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Woman convicted of sexual assault in HIV-disclosure case appeals to Supreme Court

A Manitoba woman convicted of aggravated sexual assault and sent to jail for not telling a sex partner she had HIV is hoping to bring an appeal of her controversial case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Marjorie Schenkels has filed an appeal application with Canada's top court just a few weeks after Manitoba's Court of Appeal refused to grant her a new trial.

The provincial appeals court did agree on Thursday, however, to grant Schenkels bail from the Women's Correctional Centre near Headingley, pending a decision by the Supreme Court on whether it will hear her case.

Schenkels was convicted by a jury and sentenced in 2016 to two years less a day in jail plus probation to follow.

She had unprotected sex with a friend three times and didn't tell him of her medical status out of fear. The man she had sex with tested positive for HIV in 2011. Schenkels didn't concede during her trial that she'd infected him.

Her provincial appeal was mainly fought on two grounds -- that her rights were breached because her case took so long to get to trial, and that the Crown failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the victim was HIV-negative before he and Schenkels had unprotected sex.

The Crown argued its job was to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Schenkels could have infected the complainant.

"There was no evidence presented to the court that HIV could have been transmitted any other way," prosecutors said. The victim did not inject drugs and there was no evidence to suggest he was having sexual relations with anyone else during that time, said the Crown.

The Manitoba appeals court agreed.

Woman charged with 1st-degree murder in death of Toronto-born law professor Dan Markel
Katherine Magbanua was in relationship with brother of deceased's ex-wife, police say

A woman arrested in the death of a Canadian legal scholar in Florida has been charged with first-degree murder for her alleged role in what investigators have suggested was a murder-for-hire rooted in a bitter divorce.

 A U.S. grand jury indicted Katherine Magbanua this week in the 2014 killing of Dan Markel, a law professor at Florida State University who was born in Toronto.

Magbanua -- the third person arrested in the case -- was initially taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder in October.
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Main / Poor boy..
Nov 30, 2016, 09:09 PM
Ryan Lovett described as 'a beautiful endurer of abuse' at mother's trial
Barbara La Pointe testifies she tried to get Lovett to take boy for medical help, but offer refused

"Tamara Lovett, the Calgary woman accused of failing to properly care for her seven-year-old son, refused a friend's offer to take the boy for medical help on the day he died in 2013.

Barbara La Pointe testified in court Wednesday that she befriended Lovett and her son Ryan, whom she described as "a beautiful endurer of abuse" who lived in the "darkest realms of poverty."

She said she met the pair about a year and a half before Ryan's death on March 2, 2013, and took the child under her wing. At the time of his death, the boy had meningitis, pneumonia and a strep infection.

His mother is facing two charges -- failing to provide the necessaries of life and criminal negligence causing death -- for refusing to take the boy to a doctor."
Main / Trump
Nov 12, 2016, 08:01 PM
 I am north of the border but I see the havoc the leftist's are causing because Hillary lost the election.

  Is it me or are they just really fighting against a democracy?

 I have never seen anyone on the right or centre pull tantrum's because they did not get their way.

I've never seen the Vagina Monologues. Perhaps I'm incurious, but I just never had any interest in sitting through segments with titles like The little coochie snorcher that could.

But its popularity was encouraging; social conservative groups tried to ban the play for years, and I'm all for anything that any group wants to ban.

Censorship, though, has triumphed. The students of Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts this year decided to cancel a performance of the play.

Oh, not because it glorifies female lust or masturbation or lesbianism. The young progressives at Holyoke decreed that it discriminates against women who don't have vaginas.
Main / The Crazy World of Feminist Theater
Feb 27, 2015, 01:13 AM
Remove all pet's before clicking links;

Feminist 'Music' is the Funniest Thing Ever!

