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Main / The real force behind Feminism
Jan 31, 2008, 03:17 PM
This subject has been mentioned in other threads, so I thought we might dedicate a thread to this idea.

Feminism is not just a hate crime invented by angry lesbians all those years ago. I believe women were duped into this idea with promises of power and entitlements. They were promised freedom, when really all they got was more work. I truly believe it is a tool, being used by the elite to create fear into the populace, and create a perfect environment for socialists to take over.

I have heard talk of a one world govt for years, many polititions have openly talked about it. Nobody seems to discuss it though, why is that? Am I the only one that see this?

Through feminism, polititions have a really good shot at making the USA just like Sweden or worse. I see a few other countries following the same trail.

In another thread, there was mention of Islam, the enemy of feminism. Would this be an actual tactic that could work? If the gays are on board with feminism, then Islam would seem to help the avg white guy, even the avg black guy, as long as he is hetero.

In England, however, the effects of Islam do not seem to be helping the feminist situation. In Russia, they do not have the same immagrant problem, and feminism has damn near destroyed that country, they lost 50 million people in just 30 years, because the family unit was dismantled, just like whats happening here in the USA and in Canada.

China does have the same problem with feminism, and they have a high population of Muslims and Islamics, but they are also communits, kinda strange??

So, have I lost my mind? Or is there a much bigger and darker picture here than people are willing to see?
Introductions / Dutch269
Jan 28, 2008, 03:25 PM
I just found this site from

The only reason I am registering here, is because you let women and other feminist post thier thoughts.

I have registered at many feminist web sites, to get an idea what they are thinking, and I was always polite. I got treated like shit, just because I would disagree with someone and ask for facts...geez..

After reading a few threads here, I can see the mods are sincere about discussion, and that's what this fuking world needs, more honest discussion. IMHO.

So, I hope to learn more about what makes the Feminist mind think, and more importantly, I want to learn how to protect my 16 year old son from falling victim to it.

I promise to keep it civil    :angel4: