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Sounds like another woman unable to control her propensity for physical violence against other people.
From what I heard on the Wind Tunnel show is that Jaques wife wants a piece of Danica. I'd love to see that one! My wife would stomp a mud puddle in her ass and walk it dry. ahahahahah
Danica is proving nothing but what a spoiled little b*tch she is.
I've been hearing this on the local FM station.
The ad starts out with the woman bragging how she just trashed her husbands golf clubs. Then she relates her fantasy to belly dance for a Maharajah. Her next statement is how she's going into work tomorrow to box her evil male boss who she refers to as a weasel.

Great job MC Donalds. The woman is a destructive criminal who wants to be a Maharajahs whore and commit violence against her boss.  :roll: