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Main / The Feminist Problem
Dec 31, 2015, 09:48 AM
If you like this, please tweet it, share it, mirror it on YouTube, or signal boost it by any method at your disposal:

There are only two sides in this war: feminist, and non-feminist.

That's all you need to know.

(This image  is free to a good home anywhere:)

(This image ^ is free to a good home anywhere.)

The non-feminist message is everything, and the messenger is nothing. Personal attributes of the messenger are not be considered in the processing of the message. To conflate the messenger with the message, is to conflate the personal with the political -- a form of feminist aggression. It is, furthermore, off-topic.

Neither the concrete personality of the messenger, nor the messenger's supposed membership in some putative "group", may be considered in the processing of the non-feminist message. Given that both of these may be classed as personal attributes, it is not permitted to factor them into the plain intention of any words the message might contain.

Hence, to make the messenger's concrete personality a point of discussion is an invalid procedure, a violation of protocol, and a form of feminist aggression.

Likewise, to address the messenger as "you people" or "you guys", or any but the correct individual appellative, is an invalid procedure, a violation of protocol, and a form of feminist aggression.

All violation of the principles sketched above, will be added to feminism's karmic demerit points. All feminists will be held collectively accountable.
A paradigm shift does not arrive by means of linear argument. In fact, the transformation involves an array of operations, and within this array, linear argument appears as simply one method among many.

The reason is, that a paradigm shift involves discontinuity, and discontinuity precludes linearity because linearity requires continuity. And so, in the business of paradigm-shifting, linear argument serves as a tool which brings the work of transformation to a certain threshhold beyond which lies a gap. But that gap can only be crossed by means of something discontinuous. Something abrupt.

This element of discontinuity or abruptness translates into an act of pure will, or more precisely, will-to-power.
A bombshell of a book has been published, titled "Exposing Feminism - The Thirty Years War Against Men". I have given this a writeup, and a link where you can download free samples from the book:
I see nothing posted about this here, so I'm gonna post now.

In case you haven't heard about the Agent Orange files, it is high time that you learned. You see, the spiritual core of feminism has now been "outed" in a stunning and dramatic way, and the news is going viral around the world.

Thus far, the feminists are playing possum. I reckon they're still rolling in shock.

Anybody remember Luckynkl? That would be Lucy Nicholas, professor of sociology at the University of Edinburgh. You will learn this, and oh-so-much more from the 160 megs worth of files that have been made available by our "inside man" who has infiltrated a radical feminist forum and made all of their dirty little secrets available to the. . . um . . .  patriarchal male gaze!

And how does male genocide grab ya? Well you'll read about that too, my friends, and oh-so-much more!

The following will tell you what you need to know:

Believe me, this is going to be a game changer.

The intellectual crystallization of the non-feminist revolution has been long a-building, and many have been the pioneering philosophers who have contributed to this ongoing effort over the course of years. Yes, I should know, for I have been one of them! We have all, in our ways, piled stone upon stone, building on the work of those who came before us.

And this thing of ours began how? It began with ordinary men -- men who knew that something was not right!

These men knew that a foul wind was astir, and that it blew from all directions. Understandably, they could not trace it; they could not unriddle the mystery of it; they could not reduce it to order. And finally, they could not comprehend what to do about it. For in the midst of this tempest they wandered in darkness, through an unknown landscape where entirely new forces prevailed, where old maps were useless and compass needles vacillated crazily in search of a magnetic north that had simply vanished.

Again, ordinary men knew that something was not right. And how did these men know? Well, some got their knowledge the hard way, through personal suffering or even tragedy. And others? Well. . they just knew. For it is only natural to heed your nose when a foul tempest strikes from all directions, yes?

So knowledge dawned, by degrees, upon men in growing numbers. And these men, largely by the grace of the internet, began to find each other and to share information. The most precious gift they acquired was the knowledge that they were not alone. And knowing this, they let the torch beam of their pooled comprehension play randomly upon the alien landscape where they found themselves, and they commenced by stages to know something of its topography, of the laws which formed it, and of the forces which governed their own place within it.

Every step along that road of knowledge not only brought renewed conviction that something was not right, but yielded growing evidence of what, in particular, was wrong. And bit by bit, the accumulations of analysis would crystallize into synthesis, leading to more analysis and more synthesis, layer by layer.