The Crazy World of Feminist Theater
Main / Can a fart be misogynist?
Dec 28, 2014, 03:25 PM
Top feminist academics that have respectable diverse doctorates from medieval art, 6th century English to Women's Studies gathered at the University of Toronto meeting center to discuss if human flatulence could be sexist.

Ashleigh Ingle a proud feminist and an anarchist argued that because of patriarchal gender norms women were not allowed to release gas in public because of men's unreal expectations of women to be clean and feminine. Furthermore she articulated that if a woman was to fart in the presence of a man and the man responded by farting louder than the woman, than that would be rape.
Lots more here;
Parenting fail: My 13-year old daughter walks in the door and drops an F-bomb about the weather. Parenting win: I chastise her choice of language without mentioning gender.

For Men's Rights Activists, it's all about gender: men vs. women.

More specifically, it's about blaming those feminist bitches. Got screwed in a divorce? Feminist bitches. Killed in a war? Feminist bitches. Injured in a high-risk job/victim of spousal abuse/male on male rape/accused of rape/homeless? All the fault of feminist bitches.

MRA is not about solving problems that affect men, but about hating women--and to a lesser extent, about hating men who ally with feminism. I learned the latter firsthand after referring to MRA as "a toxic slew of misogyny" for my article in TIME Magazine that went so viral it was discussed on CNN Television.

The League of Extraordinary Butthurt went ballistic, attacking me in the comments section, via blogs, on social media and in my email inbox. It's interesting to note how few used real names when referring to me as a "mangina."
Main / Barber Shop Victimitis
Aug 31, 2014, 02:48 PM
Barbershop won't cut women's hair, Evie Ruddy plans human rights complaint

A Regina woman is planning to make a formal complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission after being refused service at a barber shop.

Evie Ruddy says she went to Regina's Ragged Ass Barber seeking a men's style hair cut known as a hard-part.

Ruddy says she learned the shop only did men's cuts for male clients.

"It makes me feel discriminated against," she said. "Because the only reason they are denying me service is because I am a woman."

She added that when she pressed the point and asked how the shop would respond to a transgender person seeking a haircut, she was given an emphatic answer.


A couple of comments;

"Evie Ruddy is a podcast producer at the Banff Centre. She has worked as an associate producer and reporter for CBC Saskatchewan. Her short documentaries have been nationally broadcast on CBC Radio,"

Should CBC have mentioned that a former employee was behind this?

Meanwhile a male barber was not allowed to do business in my town because he did not have a hairdresser course.
Women only everything,everywhere but heaven forbid a man only anything,anywhere.

Seems from the quickly "closed" comments section that this story definitely backfired right in CBC's face.

Almost seems like a purposely premeditated "set up" to me.
Main / 'Women Against Feminism'
Jul 29, 2014, 07:04 PM
 I am sure you all know of this latest upraising by these women against feminism.

Seems to be driving feminist's crazy.

'Women Against Feminism' Is A Thing.And We're Confused.
Main / Petition Bill C-560 please sign
Jan 30, 2014, 09:22 AM
Minister Peter McKay, House Leader Peter Van Loan, Prime Minister Harper: Vote in Support of Bill C-560

To: Minister Peter McKay, House Leader Peter Van Loan, Prime Minister Harper
The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign:

Why this is important

Bill C-560 which we expect to be presented to the House of Commons in January, 2014. The Bill was tabled December 6th.

This bill aims to reform the federal divorce act to implement recommendations of the Special Senate-Commons Joint Committee on Child Custody and Access (1998) which expressed the will of Parliament. We have done public opinion surveys which show that 80-85% of the Canadian public, both men and women equally, support our analysis of the problems with the current system and the need for changes like what we are proposing in the Bill.

Justice Thomas Cromwell, under the direction of Supreme Court Chief Justice has recently released a report which in rather strident terms, condemns the current family law system, calls for top to bottom changes and labels attempts at change over the last 30 years as dismal failures. The recent comments of Ontario Chief Justice Warren Winkler support our description of the problem.

