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On average, how long are intervention orders in domestic violence cases?
Main / Random female president question
Oct 10, 2005, 01:44 AM
I was just posting on another board about whether or not I hate Bush.  I wrote, "It could be worse, he could be Geena Davis."

Yeah, I'm a dickhead, so what?

But a question popped into my head after that.  I don't really know how I'd respond.  There is a lot of discussion over wether a female president would be capable of the job, but enough about her "skills."

Here's the question: How would you feel about a female president sending your sons to war?
Main / Thought control
Oct 10, 2005, 01:36 AM
I hate to beat a dead horse with the ifeminists issue, but I noticed something disturbing about Brad's forum notice...

To all forum subscribers:

A series of altercations have erupted recently between participants on this forum and certain radical men's rights activists at StandYour Ground. This has culminated in one of our members' credible concern about being stalked, harassed, and threatened with physical violence. We have advised, and will advise anyone who has read or received threats of this nature to contact both the police and a lawyer, for advice, and to establish a record should any harm befall person or property.

I would say draw your own conclusions, but under Brad's system you're apparently not allowed to think for yourself.  Things like these make me sure there is no individual in ifeminism.
Main / StandYourGround IRC channel
Oct 09, 2005, 05:18 PM
I saw a post at MND that involved setting up a PalTalk chatroom.  Eh, my experience with PalTalk in the past has been sub par, but for anyone out there that is familiar with IRC or is interested in getting familiar with IRC, I set up a StandYourGround channel on the AfterNET network for us.  I'm online about 23/7 so I thought it would be a good idea for me to host a channel (the channel stays open as long as someone's there to keep it open).  It is free.

You need an IRC client (mIRC most common; don't let the abundance of options and Windows 3.1 look overwhelm you).  Mozilla Firefox has an IRC plugin called Chatzilla.

Then join the AfterNET network through the client at

Join channel #StandYourGround (/join #StandYourGround)

You should see me at the top as the almighty operator!

Anyway, if you need help getting on IRC, post or PM me and I'll give you a hand.
Main / Anybody need a gmail account?
Oct 09, 2005, 02:22 AM
I have 100 Gmail invites sitting around collecting dust.  Post your email if you want me to send you one.  Hey, MRAs got to communicate, right?
Main / Mental state of teenage girls?
Oct 08, 2005, 09:41 PM
Conclude from this what you like.  I'm not going to elaborate.  It's a conversation I had over AOL Instant Messenger with a friend.  I'm HarryPawedHer.  He's BoarderHopper.


BoarderHopper77: i'd play now but i just got dinner

HarryPawedHer2: wtf
HarryPawedHer2: It's 10:30 and you just got dinner?

BoarderHopper77: yes
BoarderHopper77: oh no its 10:30?
BoarderHopper77: that means nikki gets off work and shes gonna call me lol
BoarderHopper77: you know she loves me now lol

HarryPawedHer2: Sorry about your luck.

BoarderHopper77: lol no prob
BoarderHopper77: I found another girl that I really like
BoarderHopper77: and she got jealous
BoarderHopper77: and now shes crazy for me lol

HarryPawedHer2: Doesn't that figure...
HarryPawedHer2: Well, at least that's a plus for you.

BoarderHopper77: whats a plus?

HarryPawedHer2: It's fun to be fought over.
HarryPawedHer2: :P

BoarderHopper77: eh
BoarderHopper77: im being shafted
BoarderHopper77: the girl I like now
BoarderHopper77: she likes me alot
BoarderHopper77: but she has a b/f
BoarderHopper77: we're just being friends now
BoarderHopper77: she says if she wasnt attached shed be really interested in me
BoarderHopper77: and she puts an emphasis on the future

HarryPawedHer2: Nix her, dud.e

BoarderHopper77: I don't think things with her current bf are gonna last forever

HarryPawedHer2: AShe'll do the same thing to you.

BoarderHopper77: what do you mean

HarryPawedHer2: Well, when she finally gets bored of you, she'll be hanging out with another male friend "with an emphasis on the future."

BoarderHopper77: idk

HarryPawedHer2: Guys like that don't change.  Women like that don't change either.

BoarderHopper77: the b/f is going one way
BoarderHopper77: and shes going to the same college as me
BoarderHopper77: it beats the drama that nikki brings me lol

HarryPawedHer2: Maybe beat it, but nothing can top it.  lol

BoarderHopper77: lol nikki omg
BoarderHopper77: shes been hanging all on me now
BoarderHopper77: last night she got me pinned against my truck and laid it on me
BoarderHopper77: I was like omg

HarryPawedHer2: omgwtfbbq?
HarryPawedHer2: What exactly did she lay on you?