And so in time, we have witnessed the growth of understanding as a sequential progression of logic beginning in the microcosm of personal experience, and rippling ever outward into greater circumferences. Simply put, we have gained, through hard-fought battles of clarification, a view of the big picture. And here we pause for breath while we take in the panorama.

Yes, the panorama seems to swirl for a minute, but very soon settles into focus. And gazing out upon it, it dawns upon us little-by-little that we have arrived at the Next Level, that the game from henceforward will be very, very different indeed. We are ready to cast off the "mind-forged manacles" of the past, and face the future with a different set of implements.

In sum, the intellectual crystallization of the non-feminist revolution has reached a milestone, and is now set to grow exponentially, as never before.

The new year 2011 marks the inauguration of a bold new website in the field of counter-feminism and pro-male advocacy. I expect this new website will become notorious, even infamous, and brew quite a storm! The author of this website is Adam Kostakis -- and Adam is a new man in every way. And although you've not heard of him, be assured, oh yes, that he has heard of you!

Now, it has been my good fortune to work closely with Adam Kostakis over the past few months, and I guarantee that he and I are of one mind upon the thought that feminists have no sense of humor!

But cutting to the chase: Adam Kostakis is a mysterious Slavic revolutionary from the dark hinterlands, an arcane doctor of epistemetaphysiology, an accomplished violinist who plays tortuously difficult Tartini sonatas on his vintage Stradivarius and lives in a dark, baronial castle atop the basalt cliffs overlooking the Yakima River Canyon in eastern Washington state, USA. In addition, Adam Kostakis wears a monocle, clicks his heels like a Prussian junker, and carries a manly duelling scar across his left cheekbone. All-in-all, patriarchally considered, quite the deuce of a fellow!

Adam has spent years in his tower pondering the work of the MRA philosophers (including my own!) and generally scrutinizing the MRA scene, and he believes the hour has struck in which he too must enter the lists and cross swords with the femplex. As an arcane doctor of epistemetaphysiology, Adam Kostakis has a superbly synthesizing mind which he has brought to bear upon the business now in hand. And Adam has formulated an innovative world-paradigm that will compose the efficient philosophical foundation for the non-feminist revolution as it moves ever deeper into the post-argumentalist phase of the feminist war.

Adam Kostakis's website is a blog which bears the straightforward title of Gynocentrism Theory.   Adam will make known his counter-feminist teachings in regular installments, or lectures, to be posted on a weekly basis. The whole wide world is invited to attend these lectures, but non-feminist partisans, at all levels of training, are particularly invited. For it is such folk especially whom we hope to inspire with a new modality of thinking, feeling, operating, and being-in-the-world.

Adam's blog has been in preparation for several months, and the lecture material stands ready well in advance. Adam has submitted numerous manuscripts to me for critical perusal and advisement, and this work, for me, has been a pleasure indeed!

What you will find is a grand new synthesis that builds upon the best MRA traditions of the past, and yet surpasses them -- keeping what is profitable while purging away the dross, in a way that combines both conventional and unconventional strategies. Welcome to the New Level, and brace yourself for the power boost! We lay the foundation here for a new political understanding and a new model of disciplined preaching -- a stabilizing center of gravity amidst the intellectual chaos which, until now, has prevailed in both the pro-male men's movement and the non-feminist sector as a whole.

Scattering memes in the wind, steady as we go . . .

Go now:


This is a breakthrough.

A Russian TV documentary about IGAF, and other aspects of the European men's rights movement, has been captured in two YouTubes, and given English subtitles.

My European correspondent urges that this be spread virally around the Anglosphere, while they are doing likewise for the (German version) in the Eurosphere.

So, do watch the videos and then, put the word out:

Main / The Diverse Politics of Starvation
Jul 25, 2010, 06:33 PM
Here is a story you will not learn about in the media.

I learned about it from an MRA in England. (He also copied it to the BBC and usual UK suspects.)

It is a story with human interest, obviously. It is also politically weighty.

So . . skim quickly through the following short blog post and then follow the link at the bottom of the post to get to the meat of the matter:
Future historians will want to know about this. . yes?

