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Care to comment, anyone ?  I see vids like this and it makes me more determined to be a Man Going His Own Way.
In regards to rape:

Mods feel free to delete or remove this to somewhere more appropriate as you see fit.  

This study indicates the prevalence of rape is 6 in 1000, and not 1-in-5 such as what the feminist shibboleth is. 
Main / "The Feminist Power Grab"
Dec 10, 2014, 09:32 AM  For the edification of the members here.  Feel free to comment. 
Main / "The Sexodus, Part 2"
Dec 09, 2014, 07:32 PM   I just thought I would share a more mainstream article about Men Going Their Own Way. 
Main / Regarding the modern misandry movement
Oct 03, 2013, 05:46 AM
 . . . With a focus on what has taken place on university campii:  Keep up the work -- the word is slowly getting out and around. 
Main / David Thompson on Paternity testing:
Oct 28, 2010, 02:29 PM

Offered for the board's edification.  Post comments below. 
See Link:

An excerpt:  
Are you one of the millions of men who has seen his life crumble under the treads of the family law system? Did you ever wonder why hatred and abuse directed toward men was so prevalent in school? Maybe you're an employer who got screwed in a sexual harassment lawsuit, or an employee who was falsely accused.
... ... ... ... ... ...

After facing terrible injustice, you can't imagine who would ever create this monstrous, oppressive system that has driven you to ruin and despair. You look around, but you have no idea who is to blame.

Look no more, because The Spearhead has come upon a neatly compiled list of people who are directly responsible for your pain and suffering.

For the edification of the members here.   This is a list of individuals who have done considerable work that has resulted in the gutting of the 13th and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution, as well as Canadian & British Law, resulting in harm to many men in these nations today.   
As usual, men's suffering is portrayed only in terms of how women are affected:

Umm.  Where do I start?  The female subject of the article is never made to realize that it may be her expectations and demands that are out of line.  Nowhere in the article is it suggested that some individual's expectations of a potential mate are so high that the individual will never be satisfied.  

I like how this is being received on other places, such as Tank-Net. org:

From one of the posters as Tank Net:
"Maybe she is setting her sights too high."

nd this one, on the second page of the Tank Net thread:
"3. Or, the "product", as you so lovingly phrase it, just isn't attractive to the average male anymore. One common denominator I encounter amongst a lot of college-educated women is that they were thoroughly indoctrinated by the Womens Studies camp while in school. The end result of that isn't exactly conducive to building a long-term relationship with a real male, as opposed to the straw man that these women have usually constructed in their heads. Nine-tenths of the trouble college-educated women have finding men has to do with their own attitude. Hell, I'd love to have a wife that earned more than I did. The trouble is, most of those women are entirely impossible to even date, let alone live with. You can only take so many lectures about the patriarchy or so many snide remarks about "male inferiority" before you snap.

The other factor is that women, in general, are screwier than hell when it comes to these issues. How many men have constructed in their heads an "ideal woman", who they constantly judge other women against, when meeting them? Not all that many, and those that do are considered just a little nuts by other men.

On the other hand? Ask the typical young lady, in her post-college years, what she considers "husband material": If you're lucky, she'll limit herself to a couple of pages. Is it any wonder that these women never find the "ideal mate"? And, that if she does find a guy she'll "settle" on, that he'll eventually sense that, and bail on her? Who the hell wants a relationship with someone who doesn't think that much of them, in the first place? Why take the risk she'll walk, when she finds someone closer to her ideal?

4. Selective? Wait until they're in their late thirties, and you'll hear a different tune. Only problem is, by that point, nobody wants anything to do with them, due to age and acquired attitudes. The delicious sense of entitlement that the single woman in her late thirties and early forties feels towards available men of her age is truly ironic. They've got nothing to offer, in terms of someone wanting to be around them solely for the pleasure of their company, yet are outraged when their overtures are turned down. Hell, it's amusing to watch their reaction to another woman, who in their mind has little to offer, being chosen by a male of their generation. The outrage is palpable, and they usually blame it on either looks, or youth, when the reality is that it's simply because they themselves are what's unattractive, especially in terms of personality."

I could not have written it any better.  Read the original article, and tell me what you think.
Read the comments at this video -- They are enlightening.  It is a disappointment to read that too many people still fail to get  the message that no one should hit or strike anyone else, no matter what the sexes involved.  Also, there is some encouragement to report it to the cops, as it helps to expose the double standards that exist in society that violent women take full advantage of. 

Would You Allow Your Girlfriend To Beat You?

Cross posted on the "Men and Domestic Violence" forum as well. 
Judging from some of the comments, it appears as though some of the messages about double standards and Domestic Violence are getting through.  What is failing to get through to many folks is the message that no one should be hitting anyone else, no matter what the reason. 
Would You Allow Your Girlfriend To Beat You?
Over false accusations of domestic violence:

Post one for the good guys. 

See link:

Also note all the excuses for allowing her to get away with this sort of thing.  If I were the prosecuting attorney, I'd be looking for ways to throw her under the prison.  The biblical injunction against bearing false witness, as well as the proscribed punishment thereof, should be applied here IMO.   :angryfire: :ppass2: :puke:
Main / From CNN: More Campus Rape Hysteria
Dec 15, 2009, 02:02 PM

sarcasm/  "Nothing to see here, folks, just more reasons for university women to fear every man who comes along her path."

/ sarc  Nothing like generating fear where none should be.  Or, casting doubt as to what constitutes rape and what does not.   
See Link:

Another story exposing the violence that supposedly "weak" women can perform. 
In Wisconsin, a woman is being threatened with filing a false police report in order to avoid responsibility for her drunken bender over the weekend. 

See link:
In this article, from the Wisconsin State Journal, a man has been ordered released for a crime he didn't commit:

Anyone here care to guess what he was falsely convicted of ? 
Sorry if this comes across as being thin-skinned, but the blog Jammie Wearing Fool has a link to an article in the NY Post about a Chinese guy who is getting paid to be punched in the privates.

Disappointing to say the least, but juging from comments elsewhere in the blogosphere, other guys are slowly waking up to the "modern marriage = soul crushing enslavement" theme so prevalent today.

Courtesy "Ace Of Spades" blog:  Read some of the comments there.  I hesitate to take the comments at AoS seriously, though.  

Edit: I read one of the comments at Jammie Wearing Fool, which I found particularly poignant: 

Once they were OK with hitting ... it was rather dangerous. Unlike the men, they didn't have years ingrained into them on the limits of violence. You had to be good at redirecting strikes and taking blows were it would only hurt.

Many of the factors described to professional victims in this article can be ascribed to numerous individuals in Western Society, especially as those folks manipulate others in order to do things like win arguments with the Significant Others in their lives.  Refusal to acknowledge when another is hurt by their actions, making themselves into victims, blaming others for one's own shortcomings and failures, and admiration of those who treat her badly, are all signs that it is time to leave the relationship when a woman exhibits these qualities. 

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