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Main / Is My Behavior Counter to the Cause?
Sep 11, 2007, 08:01 PM
Hiya Gents,

I'm new and was wondering:
I'm a professional musician whose been active (somewhat) in the MRM since Angry Harry started up years ago.
After my chicken-shit wife left me I realized I didn't have to be a wage-slave any longer and got back into music full-time.
The question I'm positing here is:  Some of you might refer to me as a 'player' because, in my position, it's extremely easy to meet (and have my way with) new women - I never stick around even long enough for the bullshit and move on before that happens.  Am I a 'bad' example per the Feminazis?
I have a 13-yr.-old daughter whom I adore and see as much as possible.  This, however, is the downside to my profession - I travel extensively and the traditional '2 weekends a month' rule doesn't factor in for me.
All I can say is, that even in Asia the disease is spreading lately...
I really love what I do but am sometimes conflicted.
Any thoughts would be welcome.