Does anybody know *precisely* when and where the Magical Reflex Acronym first appeared?

OR. . . can anybody at least recall the YEAR when they first became aware of it, and possibly even link to an existing early example (with date stamp intact) anywhere on the web?

I am bursting with curiosity, you know. . .!

Brief note about terminology:

Female SupremaCY is the practice;

Female SupremaCISM is the ideology which seeks to justify the practice.

Takeaway points from this: the author (a self-professed female supremacist) claims that so-called 3rd-wave feminism is REALLY just female supremacism that will not speak its name, and that earlier feminisms are NOT female supremacism.

Author repeats the old chestnut that feminism "seeks equality", and claims that female supremacism would 'intellectually taint' feminism.

Author claims, ergo, that feminism and female supremacism are NOT THE SAME THING.

Author fails to take into account the gap between theory and praxis, and the human capacity to rationalize cognitive dissonance. Thus, equality RHETORIC can easily coexist with an underlying female supremacist agenda IN THE SAME MIND, especially when you consider that "equality" is an amorphous concept in the first place.

Author fails to consider that feminism is a sociopolitical ORGANISM, with growth stages and a considerable flex factor in response to contingencies. Thus, female supremacism was never absent from feminism as a movement, but merely latent or understated - and the earlier stages made it possible for supremacism to rise to the surface as a logical development.

'Feminism' and 'female supremacism' are synonymous and completely interchangeable terms.

Please journey to the following web address to learn about the case of Kevin Driscoll in Deschutes County, Oregon. Then, please get involved in the campaign to put heat on the scumbag prosecutor who is trying to prosecute him.

After you have visited the link above, please visit my blog HERE:

. . . and note the last several posts where I discuss Kevin's case. (And I will be posting more.) This will give you ideas about what is planned and what can be done.

Thank you!

Main / E-mail campaign, anybody?
Jul 28, 2009, 09:33 PM
I send you now to the False Rape Society, to read and fully absorb the following:

After you have studied, pondered and completely digested every aspect of the matter in question, consider sending an e-mail to Christina Hernandez, the young reporter in Florida who has not yet been sufficiently embarrassed in my opinion.

Please try NOT to sound like a wild, nutjob MRA spewing rabid spittle and brimstone. Instead, compose your message with icy civility and . . minimal politeness. Take the time to get your spelling and grammar right. Then, elliptically as you please, make her understand that she has achieved notoriety, that her "fame" is au courant to more than just a handful of people.

Kindly do not mention the False Rape Society (or SYG) as the 'instigator' of your action. Make it sound like you simply discovered this all on your own, and felt "moved by the spirit" to speak your mind as any concerned citizen might do.

Then, inform anybody and everybody about this, and get them to join in the fun. Spread it through your network! (When I get done posting, I'm going to go and Twitter this! I have already blogged about it.)

If you are from outside the USA, please make your international status known, since we want to make it clear that this is a worldwide thing.

I thank you kindly for giving this your consideration.

P.S. It would be nice if she would publish some kind of correction or retraction, don't you think? ;)

Postscriptum 2: Archivist, of the False Rape Society, has left the following comment on the CF version of this post:

    'Thanks for the post. I would really like to see a large number of people send Ms. Hernandez an email that lays out just where her story was wrong. My personal favorite of the article:

    "False reports just feed into the myth that women lie about rape, and it's not true," Baer said.

    'What is really funny, is the story is about 2 false rape reports. Uhhhhh, Ms. Baer, that means they lied about being raped. Odd place to state that women lying about rape are a myth. This story completely puts the lie to your statement.

    'What a tool.

    'All the best,

    'E. Steven Berkimer


The following 149-page PDF file contains a ton of citations from
academic radical feminists with a lot to say about the subject of
privacy, and about the feminist maxim that "the personal is
the political".

It also contains a lot of handwritten marginalia by various feminist
"scribes", in what I take to be a university department somewhere. . .
Main / Fun With Photoshop
Nov 29, 2006, 02:35 AM

I got bored one day, so I decided to create THIS.

Counter-feminist culture-jamming. Disruptor meme.

Take it and spread it everywhere in cyberspace, with gleeeeee!!

Also good for printing onto little leaflets.