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Main / CNN/Time double teaming
Oct 20, 2009, 09:19 PM
so I'm enjoying a few days off in beautiful Encinitas, CA.  I don't get cable in my apartment, and I wake up in my hotel to "A Woman's Nation", some kind of panel discussion show on CNN, where they are seriously discussing topics such as women getting less sleep lately and reporting more depression.  I don't think anything of it until I am walking along the shore later that day to get some water in the 7/11 and see the cover of TIME, "THE STATE OF THE AMERICAN WOMAN", MORE POWERFUL, LESS HAPPY, with a morose b/w image of a female gripping her forehead in distress.

random event, or a cooridinated media agenda?  I report, you decide.....
Someone just decided to throw the "men are just plain unfit to lead the country" flamebait over on Democratic Underground, makes for some mildly entertaining reading as the DU mens advocates try to fight back without tipping over the apple cart of the DU get-along gang...
Main / Duke Accuser to release memoir....
Aug 22, 2008, 07:15 PM
....and is donating the proceeds to battered women!

I haven't seen this yet, my laptop is acting weird.  Synopsis anyone? 
Now that voters know who they are getting, Obama's novelty is sure to wear off, bringing the Repub/Dem Cheech and Chong machine back into glaring relief.
Think the media changed their ways after learning a lesson about rushing to judgement and naming the accused from the Duke case?  Think again:

WASHINGTON - A female midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy testified Tuesday that a fellow midshipman raped her in her dorm room after he had been drinking.

Mark Calvanico is accused of rape, making a false statement to investigators, conduct unbecoming an officer and unauthorized absence.

The woman, who is in her second year at the academy, testified at an Article 32 hearing at the Washington Navy Yard. The hearing is being held to determine whether Calvanico, a third-year student, should stand trial.

The woman said Calvanico, whom she described as an acquaintance, forced himself on her in October after making a third visit to her dorm room after midnight. She testified that she told Calvanico to leave her alone, but he wouldn't listen.

"He was drunk, and he was very forceful," she said.

The woman testified that Calvanico pinned down her arms during the assault. She paused and wept several times during her testimony and struggled to describe details of the incident.

"He raped me," she said under questioning. "I mean, what do you want me to say?"

The Associated Press generally does not identify people alleging they were sexually assaulted.

Calvanico's lawyer, Michael Waddington, argued there was no evidence of "forcible rape" and that his client simply wanted to "schmooze his way into a make-out session" with someone who had expressed romantic interest in him.

"It's our position there was no intercourse -- no intercourse, no rape," Waddington told Lt. John Clady, the investigating officer in the case who is assigned to issue an opinion on whether the case should proceed to a court martial.

The accuser's roommate testified that Calvanico visited their room five times that night, but that her roommate had left the room after his third visit, when the attack is alleged to have occurred.

She said Calvanico and her roommate had a burgeoning romance that they were concerned violated the school's fraternization policy.

The Associated Press refrained from identifying the roommate because doing so could go toward identifying the accuser in her community.

The roommate said she was half asleep with her back to Calvanico and her roommate at the time the attack is alleged to have happened. She said she didn't hear yelling, but that she heard her roommate tell Calvanico to "get out of my room."

She said she didn't hear signs of a struggle but that she did hear a rustling coming from her roommate's bed.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Agent Michelle Robinson testified that DNA from both midshipmen was found on the inside and outside of a pair of boxer shorts Calvanico had been wearing that night.

Under questioning by the defense, Robinson said Calvanico's DNA was not found on a vaginal swab of the accuser or on any of the blankets, sheets or clothes. Robinson also said no bruises or cuts were found on the accuser's genitals.

Vice Adm. Jeffrey Fowler, the superintendent of the Naval Academy, will ultimately decide whether Calvanico, a student in his third year, will stand trial.

The Naval Academy has faced scrutiny in recent years for its response to sexual assault and harassment on campus.

An academy program begun last summer requires midshipmen to attend training seminars on sexual misconduct during their four years at the school.

So they aren't even sure if its going to trial, but they have to name the accused name in the AP?
We're cool live and let live people, so this is being blown way out of proportion, no wait, this was so wrong, no wait he was set up, no wait, those girls are someone's daughter, no wait, prostitution should be legal, its a victimless crime, no wait, what about STDS and all that, no wait what a scumbag because he "has" to use hookers, no wait, what a stud, did you see her pictures!!!!!!

So which is it?  Don't know, but I do know the fake conservatives on Freerepublic who are always talking about "life and liberty" have about 1000 different threads on this....get a life....

I'm not sure why Dr. Paul continues to associate himself with the Republican party, well, I know why, I just don't want it to be true I guess.  Just try to keep in mind at the GOP convention this summer when McCain is getting his manufactured support that Dr. Paul, a 72 year old white male conservative, was drawing bigger crowds than Barack Obama at the height of his campaign.  Of course I've NEVER seen a McCain sign ANYWHERE and there are parts of town here where you can't go 50 feet without seeing a Ron Paul sign, but McCain wins overwhelmingly, even in Texas..... :dontknow:

To help combat "online bullying"....

