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miracles never cease
she was having a lot of problems with placing this one kid. She asked "do you wanna live with your dad?" He replied, "no, he beats me" so the worker said "what about your mom?" he said "no, she beats me worse."  well what about your grandparents, she asked, and he said they beat him too. Finally, the lady asked him "who do you want to live with?" He said, "The Dallas Cowboys, THEY NEVER BEAT ANYONE!!!"
just wondering???
I would think as the first female leader of a major power in modern times, she would be a feminist Icon?
I found that interesting
Main / online dating---my axiom on it
Nov 19, 2012, 11:46 AM
half of the chicks online are underage, the other half have gonnorea..............only fuck the ones with pennicilian perscriptions
The law of unintended consequences. earlier this year, on a blog post by some feminazi about denying due process to men accused of DV or rape, I made the comment that when the law fails to protect men agianst false accusation, then it will fail to protect false accusers against the falsely accused. I was greeted with a barage of invectiive and called an internet tough guy and so on and so forth. Is the concept that fucking with a group of people constantly might prompt a negative reaction. Remember the spate of killings of family court judges?? that shit didnt happen in a vacum. what is so hard for these people to realize that if you see a mean dog sleeping, you walk past him, ya dont go over and kick the son of a bitch cuz you might just get a chunk of your ass bitten off?
Main / a male fairy tale
Jun 21, 2012, 01:26 PM
Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess,
"Will you marry me?"

The Princess said, "No!!!"

And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode
motorcycles and banged skinny long-legged big-titted broads
and hunted and fished and raced cars and went to naked bars
and dated women half his age and drank whiskey, beer and
Captain Morgan and never heard bitching and never paid child
support or alimony and banged cheerleaders and kept his
house and guns and ate spam and potato chips and beans and
blew enormous farts and never got cheated on while he was at
work and all his friends and family thought he was frikin
cool as hell and he had tons of money in the bank and left
the toilet seat up.
Main / commerating this day in history
Apr 19, 2012, 07:58 AM
this is a very important day in history, and we should soberly hold this day in rememberance

april 19,1775---------in response to british troops coming down to confiscate gunpowder and serve some arrest warrants, patriots in lexington and concord mustered on the green and did battle with the redcoats, firing "the shot that was heard round the world"
April 19, 1943--------the jews of the warsaw ghetto, slated for a one way trip to the treblinka death camp, rose up in rebellion. Despite being poorly armed, mostly with hatchets, revolvers and molotov cocktails, they held the full force of the SS and wermacht for almost a month
april 19, 1943---------ATF thugs in Waco, Texas burned the branch davidian compound down, killing men women and children inside. This is a day I remember well, the day I realized the government WAS NOT HERE TO HELP
Although at times, I get encouraged by people seeming to wake up to the fact that men in our society as a group dont get a fair shake in our society, the sheer level of resistance from all corners is daunting. SO I ask you my fellow forumers, what issues of concern to MRA's can be adequetely addressed in the context of general politics rather than the MRM. by that I mean enforcing the constitution, reigning in fedzilla, etc.
Main / emotional spousal abuse via twitter
Mar 08, 2012, 10:20 AM
I heard about this on the FM radio while at work tyesterday. a former video dancer, nicknamed "superhead" who wrote a tell all book about her carnal exploits with various rappers and entertainers, has recently gotten married and tweeted this extremely cruel tweet to her husband

Now Im not advocating any6thing, but If I were on a jury trying her husband for OJ'ing her azz, I would have to vote not guilty by reason of insanity.
Did yall catch the controversy surrounding this sandra fluke broad and the uproar over dope-fiend Rush's comments about the bitch?
She was whining about the government not paying for her contraceptives or whatnot. OH REALLY????????? thats just asinine! Ok, Sandra, you like to fuck, thats all well and good.  I like to pop off my mosin, catch blue-cat on cedar creek lake and enjoy a cold one or 12, but I dont expect the government to pay for my 7.62x54r, my rod and reel and chicken liver, or my pabst blue ribbon, so why should the government pay you for your hobby?
another thing..............why in the hell does she need birth control? did stevie Wonder just get his viagra perscription filled? Hell, if the Taxpayer is gonna pay for her contraception, then they should pay for the paper bag that any heterosexual male drunk, stupid or desperate to nail her would need. Straight up, bitch looks just like Chief Justice Sodomywhore
 Dear SYG,
Kind regards,
Im sure some of you know the background of the legal railroading of Charles dyer. For those who dont, a brief google search of "july4patriot" will give you the background. to sum it up all too briefly, he is a marine sargent who has been heavily involved with both the oath keepers and constiutional militias as far as training. he beat a fed case and on the state case of child molestation, he had a hung jury, and after that his house mysteriously burned down and he went on the run for a few weeks. his previous lawyer was basically working for the state, trying to fuck him with no vaseline and no goodnight kiss. Jury selection starts tomorrow. Prayers and thoughts are appriceated
and he saw all these thousands of clocks, and asked St Pete "what are all those clocks?"
St Pete responded "those are lie-clocks, the hands move every time someone tells a lie. See that one over there, thats MOther Theresa's. hands have never moved, meaning she has never told a lie.  That one over there is abe Lincoln's clock. The hands have moved twice, because old honest abe told two lies"
the man asked "where's Obama's clock?"
St Pete replied "it's in Jesus' office. He is using it as a ceiling fan"
There is a new freedom movement afoot here in America, the constituional sherriff's movement
It started a few years back when Sherriff Mack, a true american who defeated the clinton mafia in court, wrote a book called "the sherriff, america's last hope"
This is an issue that both genders, all races and classes of people, everybody in america, should support.
here are a few links and resources
as has been mentioned a few times here, many states are going broke, and a lot of women firster type programs have lost funding. the MRM has spent many years fighting these misandrist programs, and never made headway. but broke is a reality.