BoarderHopper77: kisses

HarryPawedHer2: That girl needs help.

BoarderHopper77: yeah I cant really ignore her cause shes my friend
BoarderHopper77: shes done alot for me
BoarderHopper77: and I dont want to see her get hurt
BoarderHopper77: but she has issues
BoarderHopper77: I guess it was my mistake though
BoarderHopper77: she had a play at school
BoarderHopper77: and I felt like being nice and bringing her roses, cause you know you bring the actresses roses
BoarderHopper77: phew, bad move lol

HarryPawedHer2: No, I didn't know that, but okay.

BoarderHopper77: you didn't?
BoarderHopper77: lol

HarryPawedHer2: What's it matter?  I wouldn't bring them anyway.  Regardless, continue.

BoarderHopper77: anyways shes just gotten jealous cause this other girl and I have eebn spending alot of time together

HarryPawedHer2: Dude, I know you don't want to see her get hurt but there are some people you just can't help anymore.
HarryPawedHer2: She's had more than ample opportunity to fix her flaws but those same flaws just keep getting worse.
HarryPawedHer2: ...then again what do I know, I'm not there.
HarryPawedHer2: That's what I see from ehre, though.

BoarderHopper77: not too far off lol

HarryPawedHer2: You mind if I share this convo with some folks on a message board I frequent?

BoarderHopper77: um portraye din what light?

HarryPawedHer2: An example of how some girls can be real head cases.
HarryPawedHer2: I'll change the names if you want.

BoarderHopper77: sure

HarryPawedHer2: Aight, thnx.

BoarderHopper77: its just wierd

HarryPawedHer2: It's nothing arrogant or cruel or anything, actually kinda sad.

BoarderHopper77: she was so determined ot kiss me
BoarderHopper77: she tried and I turned me head
BoarderHopper77: and shes like gee thanks

HarryPawedHer2: Dude, that's harassment.

BoarderHopper77: and im like I'm sick nikki
BoarderHopper77: shes like I dont care
BoarderHopper77: ill do it anyways try me
BoarderHopper77: i dont know
BoarderHopper77: I cant remember word for word
BoarderHopper77: I dont even remember what I said
BoarderHopper77: it went by so fast lol

HarryPawedHer2: If you did that to her, you'd be doing jail time.

BoarderHopper77: lol ya think?

HarryPawedHer2: You're right, that is freakin' weird.

BoarderHopper77: I let her kiss me
BoarderHopper77: I wanted to see if it had any effect on me
BoarderHopper77: see if It gave me any kind of feeling

HarryPawedHer2: :-\

BoarderHopper77: and it really didnt

HarryPawedHer2: Yeah well, when you're pinned against your truck, it's kinda hard to get any "feeling" into anything.

BoarderHopper77: eh
BoarderHopper77: it could be in a hot kind of way
BoarderHopper77: but
BoarderHopper77: I was so sick and felt so shitty

HarryPawedHer2: This wasn't exactly a mature expression of emotion going on here.

BoarderHopper77: sex wouldnt even be enjoyable

HarryPawedHer2: That's because it wasn't "in a hot kinda way."

BoarderHopper77: I felt so bad, I really kinda just wanted to go home and goto bed

HarryPawedHer2: Understandably.

BoarderHopper77: my head is so congested and my sore throat turned into a cough
BoarderHopper77: idk
BoarderHopper77: I loved the old Nikki
BoarderHopper77: but that Nikki is gone
BoarderHopper77: shes too different now

HarryPawedHer2: Seems the old Nikki's been gone since the hormones kicked in.

BoarderHopper77: hm yeah
BoarderHopper77: now she has this cleavage thats like wow
BoarderHopper77: its like ok thats nice for the bedroom but
BoarderHopper77: everyother day
BoarderHopper77: our english teacher who is the vice principle
BoarderHopper77: is telling the girls to stop the cleavage
BoarderHopper77: shes telling "the girls"
BoarderHopper77: but shes really thinking nikki
BoarderHopper77: I told her I wasn't doing anything serious with her until she can show me that she can be serious and commited
BoarderHopper77: and idk how she could ever prove that lol
BoarderHopper77: that would take a miracle

HarryPawedHer2: That girl is the most commitment-phobic of any girl I've ever talked to.
HarryPawedHer2: "I don't know if I'm really ready to settle down with one guy right now."