Whatever.  If someone is doing something illegal via internet posts, the cops can find you by your IP addy.  Conversely, if a web/blogmaster has access to personal info of posters, that gives him/her a lot more bullying/intimidation power.  So if anything, it should be reversed....illegal to run a blog that requires personal info. 
Will Hillary Clinton now bow out of the race for the good of the Democrats?  Since O'bama rejected any VP offers, he now gets the avatar.  Down it goes if he picks Clinton to share the ticket. 
Main / Obama dominates critical Ohio debate
Feb 26, 2008, 11:59 PM
Clinton:  flailing, filibustering, throwing out desperate non sequiters, exhausted.  Obama: poised, articulate, mild mannered, prepared, competent. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an Obama fan, but its hard not to get behind someone staring down the Clinton political machine.  Can't wait to see him take down McCain, which he will.

Entire debate:

I really hope what this guy was posting is really over the top and merits this, because the thought of federal agents reading internet posts and sending out police to arrest people for writing stuff they don't like really freaks me out. 
Until Proven Innocent:  Political Correctness And The Shameful Injustices Of The Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

by K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor Jr.
420 pages, Thomas Dunne Books 2007


It took Amazon nearly one month to ship this, but it was well worth the wait.  Given Professor Johnson's encyclopedic and microscopic knowledge of this case, I thought it was going to be a boring read, but I was wrong.  It takes you through the entire debacle, starting out through the eyes of the lone black lacrosse player Devon Sherwood, to the fateful night, to the police building a case without evidence, the early fanning of the flames by the police, the harrowing, ominous entrance of our vilian, DA Nifong, the defense team's early heroics to turn the tide, the academic McCarthyism, Nifong's manipulation of evidence, to the final unraveling of the conspiracy and exoneration.

The final chapter, "Presumed Guilty: Feminist Overkill", covers false allegations at some length.  Yes, this book is the definitive account, and is every bit as compelling as a John Grisham thriller, and its all true.  I was actually gripped with depression and anger through the first chapters, as you relive the party and the early witch hunt. 

If you wish to remain ignorant of the systems of control that surround you, do not read this book. 

One thing:  the front jacket flap claims "the full story of the Duke Lacrosse case by the authors who broke it"...

not sure about that claim, but I do know that some of the most explosive revelations and supressed evidence showed up right here in these very forums FIRST.
No, I was not muckraking for Iraq atrocity stories, but an article I was reading about women, war, and selective service got me thinking about the machinery of war and men, then I found this is in an article about a helo that went down carrying witnesses to a future murder trial:

While on a night mission in al Saheed, a village near Kirkuk in northern Iraq, Shore says he and his fellow soldiers were ordered by their patrol leader, Sgt. 1st Class Trey Corrales, to "kill all the males" in a house where soldiers of Company A of the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, were allegedly trapped by insurgents. During the mission, Shore said he heard shots.

He ran toward the sound and found Corrales standing over a badly injured man on the ground at the backdoor of the house.
Corrales, 34, ordered Shore to "finish him," but Shore said he purposely missed the man when he fired his M-4 carbine.


Then it occured to me that I had seen "kill all males" before in the context of an operations order in Iraq in news coverage.  That got me wondering, it this some sort of tacitly agreed to policy, when things are getting dangerous and you don't have much margin for error to just "kill all the males" within a given area?  I really hope I"m wrong and confused here, and that the thinking by leaders on the ground is not "jesus, if its a male, chances are he's up to something, just kill all the males..."

I wanted to think, "oh, he knew everyone inside was an insurgent and just wanted to make it easier to identify them", but as we can see, an innocent man was murdered.   If I am right, and I really hope I'm not, and "kill all males" is some sort of unofficial ROE, I would hope that would give pause to MRA"s who are supporting this war and others like it. 

Though I thoroughly disagree with the Iraq war policy,  I do not think it is really contributing to this "alarming" increase in soldier suicides:

I'm sure you've seen the various blogs and websites using this to argue against the war policy, not the overall policy of how males are used in war that goes back to the dawn of time or the usual male suicide rate in all occupations which is nine times greater than females. 

Like I said, I am nearly to the point of marching in the street to oppose this war, but I'm not going to think for a second that this is some "new" phenomenom due to one individual war policy.  I could be wrong about all this, its just my instinct.
Someone Youtube'd it in, congrats to that dude.  Go to you can see the whole debate, that question comes about 4:00 in to the debate....

....and 5 to 10 in the juvy can for "patting the bottoms" of schoolmates.  Thank god we have brave DA's in this great nation to stand up to this kind of sexist tyranny taking place in our schools...
Here they come, I might get this one this weekend:  LINK

Its funny that we used to have the most info here in the opening months, until KC Johnson started writing full essays on every little event remotely connected to the whole thing.  Can't wait for the movie....

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