in television, film, advert's and music/video's. Its content would have to consist of the main point's of opposition/contention without coming across as to "radical" and easily digested.

I thought input from you guy's with a invariable wealth of knowledge and ingenuity as to the framework/format and or contribution's--what do you think?, obviously it cant be too long people won't read it otherwise. However I thought introducing some link's so that the more enquiring/inquisitive types can be "enlightened" should they choose to do so.

Here's the next part, once Ive compiled it I'll post it here on SYG for final alteration's and refinement then when we have the finished article it will then act as a template for every MRA to e-mail as many actor's,
actress, agent's, writer's, director's, producer's, film studio's, marketing agency's etc.

Even if we only get 10% positive response's collectively that will amount to a success, and more importantly maybe some powerful and influential people will be "enlightened"and act accordingly. I am a realist, however I am optimistic that some good men and women in the media will listen to reason, logic and sanity.

All you guys have to do is put your name/pseudonym on the e-mail--that's it, oh yes also what you must do with the template is "PASS IT ON" to other MRAS, forum's, blog's, website's etc and after they have done their "bit," they in turn must "PASS IT ON."

Some may scoff at my proposal, what's the point I hear----well the current lethargy ingrained in society where men have resigned themselve's to a "mental" submissive subservience to the status quo is not a position I myself can ever surrender to. Doing nothing is not an option if you describe yourself as a MRA, anything less is merely fraudulent.

I would appreciate your view's and opinion's.
Main / Feminists against bush
Jan 11, 2005, 03:29 AM
I personally dislike bush and his political self-indulgent  parameters,however I hate radical misandrist feminism even more---which would have sneaked in through the percieved democratic illusion of KERRY---democratic expression, The exudation of a vile insidious compulsory ideology would have been to much to indulge hence my 800+ hours (on line) ironically debating for George Bush---better the devil you know.
Jan 10, 2005, 06:32 PM
A new's report on the misandric bbc tonight regarding the tsunami disaster in south-east asia, opened on a story focusing specifically on Indonesia and its reporter stated (ill paraphrase).

"Men have returned home after being away to find their wives lost to the waves." --Then shots of these two men, (sarcasm alert) anguished at their incompetence and utter selfishness that they chose to travel before consulting the visionary god of foresight!

No mention however (certainly not on the bbc to date) regarding the thousands of fishermen LOST TO THE WAVES whilst fishing across the whole of south-east asia at the time of the tsunami, or that women who were away returned to find grandfathers,husbands,brothers,sons,nephews etc lost to the waves, how ridiculous.


"Here in this village where the women have suffered the worst, they now have to live in the village school and ponder over the loss of their children where the mothers here did everything to save their children."---And the father's didnt AGGRRHHHH!

Previous to this statement the journalist remarked/contradicted himself how the village school was the only building left standing in the village. Conclusion the women live in the only building left standing and the men live in the open in the discarded remnants (the bastards) yet the women are being portrayed as worse off!

Also the usual nauseating mindset that only women/mothers grieve and suffer for the loss of their children, (sarcasm alert) the men/fathers obviously couldnt give a monkeys and are more concerned with the football scores. More outward visible/audible grief and tears does not equate to feeling more pain for the loss of something so precious.

Another quote

"Womens groups are here to ease the pain of these women and to help in any way they can, this councilor has prevented the suicides of at least three women alone."

I think you can draw your own conclusions from this further quote, it merely highlights as if the members of this board are not already aware of the bbcs constant fanatical feminist propaganda spewing from the depths of its vile insidious nefarious avaricious onerous depraved bowels, belching the rancid femi-nazi ideology purporting to be a neutral newsagency is laughable.