BoarderHopper77: I wanna say slut, but she is and isn't

HarryPawedHer2: There's been times what she's told me has been nothing short of "I'm still having too much fun screwing around to have a boyfriend."

BoarderHopper77: yeah I felt the same

HarryPawedHer2: She's not a slut, I don't think.  She doesn't fuck them all.  She's just... like I said, commitment-phobic.

BoarderHopper77: im like nikki you sound like a slut, I know you arn't a slut but you sound like it
BoarderHopper77: well....

HarryPawedHer2: Which is understandable, I am too, but I don't go around playing with the feelings of other girls just because I want to feel "special"
HarryPawedHer2: Uh oh
HarryPawedHer2: Don't tell me I'm wrong, c'mon, don't...

BoarderHopper77: lets just say the cherry has been had
BoarderHopper77: kinda of

HarryPawedHer2: She has fucked a bunch of them has..... oh shit there it is.
HarryPawedHer2: Wasn't even done typing yet.

BoarderHopper77: no no
BoarderHopper77: only one
BoarderHopper77: as far as I know

What's really sad is this girl doesn't really qualify for the cast of Jerry Springer or anything.  She's a "normal" teenager from Florida.
wth is an lkanneg?
Main / Coversation in Counter-Strike
Sep 15, 2005, 10:53 PM
So I'm playing Counter-Strike right now, and for those of you who don't know, you can talk in it with mics.  We end up in a discussion over girls and arguing.  A girl there's giving us the usual "that's the only way they can have a conversation with their man" shit, but anyway...

Eventually I mention that girls argue with everyone, each other, not just men.

Somebody speaks up and says, "The only reason girls do that is because they know they can say anything they want to and not get slapped in the face for it."

Also, "Yeah, they're always instigating someone else to do the fighting for them."

I'm telling ya, regular guys aren't oblivious to this stuff.
Main / Is this Amanda Marcotte?
Sep 05, 2005, 05:25 AM
Is this Amanda Marcotte?
Right up there with any male politician, look at Mary Landrieu go!  Woo!  grrl power!

By the way, Anderson Cooper rips her a new one at one point in the video.
Main / It's a shameful day to be black...
Sep 02, 2005, 03:17 PM
So which do you think it was, did feminists learn victimhood from blacks or blacks learn it from feminists?

Black leaders blast government relief efforts
WASHINGTON -- Blasting inadequate relief efforts to Hurricane Katrina victims, U.S. Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick said she was "ashamed of America and ... of our government."

"I am outraged by the lack of response by the federal government," the Detroit Democrat said at a news conference held today by African American members of Congress and other black leaders.

The most prominent groups in the black civil rights community participated, including the Congressional Black Caucus, the Black Leadership Forum, the National Urban League, the National Council of Negro Women and the NAACP. Their leaders called on airlines, hotels, restaurants and other U.S. businesses to pitch in to save lives in the next critical hours, weeks and months.

Kilpatrick urged other cities to follow the example of Detroit, where 500 local families have offered housing for Katrina victims, and efforts are under way to send clothing and food to the devastated areas. The NAACP asked people to send donations through their web site -- -- and Black Entertainment Television will hold a telethon on Sept. 9 to raise money.

While speakers focused on the need to get aid to victims quickly and getting them out of life-threatening conditions, the issue of race and poverty repeatedly broke through the news conference. Many of the hurricane victims are black and poor, and were not able to evacuate before the hurricane the struck. One audience member demanded to know whether the slow federal response was "black genocide," while another woman cried out, "African Americans built this nation. Descendants of slaves are being allowed to die."

Similarly concerned that race may be affecting relief efforts, U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings said "poverty, age and skin color" are determining who lives and dies.

"God cannot be pleased with our response," the Maryland Democrat said before admonishing President George Bush with a quotation from the Bible about the need to help the "least of these."

Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP's Washington bureau, blasted "disparate treatment" of Katrina victims, referring to reports of whites, not blacks, being able to flee in boats, as well as black mayors not hearing from federal relief officials.

The news media were also chastised for referring to victims as "refugees" rather than "American citizens," and for reporting isolated looting without emphasizing the context of the difficult conditions people are living in.

"Desperate people do desperate things," said U.S. Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif.

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., called on Americans not to harshly judge wrongdoers: "Who are we to say what law and order should be in this unspeakable environment?"