The Bill mentioned aims to reform the Divorce Act to include a presumption of "Equal Parenting", that is, so that both parents keep rights and responsibilities for their children unless and until a court has determined, with clear evidence, that a parent is unfit. This has been done successfully in many jurisdictions, usually by making joint custody a rebuttable presumption.

Social science research shows that having both parents in the lives of children reduces a wide array of children's educational, health and social disadvantages by about half. We suggest that these reforms could reduce Canada's poverty and social costs by more than that percentage, as well as alleviating large amounts of human suffering. Keeping both parents in the lives of their children (equal parenting) is the right thing to do, morally and economically.

The current family law system creates large amounts of family poverty, homelessness, jailing of parents simply for being poor and bitterness against the legal system. Frankly, many parents believe from their experience that family law, the legal profession and judges are self-serving, biased and corrupt.
Ancaster sex assault allegations to have lasting ramifications, advocates say
Ontario sisters have been ordered to pay their uncle $125,000 in damages for alleging sexual assault

A controversial libel case in which a judge has ordered two Ontario women to pay their uncle $125,000 in damages for falsely accusing him of sexual assault will likely prevent other sexual assault victims from coming forward, advocates say.

"Victims will look at a case like this and just say 'why bother coming forward?'" said Hamilton author Viga Boland, who just published a book about sexual abuse at the hands of her father called No Tears for My Father.

"It's a real deterrent."

The two sisters in the case, who are from Ancaster, Ont. and are now in their 30s, alleged that their uncle abused them in a rural farmhouse when they were children.

READ MORE: Ontario sisters must pay uncle $125K for false sex abuse claims

But Ontario Superior Court Justice Andrew Goodman said that the claims were based on the fact that the sisters "did not like their uncle," and sent emails to other family members describing the alleged abuse "in order to vindicate their actions or validate their historical claims."

"I find that the evidence adduced at trial was not of the clear and cogent nature required to substantiate the defendants' claim of sexual abuse," wrote Goodman in his decision.

"If in this case they did make a false report, they are a very clear statistical anomaly."

Lots more;
(07-26) 14:48 PDT Santa Cruz -- A 21-year-old woman pleaded no contest to filing a false police report while visiting UC Santa Cruz and was sentenced Thursday to three years of probation, Santa Cruz County prosecutors said.

The woman, Morgan Triplett, a student at UC Santa Barbara, pleaded no contest to charges of giving false information to a police officer when she called 911 in February to report that she had been sexually assaulted and badly beaten by a stranger as she walked along at path at UC Santa Cruz looking for banana slugs.

Police determined after an investigation that Triplett had made the story up, prosecutors said. No explanation was given for why.

Triplett, originally from Reno, is studying sociology at UC Santa Barbara.

Triplett was sentenced to 60 days in a work-release program, 200 hours of community service, 60 days of therapy and three years of probation.

Triplett must also write a letter of apology to the school, prosecutors said.
Main / Article on rape was biased
Jul 27, 2013, 10:58 AM
I found it ironic that Argus-Courier reporter Janelle Wetzstein wrote an article, published May 10, praising high school journalism students for making a public information request "to get to the bottom" of a current event, as she evidently does not practice what she preaches. In her March 22 "Sexual assaults reports on the rise in Petaluma" article, she proclaimed that reported rapes in Petaluma more than doubled from 12 in 2011 to 25 in 2012.

As far as advocates, she only interviewed women advocates, both of whom patted themselves on the back by claiming that the increase was due to a "heightened awareness" of rape. The reporter and advocates, along with a female sergeant from the police department, implied that all the reported rapes occurred.

Had Wetzstein followed the "canons of journalism," including accuracy, objectivity and fairness, she would have also interviewed advocates for men, as we would have informed her that not only are false accusations of rape common, but, while rape is a despicable crime, so is falsely accusing someone of such.

