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Main / damn you people are fucking idiots
Aug 20, 2003, 08:10 AM
i went on a conservative forum and started calling military people 'babykillers'. they banned me. this just goes to show
how the PC-thugs in the conservative movement are
intolerant and cannot stand dissent.

i heard on a radio show alot of them want to have protestors
treated as criminals, 'traitors', of which the penalty is death.
This is an urgent message from
Please take action, then forward as quickly and broadly as possible!

Air Force Cadet Assaults 13-Year-Old Cheerleader
Air Force Cadet Sodomizes Girl in Wheelchair
Air Force Cadet Runs Porn Site From Academy Computer

These are just some of the headlines about the horrifying sexual violence being
committed by men at the U.S. Air Force Academy.
Even more horrifying is the way the military is trying to cover it up!

You can help!!
Learn more about what's happening at
Sign the petition demanding a thorough, unbiased investigation, and demanding
that victims who testify be given the necessary protection so the truth can be

It's time to restore honor and dignity to the U.S. military - and long past
time to protect and defend the women who choose to serve.

ACT NOW! Sign the petition today at

Our goal is to get 5000 signatures on the petition by July 9 so we can present
it to the investigatory panel at its July 11 meeting in Colorado Springs.
Please help us reach our goal by passing this message along to everyone you

Our strength is in our numbers.
Together we can..
Irene Weiser

i went to and tried to talk about how wal-mart sells a bunch of stuff made in a slave labor communist country.

all i got was a bunch of people saying 'well, wal-mart is the cheapest so i go there'.

these people are not anti-communist.

these people are selling freedom down the river for a measly couple of bucks

these people are cowards.
30,000 argenitinians were 'disappeared' by pinochet

then you might ask why the united states went in and murdered the
democratically elected president Allende and installed pinochet
in the first place?

i dont know. but theres one thing i do know. republicans are stupid hypocrites.
"The men have been traumatized by their experiences. Cpl Richardson-said: "At night time you think about all the people you killed. It just never gets off your head, none of this stuff does. There's no chance to forget it, we're still here, we've been here so long. Most people leave after combat but we haven't." "

Sgt Meadows said men under his command had been seeking help for severe depression: "They've already seen psychiatrists and the chain of command has got letters back saying 'these men need to be taken out of this situation'. But nothing's happened." Cpl Richardson added: "Some soldiers don't even f****** sleep at night. They sit up all f****** night long doing s*** to keep themselves busy - to keep their minds off this f****** stuff. It's the only way they can handle it. It's not so far from being crazy but it's their way of coping. There's one guy trying to build a little pool out the back, pointless stuff but it keeps him busy."

yet again, we see this grand feminist conspiracy to destroy the minds of men. when will the feminists stop starting all these wars? feminists like paul wolfowitz, who is also on the board of NOW and a close personal friend of andrea dworkin?

"all good americans love to fight.' -- gloria steinem

'kill em all, let god sort em out ' -- betty freidan

'ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die' -- catherine mackinnon

when will these heartless feminists stop sending our boys to kill and die?
the ameircan corporate elites are selling us down the river. they ship all our jobs to china because it will save the company money. money that they will pour into gated communities and mansions.

in a few years, the chinese will know how to build things. we wont know anything. the chinese will stop bowing to american corporate masters and start running their own show. then we will just have a bunch of retired corporate managers and vast masses of unemployed people with no experience or skills except serving food to the rich people.

by that time, the rich people will have enough to retire on, and then they will die. and who cares about the future of america then?

there are a few idiots who think the solution is for america to go bomb everyone so they are afraid of us and wont break away from our companies. that is so, so stupid. just look at all the empires of history that tried to hold together that way. it is not sustainable. that is the way of rome, the way of decline and death.

pull your conservative head out of your conservative ass and stop selling america down the river.
History and Politics / MORE
Jun 19, 2003, 07:39 AM
so the other day there was a protest in iraq. a bunch of military dudes who got sacked were out and angry. you see, unlike post war nazi germany, the USG actually fired alot of the people it fought against in this war.

anyways the USG claims the protestors threw rocks. some protestors claim they didnt. and anyways, the USG shot them with guns and killed a few.

so much for 'freedom of assembly', 'freedom of speech', etc.

and since these protestors were mostly men, i think it must have been
a vast feminist conspiracy, because after all, feminists run the US military and the US government.
did one of your people get my hotmail shut off?
History and Politics / yet more
Jun 15, 2003, 08:52 AM
in the 2th century there were quite a large number of wars.
mostly in these wars, men died.
i think this proves that war is started by feminists in order to kill off men.
i am a genius and hopefully i will marry ann coutler.
then together we can invade their country, kill their leaders, and convert them to christianity. because if only these people could understand the love of jesus , 'turn the other cheek' and all that, will we be able to live together. maybe after we kill a bunch of them they will understand the love of jesus.

this article shows that the american military purposely killed journalists who werent 'with them'. for example, they blew up al jazeera
because al jazeera interviewd talibs. they shot the hotel where all the reporters were, and claimed there was incoming fire. but someone actually videotaped what happened and that was a lie.
fog of war blah blah blah. you cant claim you have 90% 'smart bombs' and love civilians so much and then go purposely blowing up journalists.
most of whom are men! i think it must be all those feminists in the us military

5,500 dead. nice work america!

saddam only managed to kill 5,000 at halabja.

you know, when he 'gassed his own people'.