Unbelievable.  My fellow blacks make me sick to my stomach sometimes.
Main / The "fairer" sex? wtf?
Aug 30, 2005, 02:46 PM
I'm watching videos of people looting stores after hurricane Katrina's destruction.  There's about a 50/50 ratio of men to women running out of stores with stuff that isn't theirs.

Yeah.  "Fairer" sex.  Mmm Hmm.  Right...
Main / Global warming
Aug 13, 2005, 11:44 AM
I read on another site that the women's movement is responsible for global warming because it's so much hot air.  :lol:
Main / Send me your NYMOM quotes!
Aug 09, 2005, 04:29 PM
Please send me any classic NYMOM quotes you may have to [email protected] or leave them here.  If possible, please provide a link to where the quote(s) can be found.  I want to write about her and you all have more experience with her than I do, so please forgive my pestering you for material.
Main / My blog (bugfix)
Aug 07, 2005, 07:26 PM
To those who have been to my blog, sorry about having anonymous comments disabled.  I didn't realize that was the default!  It's fixed now.
Main / Diversity
Aug 05, 2005, 11:10 PM
Main / Feminism--Why so maligned?
Aug 02, 2005, 12:25 AM
I decided to explore why it is that the word feminism is so offensive to men, myself included.  This is what I've come up with.  Let me know what you think.


Feminism--Why would so many men be offended by the very mention of the name of a movement which promotes values that men should be selflessly eager to uphold?  Could it simply be the name?  If so, why so?

Consider for a moment the power of recognition.  Probably the strongest motivating force in existence is commendation.  Appreciation of a job well done is what drives a person to do that job well again and again.  There are many good men in the world that are more than willing to help women work toward a better future, but how does the word "feminism" praise these good men?  Does the use of the word "feminism" to describe the theory of gender equality really express proper appreciation for the men that have worked hard toward making that theory a reality?  Not at all.

To illustrate, imagine a group of delegates and national leaders sitting down to address global issues.  One of the nations represented in this group is the United States.  Together they determine goals and develop plans for meeting those goals, the basis of the goals being the liberation of oppressed people.  After their objectives are determined, they begin to dicuss the future name of this united effort.  Since the program's fundamental goal is to promote freedom and American values are based on freedom, an American delegate rises and announces that it will be called "Americanism."

Could you imagine the chagrin of the other representatives and leaders?  This is the stalemate we stand at.  Men who would accept gender equality are not represented by the name "feminism."  This often leads to a natural, and often emotional, negative reaction to anything related to the term.  On the other hand, women who defend the term refuse to understand how egotistical it is to demand that the fight for gender equality be called "feminism."

The word "feminism" tacitly suggests that fairness is a feminine virtue.  Unlike tenderness, sensitivity, compassion etc., there is no major, practical example that demonstrates women to be consistently more fair than men.  This creates a barrier for men who wish to have appreciation and approval for having the virtue of fairness.  Feminism does not allow them that recognition.

Regardless of its definition, the very word feminism implies taking men less seriously than women.  It subtely and mistakenly asserts equality to be a feminine construct, thereby alienating men from efforts to establish mutual respect between men and women.  By expecting self-respecting men to help bring about change through hard work, then have that work be credited to feminism, women are expecting something for nothing.

The average canine is physically stronger and more aggressive than the average teddy bear.  This disparity can cause a teddy bear to feel insecure, scared, ashamed, guilty, among various other side effects when assaulted by a canine.  Fear of teddy bear rape has teddy bears everywhere living in fear of a canine assault.  We need to come together to make the lives of teddy bears happier and more refreshing worldwide.  Put an end to canine violence against teddy bears!

Teddy bears deserve better!
Main / Watching the weather report
Jul 20, 2005, 03:47 PM
It's really humid here in the north eastern U.S.  I was watching the weather report and they had the humidity percentages categorized.

Low Humidity

Moderate Humidity

Oppressive Humidity

I kid you not.  91% and over was categorized as oppressive humidity.  WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!  What happened to, you know, high?  Doesn't high follow moderate?

Everything's been infected by femharpyism.

On a lighter note, I told my parents, "The humidity has too much power.  We should rally against it."   :lol:
Main / Woman on woman sexism (HOT!).mpg
Jul 17, 2005, 01:42 PM
:lol: Sorry about the pun.

Anyway, doesn't it strike you as odd that it was a woman mocking a woman for wanting to do this job?

"The woman asked me if I was calling about the job for my son, then burst out laughing when I told her it was for me.

"The next day I got my college tutor to call back and say he had the same qualifications as me. The same woman answered and asked him when he could come in for an interview."