Then she would have made public information requests to the police department and DA's office. I did so, and they revealed that of those 37 reported rapes, only three resulted in arrests. And of those, no criminal charges were filed.

While a portion of the allegations deemed not prosecutable may have been due to uncooperative victims, the odds are that a considerable amount of them didn't happen. And while some may question whether our police department has a bias against women, one could argue the opposite, given that they didn't arrest any female accusers who may have deceitfully reported they were raped, even though doing so is a crime.

lots more......
Published on 24 Jul 2013
I was watching the agenda and I could not believe what I heard, to have someone describe fathers as cheap and selfish was just to much for me. Fathers go out of their way to provide a good life for their families, and we don't even get recognized for that anymore. Feminism no longer promote equality, it promotes hate towards fathers.
Over the past week some controversial posters have been popping up on Saskatoon streets.

The posters, which are connected with a group called 'A Voice for Men,' carry slogans such as "Feminism Equals Male Disposability" and "Men's Rights are Human Rights."

They go on to compare men's rights to that of minority groups such as "African Americans, Jews and gay and lesbian people."

One message on a poster states Canada is the most dangerous place to be, if you're male.

Russell Delorme, in Saskatoon, said there is no need for this sort of campaign.

"We've got it really good here in Canada," said Delorme. "Compared to some of the other places I know of and people that I have talked to, we've got it made, made in the shade, so to speak."

Ambrosia Varaschin from Saskatoon finds the tone of the posters too angry.

"It has a point, and I do think they do have a valid message, but I think they are going the wrong way in getting that message out," said Varaschin. "Probably stirring up more anger than they are awareness."

A Voice For Men did not respond to CBC's request for an interview Friday.

On its website, the group's mission statement says it's "sole ideology is compassion for men and boys that is equal to that of women and any other identified group."

Blame men for menopause, McMaster University study suggests

Using computer modelling, researchers at McMaster University found that male preference for younger mates left older women with less chance of reproducing

Theories abound as to why women go into menopause, but the latest hypothesis being put forward suggests it may be men -- or specifically their preference for younger mates --that has led to women's loss of fertility at a certain age.
Researchers at McMaster University believe that over tens of thousands of years, a lack of reproduction among older women has given rise to menopause as an unintended result of evolutionary natural selection.
Using computer modelling, the researchers found that over time, competition among men of all ages for younger mates left older females with much less chance of reproducing.
"We are saying somewhere along the line, men began to change their preference in mating," said evolutionary biologist Rama Singh, co-author of the study published in this week's issue of the journal PLOS Computational Biology.
"What we're saying is that menopause will occur if there is a preferential mating with younger women and older women are not reproducing," he said Thursday from Hamilton.
Singh said women would have had children when they were younger -- from 15 to 30, based on the computer model.

lots more....
Leading expert on 'maleness' comes to Toronto to support 'men's centre'

A fundraising campaign to create a Canadian Centre for Men and Families kicks off Wednesday in Toronto with a lecture by a leading anthropologist of gender, in an effort to boost the political clout and intellectual credibility of men's issues.

It is a controversial topic often associated with angry sexists. But Lionel Tiger, Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology at Rutgers University in New Jersey -- best known for coining the term "male bonding" -- is neither angry nor sexist.

In an interview, the Canadian who has taught at McGill University and the University of British Columbia, said his talk at a downtown Toronto bar will aim to set aside moral or religious arguments and simply describe the current state of maleness, in which schoolboys are drugged with Ritalin to make them behave like girls; university-aged men have lost long-standing mating systems in the name of sexual liberation; universities themselves wholeheartedly embrace feminist victimology; and the worst is assumed about any adult man who ends up in family court, or is accused of domestic violence.

For four decades, since the ascendance of feminism, society has "vilified" males, Prof. Tiger said, and "it has now got to the point where we see some real results," such as large numbers of single mothers, and disproportionately female university campuses.

Lots more....